Android smartphones are, in many respects, ideal for playing racing games. The controls are intuitively designed to work with the touchscreen, and throughout the races. You might often imagine that your phone is a driving wheel. In addition, racing games lend themselves especially well to the use of controllers, so if you’re planning on playing Asphalt 9, make sure to purchase one of the top controllers for Android.

There is a vast selection of excellent racing games available on Android. Ranging from realistic racing simulations such as GRID Autosport to offbeat arcade racers such as Datawing. Even the most casual gamers will find something to enjoy in this game. Although in general, racing games are not about relaxing and instead focus on competitiveness. (If you are looking for something to do to relax, you should check out our collection of the greatest casual games that we have to offer.) However, regardless of the kind of racing game that most appeals to you, we have compiled a list of some of the top racing games available for Android in this article.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is ideal for racing fans who prefer to engage in activities that take them away from the real world. In spite of the fact that the game is packed with actual vehicles, components, and places from the real world, at its core, it is an arcade game. The impression of driving at high speeds, rather than accurately reproducing the experience, is the primary emphasis of the game.

You have a number of different control choices available to you in Asphalt 9. Including touch controls, tilt steering, and even a mode in which the game handles acceleration and steering for you. This is one of the things that helps make the game so approachable. It’s not autopilot, since you’ll still need to make snap judgments to come out on top, but having it enabled makes it much simpler to take in the breathtaking visuals of Asphalt 9’s racing action.

Drift Hunters

A large selection of courses and well tuned vehicles are at your disposal in this exciting 3D drifting game. Pick your engine, fine-tune it, and then take your pick of 10 distinct environments in which to drift through the twists and turns. The online version of Drift Hunters is readily available at no cost to the player. Test how long you can stay in the zone for! As time goes on, your multiplier will rise. Exotic vehicles, like the high-performance Porsche 911 GT, are available for purchase with these points. The 26 vehicles in the game are all modifiable. Turbo, brake balance, front camber, and rear offset are just some of the ways in which an automobile may be made more efficient. A wide range of tuning options is available by adjusting these parameters. Complete your vehicle’s look at no cost and choose from a variety of wheels.

GRID Autosport

In 2014, GRID Autosport was first made available for purchase on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and personal computers; the Android version is the most recent port of many. Although the visuals are a little bit archaic by today’s standards, it is the racing game on the Play Store that most closely resembles a game played on a console.

GRID Autosport provides a more realistic experience than Asphalt 9, which has more of an arcade-style approach to racing. For the most immersive experience, you should absolutely play this one with a game controller and install it on one of the top Android tablets.

Horizon Chase Racing Games

The arcade racing game Horizon Chase is similar to more classic racing games, but it incorporates a sufficient number of contemporary elements to give it a contemporary feel. Those who spent their formative years playing racing games released in the early 1990s will feel right at home in this setting, but even novice racers will enjoy themselves here.

Horizon Chase may have a straightforward appearance, but it will provide you with just as many hair-raising endings as Asphalt 9 would. Those looking for a racing game that is not only quick and entertaining but also easy to understand will find it ideal.

CSR 2 Racing Games

Are you sick of crashing out of corners in GRID Autosport due to your poor driving? Give CSR 2 a shot. Because it is a drag racing game, rather than working on your ability to turn corners, you will practice shifting gears. Because it comes with a huge selection of vehicles and a wide range of personalization possibilities, you may play with and compete using the automobile of your choice.

CSR 2 is entertaining even if you don’t spend any money on it, despite the fact that it actively promotes you to spend money on its microtransactions. You may play this during a train journey if you’re looking for a short racing game on rails, and it will not disappoint.

Trials Frontier

It’s not simply vehicles that compete in racing. Although there is a depressing lack of quality motorbike races available on Android. Trials Frontier is a safe bet that won’t let you down. You won’t only be racing; stunts will also play a significant role. Trials Frontier is incomparably more enjoyable than the vast majority of its contemporaries. despite the fact that it is not at all suitable for gamers. Who put a premium on realism in their racing simulations.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is the most well-known racing game franchise, and after many years of awkward design decisions. Has at long last come into its own as a game in its own right. It’s like playing the original Mario Kart. But on your mobile device, and it has a ton of new twists and turns.

Rush Rally Origins

Top-down racers may not be as realistic as traditional first-person racing games, but they’ll stretch your racing abilities simultaneously. The racing action in Rush Rally Origins is the most engrossing of any game. In this subgenre since it builds upon the success of the previous entries in the series.

The gameplay of Rush Rally Origins is completely customizable. Rush Rally allows you to customize the on-screen controls so that. They are easier to use with your thumbs or you can connect a gamepad to play the game. It is also one of the top games on Play Pass.  Which entitles customers to free access to it whenever they want to play it.

Data Wing

Who ever said that a decent racing game has to use actual automobiles from the real world? The game Data Wing demonstrates that all you need for interesting racing are neon lights. And various shaped triangles in a variety of colors. The focus on the narrative makes for a more interesting and immersive experience. Than the vast majority of the other games on this list, despite the game’s brevity.

Although Data Wing is not realistic and does not need the use of a controller. You should not discount its potential. The addition of a multiplayer mode is the only thing that might possibly make it more enjoyable. Yet some people may find this to be a relief.

Competition is best on the track

No matter the game on this list you choose to play. You can be certain that you will be in for many hours of intense competition. We strongly encourage you to get a controller so that you can play these games. You should play one of the top Android co-op games if you’re looking for a game. That emphasizes cooperation over competition. Racing games are another genre that are more fun when played with a friend. But if you’re looking for a game that will teach you to work together rather than against one another, try one of these.


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