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Google Map Extractor

What Is The Alternative To Copy-Paste?

How can you scrape leads from Google Maps to excel without coding? Unfortunately, Google Maps does not provide an option to download or export data from Google Maps. Instead, for Google Maps lead generation, you need an experienced programmer or a big team. You will need a separate excel file to save all the scraped data from Google Maps. Once you find the results for your keywords from Google Maps, you will have to copy and paste the business information and save them in an Excel sheet accordingly.

The worst part is that you will have to visit the Google Maps business listing individually to scrape data from Google Maps. Similarly, the manual process repeats if you need any other information from any other Google Maps business listing.

Of course, this finding, copy-pasting, organizing, and the saving process can be extremely painful and inefficient for anyone. Moreover, it is repetitive and boring to find, copy-paste, and save data from Google Maps manually. Hence you will lose your concentration and motivation when repeatedly copy-pasting data from Google Maps for a long period of time. On the other hand, there are many chances of errors and slow progress, it will take a long time to get data from Google manually, and you might even miss important information easily.

Alternatively, you can choose to switch to software services like Google Map Extractor. This lead generation tool makes lead generation from Google Maps easier and faster by automating your manual job.

What To Do With Google Maps Data?

After scraping leads from Google Maps, the next stage is to start the interaction with customers with this data. Connecting to your prospects personally with the collected Google Maps data is the main thing. You can use this data for telemarketing, SMS marketing, email marketing, and cold calling. You can make and send offers to their mobile inbox directly for marketing and branding. This way, they are already familiar with your existence, products, and services. Thus, they will trust you and prefer to buy things from your store or brand.

The Best Google Maps Scraper To Get Data From Google Maps For Lead Generation

Google Maps Scraper is a desktop application that provides you with ready-to-use business contact information from Google Maps on a daily basis. Google Maps Contact Extractor is a point-and-click web scraping tool with a 3-day free trial version. Google Maps Listings Scraper’s biggest selling point is its flexibility, accuracy, and no coding required to use it. You can scrape email from the website also if the email is not visible on the Google Maps business listings.

All you have to do is enter the name of the business in the search bar of the Google Maps Email Scraper software. It will automatically find all the businesses from Google Maps associated with that name from this targeted location on Google Maps in minutes. You can export data in CSV, Excel, and text formats by clicking the “Export” button given in the Google Maps Data Extractor.

Install the free version of the Google Maps Lead Extractor software and check its credibility free for three days with some limitations. You can see videos or can read our blog posts to understand the working of the Google Maps Crawler software. By watching videos and reading articles you will get an idea of how to extract contact details of businesses from Google Maps by using this Google Maps scraping tool.

Wrap Up:

With this Google Maps Extractor, you can get unlimited data from Google Maps and build b2b prospect lists with zero labor! It’s a good tool for everyone even if he doesn’t know anything about Google Maps scraping. Because Google Places Scraper requires no coding to use it. Moreover, Google Maps Grabber is affordable for everyone due to its prices. You can use Google Maps Scraper for 30 days for just $49.99. So then what are you waiting for? Stop fiddling around and start building qualified sales lead lists from Google Maps today by using this Google Map Extractor software.

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