PDS Media Group is proud to present the latest version of our cinema drone designed for aerial cinematography. You need the newest and most powerful USA that you can have. PDS Media Group has added the Alta X from Freefly Systems to its list of high-end equipment earlier in the year.

While DJI offers other excellent professional drone services however, this one has an impressive 35 pounds of payload which is ideal for cinema cameras flying. It can easily fly for 20 minutes when using RED, ARRI, Panavision DXL2, Sony Venice. Or other cameras that have heavy lift. Allowing the shooting of RAW. A gives the possibility of creating amazing gradable footage. With smaller cameras that weigh less, the Alta X can fly up to 40 minutes. This is a significant improvement over previous models, like Alta 8, which only could carry a 20-pound payload and a maximum flight time between 8 and 10 minutes.

Keep up-to-date with the latest cinema drones that are high-end, PDS Media Group is the most trusted aerial media company to shoot drone (USA) cinema footage. Their skilled camera operators and pilots are willing to film footage in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Wilmington. Nashville or any other location anywhere in the world!

For more information on their film

Film production expertise and samples of their work go to PDS Media Group or give them a call at 615-513 9790 to discuss your next film production or our capabilities.

We were so excited to collaborate together with Grogan Jewelers by Lon recently to develop a special Christmas commercial. He flew right into the Franklin. TN location in the Galleria Mall with a drone to display their amazing exhibits of jewelry and exquisite timepieces. We were awestruck by the array in diamond rings, as well as the vast selection of watches available, including Tag Heuer, Oris and numerous others. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your person you love dearly this holiday season there is no need to search any further. Visit the Cool Springs location at 1800 Galleria Blvd. Suite 1300 Franklin, TN 37067.

If you’re looking to advertise your company and/or products contact Professional Drone Services a call to discuss how to create the perfect advertising video! It’s extremely affordable and extremely effective to advertise your brand and product or service. Video allows you to get your message to your customers regardless. Where they may be in an cost-effective manner!


If you’ve not yet considered the possibilities of using video marketing to build your brand’s image it’s time to think about it. Are you seeking to drive more visitors to your company’s website, improve your sales conversions, create brand awareness, develop an identity for your brand and/or connection or improve communication and interaction with your main customers? The creation of compelling, engaging and eye-catching promotional videos marketing content is an absolute must in today’s world of marketing.

We do it! aerial drone photography services is the most reputable producer of video marketing throughout the Nashville region. If you own an advertising or marketing agency that or a client and you are looking for some amazing aerial video clips that give you an unique perspective. You are beginning from scratch and require an agency that can give you everything you need. Professional Drone Service is the ideal production firm for you.

We’ll create your storyline around your message that you wish to communicate, locate the location, recruit the right talent. Then do the complete editing and filming. We’ll take your video marketing plan from conception to finished product. We will tailor the project to your needs. Whether you require an impressive video for your website’s homepage. Television commercials or web ads that catch the eye or content for social media. As well as advertising campaigns.

Insured Drone Pilots – Why do I require one?

As most businesses do not have the time. The manpower or the knowledge to comply with FAA guidelines and tests required to remain in compliance with laws. It’s a wise decision to choose a licensed and insured USA drone pilot. After you’ve taken the decision to hire an experienced certified USA drone pilot be sure to review the work. They have done and inquire about their certificate of registration and evidence of insurance. Over one million drones are registered with the FAA but. To date just 100,000. Pilots have been issued certificates of approval from FAA since. The small drone rule came into effect in the month of August 2016. This means that just 10% of drones available are capable of flying for commercial purposes.

Drone Aerial Photography for the Construction Industry

There are many reasons to invest in aerial photography of construction projects. Aerial photos enable you to record the progress of roads commercial buildings. Retail centers and industrial structures hotel and resorts parking garages, and much more. The photos not only provide information to clients and lenders. But it can help in avoiding penalties, lawsuits. Security violations to name just some.

Aerial Videos: The Secret Sauce for Your Real Estate Listings

Aerial cinematography, which is shot using drones. Has gained traction in the past few years. Is now an essential feature for Realtors looking to create a lasting impression by showcasing their properties.

Why Video Marketing Matters.

Did you know that video is regarded to be the second highest ROI of the content strategy of marketers, as per? Videos boost engagement increase the knowledge of your product and nearly 1/3 of all internet activity is spent watching videos. The numbers don’t seem to be slowing down anytime in the near future.

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