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Are you assisting musicians in marketing their music? Then have a look at these best ways to promote YouTube music blogs we’ve compiled for you. Learn how to create and conduct effective advertising campaigns to promote your products, artists, and new releases.

Music Marketing in 60 Seconds

60 Second Music Marketing has a blog as well as a podcast, and there’s no doubt they have a wealth of information on music marketing. Making money from live streaming, writing a strong band profile, securing national radio broadcast, and much more are among the topics covered.

Distribution of Symphonic Music

Symphonic Distribution is one of the most well-known independent music distributors and promoters. Their blog, on the other hand, isn’t half bad. They address a wide range of topics in the music industry, including monetization and, of course, music marketing.

Flypaper by Sound fly

Flypaper isn’t strictly a music marketing blog, but it does touch on a number of important issues, such as recording, composition, and royalties. We also admire Soundfly’s work, and we interviewed CEO and founder Ian Temple on our podcast (one of our favourites!).

Tune Core

TuneCore is another well-known music distribution service for musicians, with a blog that covers every facet of building a career in music. Of course, this implies that they also cover marketing. There are articles about how to sell your music video, TikTok marketing, storytelling, and much more.

Guy Who Markets Music

Music Marketing Guy offers a big library of content, including some fantastic, tried-and-true advice. I know this because I’ve spoken with Corey Koehler, the blog’s creator, and we’ve established a wonderful connection over time.

Similarly, Unsigned Music Advice

Ditto Music is a music distribution firm that we’ve been promoting for years since we love their Record Label in a Box product. You’ll discover articles on Unsigned Advice about how to advertise your music independently, how to make money on Twitch, how to get your music featured on Spotify playlists, and more.

Sonic bids

Sonicbids is a great place to look for gigs, and they also have a blog that’s updated on a regular basis. You’ll want to come back here from time to time if you want to learn more about developing your Instagram following, using Facebook groups to expand your network, creating a compelling brand, and other topics.

Consultant for music

Music Consultant is a small music marketing agency that focuses on helping artists advance their careers with promote YouTube music. Their blog is only updated a few times every month, however it has some fascinating content. Articles about the optimum times to release your music, music marketing on Pandora, YouTube marketing, and more may be found here.

HQ for Music Entrepreneurs

Music Entrepreneur HQ, on the other hand, should be on more top music marketing blog lists, in our opinion. We have content dating back to 2009 that covers my experience as well as the journeys of other musicians, as well as insights and guidance from prominent experts, marketers, entrepreneurs, and others.

Blog for self-taught musicians

The DIY Musician Blog from CD Baby scarcely needs an introduction. The site is continuously updated with new content, and there are many fantastic, well-known guest contributors. They cover almost every aspect of launching a music career, which means there’s always something new to learn.



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