Advertising Photographer

Product advertising photography can seem like an intimidating field to enter, especially when you look at the work of others and feel like your own product photography doesn’t come close to the same quality. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! Follow these helpful tips from the house of product advertising photographer, and your next photoshoot will surely be a success! We hope you find them helpful.

Advertising Photographer

Choose a niche like children’s clothing or shoes

Although you can grab pictures of any product, many great advertising photographer specialize in a specific niche. When shooting children’s clothing or shoes, for example, it helps to understand what makes those items appealing to consumers. Familiarity with your niche helps you better attract buyers with your photography.


Find a style you love

Every successful brand has a look. To do that, they work with a handful of great advertising photographer who know their products best. Your team will be able to identify which photographer is right for your brand but don’t limit yourself by thinking you have to shoot in one style. Let them guide you, but keep an open mind when looking at examples. Photographers should also suggest their favorite shots within a theme—it might be different from yours!


Be honest in how you present yourself as an influencer

If you are not an influencer, say so. Advertising photography is about trust and building that special connection between a brand and its audience. If you call yourself an influence when you’re not, that trust can be broken easily. Speaking for ourselves as one of the top advertising photographer, we would rather have our services rejected due to honesty than used because someone was misled into thinking we could do something intangible. You only get one chance to make a first impression!


Create something every day

If you’re serious about becoming a freelance photographer, don’t just take a few photos on your phone. Be consistent about taking a photograph every day. Make it something that adds value to your life or helps you grow as an artist. Even if you don’t make much money with photography, consider yourself an artist because that will change how you look at things. Clients won’t mind paying for them if you have fun shooting pictures.


Focus on quality over quantity

Professional advertising photographers use DSLRs or mirrorless cameras to capture high-quality images—either way, it’s all about getting professional equipment with which you feel comfortable. It’s important to take your time and take a few great shots. It can be tempting to snap off 100 frames per minute in hopes that you’ll get just one good one, but it’s better to set up once or twice, shoot a dozen frames (or even less), and then edit them later when you’re at home.


Wrapping Up

When creating a photograph for an advertisement, the most important thing is to be professional in your approach. A bad image can be worse than no image, so make sure you have everything covered. Think about lighting, backgrounds, etc. Research photographers by looking at websites, portfolios, and photographs of other products or companies to get ideas on what works best. If you don’t have a huge budget for photography, then try using royalty-free images or models. Never underestimate how important social media is today. 



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