Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are a nasty piece of business. You don’t clean the area properly and that would invite the bed bugs to your place without you going out to look for them. The unhygienic environment and dirt attract the pests home. Bed bugs are no exception and once they get inside the house it becomes problematic to get them out. You won’t believe that even the cleanest of places can be the house to bed bug infestation, the points are hidden in the details.

These creatures are known to reside in cold and humid areas, which is why bed bugs are often found in the dark, unreachable places below and around the bed. They are as mysterious as they are harmful. To know more about these pests, read along.

Bed bugs in your Home

People often visit the doctors with an uncontrollable itch, rashes, and they are told that it is a bed bug bite. It is quite a shock for them to know that they have bed bugs at home. How do these little pests enter our beds? It is not just a matter of maintaining hygiene and how you travel. Most of the time, these pests come attached to the things that you bring from outside as well. They can be found in the furniture that you got from the garage sale, second-hand clothes, suitcases that you bring home from traveling. It may attach to your luggage, clothes, or any baggage. Being fast breeders, they multiply fast.

Getting Rid of Bed Bug Infestation at Home

Having bed bugs at home is a bad sign. Taking them out is a troublesome process. This could make staying in your place seem like a big bad thing to do. It can not only hamper your quality sleep, but give you severe allergies and skin problems. The bites given by the bed bugs can become an uncontrollable itch. You may encounter disturbed sleep, which can later lead to psychological issues. If you don’t want your life to be affected by these little bugs, then you need to place some control measures in place.

People leave them be, as they can’t cause severe issues. Later, when the itch grows into rashes, things can quickly get out of your hands. Getting the bed bug treatment for the place should be done immediately as soon as you spot even one bed bug bite on your skin. So, how to take care of the bed bug infestation at home? You can call the pest exterminators to help with this issue, or you can follow simple steps to ensure that these pests don’t trouble you anymore.

Start by vacuuming the whole place down. When you are doing so., make sure that you don’t spare anything in the house. From carpets to furniture, beds to blankets, everything should be vacuumed. The vacuum sucks up not just the dirt, but any living organism sharing your bed or other furniture. Remove the bedsheets and pillowcases before you do that. Once you are done, you can dump the whole content in a separate garbage bag and dispose of the contents somewhere far away. Also, take time to clean the vacuum using a disinfectant as a precaution.

The bedsheets, pillow covers, mattress covers, and draperies should be washed thoroughly if you have a bed bug infestation. Do so using hot water. You can add baking soda to it to clean all the dirt and living organisms. Studies show that bed bugs can’t live in the temperature above 46 degrees. So, if you doubt there are bed bugs in your bed bug, then treat them all with hot water and baking soda. You can get rid of them easily. Before doing so, check for the clothes’ washing instructions.

Go for steam cleaning once every month if you have a bed bug problem in the house. Just vacuuming will only take care of the stuff on a superficial basis. Some may be left behind and that can be taken out with the help of steam cleaning.

One can prepare their own bug spray using a few items that are easily available at home. For that, you will need at least 15 drops of lavender and peppermint oil. Mix them with at least 100ml of water. Take a spray bottle and fill it up with this solution. Spray the solution on the bedside, under the mattress, etc. The bed will keep smelling nice, and you won’t be disturbed by the bed bugs at night. This remedy has been used by many people for a long time. Due to its efficiency rate, you can give this a try too.

No matter whichever DIY you try, don’t forget to bring pest control services to Mumbai for regular inspection. They will do a thorough checking of the place, making it easier for you. Once they give a green indication, your mind will be at peace. The professionals have various ways to know if your house is infested with these nasty little pests. Having a professional opinion matters a lot too.

You will find that the market is full of bug repellents, and that too of different kinds. But not all of them will turn to be effective one. Or they may attack bed bugs but won’t be able to clear them off completely. In such a situation, having a professional help you to have the best thing. Experts come with their equipment, and know-how to get things done effectively. Pest control services in Mumbai can help you guide about the whole process of extermination. You can ask them about the packages and that won’t be too much for you. The right treatment at the right time ensures that you stay safe and don’t get pests to wreak havoc on the property.

Don’t wait for them to bite you, and doctor to tell you that you have a bed bug infestation in your house. Ensure that you have a pest control company coming to your house for regular inspection. This way, you and your family will remain safe.

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