Many people don’t are a fan of a vacation during the monsoon season which makes it more of pleasure for us. However, if you’d like to discover this state Rajasthan in the evenings and enjoy being soaked by occasional showers, the monsoon can be a great opportunity to do some serious exploring With Taxi Service In Jodhpur.

It offers the 360-degree perspective of the city beneath you. It is true that the fort may be a destination to visit , but the reason that it’s something to do is because the view the fort affords is something you get only Taxi Service In Jaipur during this monsoon time.

So, your list of 10 activities to experience in Rajasthan during monsoon season comes close. With this list on your agenda you’re sure to enjoy the best fun of your life during your monsoon getaway to Rajasthan. Bon Voyage!


referred to as the ‘Sunset place’ and you’ll be able to believe it whenever you visit. It is imperative to cross the footbridge that connects the city that is Udaipur with this tiny island similar to a structure at the center of Lake Pichola. It is possible that you will never be the only one in the area, but it remains remarkably tranquil, and aside from the sun setting and the cool breeze of the monsoon will provide a magnificent greeting.

There are plenty of reasons to go to the area in the monsoons. There is no other time which allows visitors to see the beauty of this scene.

Pushkar city, in addition to being a spiritual centre and a popular tourist destination, is also known for its scenic lakes and picturesque landscapes. Its location at Pushkar Lake is among the most enjoyable activities during Rajasthan during August. On the lake, visitors can listen to the soothing sound of a peacock during the monsoons. Additionally, it is the ideal time to have an afternoon picnic by the lake, eating Rajasthani food and the vibrant folk songs.

This , when paired with the chants, hymns along with the sounds of the bells emanating from various temples along the lake and the sun’s disappearance from the horizon will leave you in awe. Furthermore you can also go on a boat trip across the lake to add more excitement to the overall experience.

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