Cat6 Plenum Cable
Cat6 Plenum Cable

Ethernet cables come in a variety of various types on the market. Selecting one of them is a difficult task for the users. There are many different types of Ethernet cables available on the market, such as Cat6 Riser, Cat6a Plenum, and Cat6 Plenum Cable. Before making a choice, they must be aware of the demands placed on their network. They will save money and time by doing this.

The Cat6 and Cat6a varieties are currently the most popular. These Ethernet cable variations have various features and specs. So, before choosing it, a user must check them. They should pick a cable that fully satisfies their wants and specifications. Prior to making an Ethernet cable purchase, consider the long term.

What is Cat6 Plenum Cable?

The sixth generation of Ethernet cables, or Cat6, have more advanced characteristics than earlier Ethernet cable generations. It offers networks with a maximum tested bandwidth of 350MHz and speeds of up to 10Gbps. The US is moving toward making this cable the minimum requirement for wiring.

It effectively satisfies the requirements of both residential and business users. The variant of this cable with the highest efficiency is Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper. Along with that, there are various different variations of cat6 plenum cable on the market.

There are numerous firms in the US that produce this cable. Additionally, some suppliers import it from other nations, such as China. The specs and standards used to produce this cable vary depending on the manufacturer.

Their specifications differ slightly from one another. Therefore, you must be careful while buying it and study the specs listed on the box or manual. Otherwise, you risk having your investment go to waste or failing to get the desired benefits from it.

What is Cat6a Plenum Cable?

The upgraded Cat6a plenum cable replaces the original Cat6. Given that “a” in its name stands for “Augmented,” an enhanced variation of its previous one. Compared to Cat6’s 50-meter range, this will provide the same data transfer speed across a longer distance of 100 meters.

The market offers cat6a plenum 1000-foot boxes in a variety of color coats. You can choose the one you want. When a network is colored differently, it appears to be simpler to understand. Network managers may readily discover troubleshooting issues when multiple color code wires are used in a network with correct marking and labels.

Conclusion: –

In this article, we have discussed two main variants of Ethernet cables that fall in category 6 which are Cat6a and Cat6 plenum cables. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the best choice depends upon your needs and requirements.

Cat6 Plenum cables are low in cost with almost the same working performance as Cat6a plenum cable. It is the best option for both home users and small commercial networks. On the other hand, Cat6a plenum cable performance suits its installation in bigger commercial networks like in schools and hospitals. It comes at a higher price in comparison to the Cat6 plenum cable.


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