If you were taking Makeup 101, a hypothetical-but-also-realistic course someone would take in cosmetology school, one of the first things you’d likely learn is prepping the skin. Have you ever tried applying makeup or concealer onto skin which is dry, peeling or simply lacking moisture? If you’ve done it the same problem, you’ll understand why It’s just not going to go well. It’s super beneficial to have a makeup strategy for the time when you’re in trouble.

It’s good to know that we’ve prepared for you. Learn how you can get your look despite having symptoms reminiscent of the Sahara Desert.

1. Start With Exfoliation

The foundation and other makeup products do not look good on dry or rough skin. To ensure that you have a flawless canvas for your makeup, make sure to cleanse your skin. A gentle scrub, such as Lakme Scrub, will not just rid your skin of dead cells, but will also ensure that your skin care products are absorbed into the skin’s layers.

2. Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizing should be a part of your routine of skincare however it’s essential for makeup application. It creates an even, moisturized base that makeup can be applied to. If you’re in search of a moisturizer that moisturizes your skin, but also gives a dewy appearance

3. Make A Face Primer To Help Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin, putting a hydrating primer beneath your foundation is essential. Primers not only help make-up remain put on, they also provide a smooth surface for makeup application, and provide an additional layers of moisture. Apply the Face FWD Primer Stick on your face to moisturize and prepare your skin.

4. Select Your Foundation Wisely

If you are looking to use foundation if you suffer from dry skin, choose fluid, hydrating formulas. Foundations that are too matte could cause dryness and highlight dry skin. The Ace Of Face Foundation sticks is a natural-looking finish that can be built up and provides full coverage. It’s designed to suit all types of skin.

5. Makeup Sponge

Brushes are ideal for precise application of makeup products such as eyeshadows and blush However, using a moist makeup sponge for applying foundation is the best option if you suffer from dry skin. The damp sponge provides some extra moisturization to your skin, and keeps the makeup from becoming sunk into lines or sticking to dry areas.

6. Use the Cream Blush

Also, powders can cause dry skin to look more dry, so you should choose liquid blush or cream bronzers that are also available. Our Face FWD Blush Stick is ideal for those with dry skin as it’s a lightweight and light formula that blends in with the skin effortlessly and creates a dewy glow.

7. Use a Glowing Highlighter

Dry skin may appear dull. Fortunately you can make use of an illuminator that can help you restore the appearance of your luminosity. Use a highlighter that is liquid over your cheekbones for genuine-looking luminosity. Our Own Highlighter Highlighter can be blended with the foundation for a glowing complexion, or used on top of your foundation to highlight your face.

8. Use a Face Mist

Keep a refreshing mist for your face in your bag so that you can spray it on anytime your skin is dry and requires a boost during the daytime.

In addition to the tips for dry skin makeup, it is essential to allow your skin a break from makeup to let your skin care products work its magic. When you remove your makeup for the night, be sure to apply a proper routine of skincare that is enriched with moisturizing ingredients and nourishment products.



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