MyPennMedicine is an easy and safe way to manage your Penn Medicine treatment online. You can send non-urgent messages to your review group and receive a response within two business days. MyPennMedicine can also be used to review post-visit notes from your PCP, request referrals, and refill medications. They make it straightforward to locate and arrange a suitable option. You may also complete certain registration processes online ahead to your visit or join an electronic waiting list to be notified if a reservation becomes available.


Mypennmedicine Login enables you to efficiently and securely exchange your Penn Medicine health information with other providers. You may also connect your records with other medical services organisations you visit for care, allowing you to view more of your health information in one spot. Allows you to obtain your test results online as they become available. You’ll also be able to independently view historical results and graph your development.


Mypennmedicine LoginInstructions


If you have activated your account on the official portal, you may log in and take use of the site’s services. Below are the procedures for logging into your account:


  • To begin, go to the official website at
  • Click the “Login” button.
  • You will now be transferred to this portal’s login page.
  • Here, you will be required to provide your login information.
  • Submit the information and confirm it once.
  • After confirming the information, touch “Login.”
  • You will now be routed to your account’s homepage, where you may enjoy all available advantages.


Forget your password Mypennmedicine Login? Change Login Password


Considering that a password is primarily a security code for our account, we frequently forget it.

If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions below to reset it.


  • Navigate to the link for resetting your password:
  • Enter your email address, name, or username to locate your myPennMedicine account, then click Search.
  • Click This is me next to your account to receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • Examine the email address associated with your account for a password reset email.
  • Click Reset Password on the email, then enter your new password and click Change Password.


MyPennMedicine Requirements


Please note that the portal is incompatible with versions of Internet Explorer 10 and later. We suggest using one of the following internet browsers:


  • Windows Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 52.x or more
  • Safari 9+ for Mac
  • Google Chrome 52.x or greater


Why choose myPennMedicine?


This portal enables users to access information such as their medical history wherever they are and whenever they want it. Ideal for your eyes, the gateway enables rapid access to the information you require most.

  • Personal medical information will be accessible online around-the-clock.
  • A record of your medications and health summaries.
  • A tool for requesting information about prescription refills, medical references, and pre-certifications.
  • Laboratory findings or other test results quickly. is an easy and safe method to manage and access your Penn Medicine healthcare services and medical information from your computer or mobile device. This site is one of the greatest for making patients’ lives easier. Regarding access to their medical information, this site has been offering the greatest outcomes to every enrolled patient.


Questions Frequently Asked: What is My Penn Medicine?


My Penn Medicine is an online portal that provides patients with access to services via the website Through an online patient portal, individuals may view and manage their health-related records and events.


What services does provide?


By logging in to your account at, you can review test results, medications, immunisation history, and other similar information, stay in touch with your physician through the chat feature, manage your appointments with the doctor or the health care provider, upload health and fitness data even from Apple Health or similar apps to self-track the improvements, view and pay your bills, and access your family’s health information.


How much do My Penn Medicine’s services cost?


My Penn Medicine is offered at no cost and is accessible without charge. Registered users can use the services offered at without charge.


What is a code of activation?


An activation code is a unique code provided to individuals who wish to create an account on Please contact My Penn Medicine’s customer care at (866) 614-7606 if you have any problems with your activation code.


How can I modify my address and telephone number on


To modify your address and phone number on the My Penn Medicine patient portal, log in to your account at and select “My Profile” from the drop-down menu. There, you may alter your address, phone number, and other personal information.


MyPennMedicine Functionality


Not only does the myPennMedicine Login appear different, but we also make managing your health care online more flexible and simple, from easier planning to sharing your health information. The following are some of the key features of our most recent myPennMedicine portal:


Schedule engagements more conveniently: Finding open time slots and making appointments has never been easier. Simply filter by area and provider to find the appropriate appointment alternatives. Additionally, you may store your preferred appointments for easy rescheduling. These features are accessible on myPennMedicine and the mobile version for myPennMedicine.


Before signing up, you may now save time on your upcoming appointment. This is a new feature of myPennMedicine that allows you to confirm or modify your current contact information, prescriptions, allergies, and health issues, and sign the documents, if necessary, up to four days before your appointment.


More health records centralised: You may now connect your myPennMedicine account with your myChart account at other health institutions, such as Jefferson Health. This allows you to browse and examine more health records in one location. You may safely monitor the news, test results, and forthcoming appointments, depending on your company.


Sign in to myPennMedicine and click the Link My Accounts icon at the top of the homepage to enable this option.


Sign in to your myPennMedicine account and ensure that you have access to all the services provided by this portal for further information on how to merge your health records.


Periodic Notifications: Would you wish to control myPennMedicine’s communications with you? You may now choose how you wish to be contacted for the various sorts of myPennMedicine alerts. The myPennMedicine Login believes in providing you with regular updates on medical news and your medical reports.


Personal information has been updated: the contact information page has been replaced with a personal information page where you may add vital information to your profile, such as emergency contacts, sexual orientation, and gender identity. myPennMedicine is committed to ensuring that all patients receive the highest quality treatment. Because the greater our understanding of you, the better we can care for you.


With the myPennMedicine Login interface, you may safely and effectively share your Penn Medicine wellness information with different physicians. You may also link your records to other health organisations you visit for services, allowing you to review and analyse additional wellness data in one location. If test results are available, they can be obtained online. You may independently view historical findings and track your health’s progression.


Additionally, the myPennMedicine Login site enables simple access to notes produced and shared by your peers during outpatient consultations. These notes frequently resemble vital information for providing medication or managing a disease.

Thank you.


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