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What are the pillars of every company’s success in a digital era? The answer lies in three qualities: Business mobility, resilience, and productivity. Read on to know the key ingredients of a successful digital transformation for your company-

For your business to thrive on technological improvements, a well-planned digitalization strategy is essential. That ideally includes streamlining your functions on every base, from running a smooth content management system to leveraging digital marketing automation and more.


The What and Why of A Digital Transformation Strategy

In a nutshell, a digital transformation plan is a clear roadmap of the strategies to smoothly take your firm to a new phase of digitisation.

It also involves addressing any difficulties that arise along the way.

According to McKinsey, digital transformation may result in 20% to 50% economic advantages and a 20% to 30% boost in customer satisfaction.

A digital transformation plan is critical to:

  • Realign the whole business strategy with a strong emphasis on customer experience.
  • Build high-value, result-oriented technical efforts that leverage modern digital platforms and services like mobile application development and digital asset management.
  • Incorporate disruptive innovations that are critical in digital transformation, with an emphasis to use tools like content management system, or digital marketing automation for advancement

All these can be achieved through the following factors:

Leadership and Strategy

The first and most important component of a successful digital transformation plan is strategy linked with proper leadership.

Visionary leadership with the right digital transformation strategy can result in an improved, and seamless plan to change your enterprise. All of this, while keeping your objectives in mind as well.

You must ensure that you develop or employ the proper team with suitable qualities, skills, and knowledge. For instance, if your marketing and brand-building rely on a certain digital marketing automation platform, it should be able to develop a nuanced plan of how to maximize its productivity.


Communication and Culture Change

Prepare your team for a tremendous cultural revolution! It will be beneficial if you train your staff in advance for any new tools you’ll bring in, like a new content management system.

You can accomplish this via effective communication concerning your digital transformation plan. Discuss aspects like digital marketing automation, and how it will impact all stakeholders.


Operations Improvement

Every organization has a variety of procedures and activities that may be improved to make workflows more efficient and effective. It can be helpful to explore your options. For example, Srijan can enhance your overall digital business experience by leveraging Acquia’s digital asset management suite of products and help you store, manage, and distribute your content and media.

So, remember to keep the business process optimization in mind. The digital transformation plan must include all interrelated corporate operations.


Curation of Data

Data analysis as well as integration may assist you in identifying flaws in all aspects of your business. It may assist your team in identifying the best answers to challenges.

It will also allow you to make the most of the process of transformation and gauge the best tools and services to rope in. These can range from a content management system to mobile application development prospects.


Technologies To Implement

One of the most important aspects in developing a digital transformation plan is identifying appropriate technology for your company. Introducing new technology into your business will need a significant financial commitment, from a next-gen content management system or a state-of-the-art digital marketing automation platform.

As a result, it must be appropriate to eliminate the need for further expenses. Whether you’re dealing with system updates, mobile application development, or the deployment of totally new digital systems such as Acquia digital asset management, you should choose the best technology vendor for the job.



The outcomes will always change depending on the techniques and technology used. You must consider early outcomes and establish long-term plans and goals as your organization grows.

The factor for the success of your transformation plan is agility in your team and your tools and projects like your content management system or mobile application development. You must adhere to the thorough strategy you devised, but you should also be receptive to modifications if things do not go as planned.



Preparing for a digital transformation plan entails addressing the prerequisites. These include preparing a checklist of every platform, tool, or service you intend to leverage to boost the transformation-

from reliable mobile application development to efficient digital marketing automation and a smooth content management system.

Contact Srijan to discuss your needs and get started on your firm’s digital transformation journey.


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