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With this brand new portable karaoke machine, the party just keeps going and going and going!

Going out to drink and party is something that my friends and I have always enjoyed doing, particularly in karaoke bars, which are places where you can sing your heart out while also having a good time. However, we are always taken aback when we look at our bill at the end of the night and discover that it is ridiculously high.

This is especially the case given that we only had a few pints of beer and some finger foods to eat by the time the party was over. Because renting a karaoke facility or signing up for a karaoke singing session in an establishment is always going to be expensive. In addition to that, there is a time limit, which is a nuisance. Because of this, we decided to throw a party at our place, where we could save a lot of money on things like chips and drinks, but the party just keeps going and going.

It is all because of Popsical Karaoke System.

We looked into and browsed for the best portable karaoke machine before coming across Popsical, and I can assure you that it is without a doubt the best karaoke system we have ever used. We found Popsical after looking into and browsing for the best portable karaoke machine. You can have that much-needed karaoke session at home with your coworkers or close friends. All of this is done safely and affordably at home.It is also perfect for use during holidays or other occasions when families get together. This karaoke machine possesses several outstanding qualities, one of which is its flexibility, which arises from the fact that it can be connected to any sound system that has an AUX connection. This is just one of the many outstanding features that this device possesses. You’ll soon understand why this is already the karaoke industry’s most promising trend.

The fact that this device has a wireless microphone, which gets rid of the hassle and haggling that comes with the microphone’s cable, is one of my favorite aspects of this device. Because it weighs only one kilogram and comes with two microphones, the microphone is very portable. As a result, you and your best friend can perform an amazing duet together! Apps for mobile devices are included.You will need to download an app onto your mobile device so that you can choose the song that you want to sing. The song library is so great that whenever a new smash hit comes out, it will automatically update itself.

Your smartphone is your remote controller

The mobile apps simplify the whole song selection process. Everyone just has to download the apps and choose their song. There is no need to queue up at a song selection console to select your next karaoke song. It is frequently compared to Spotify, mostly due to its streaming feature. It is a disruptor for the home karaoke industry. Not only that, karaoke brands can learn a thing or two from its user-friendly song selection features. Everyone loves singing, and pop karaoke is slowly becoming the “in thing” right now!

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Popsical Mobile App example. Image from Popsical Malaysia Premium Resellers, Lovetubuy Malaysia.

Popsical Karaoke is not just for kids or young adults; people of all ages can enjoy Popsical Karaoke. Popsical Karaoke systems are great fun and should be enjoyed by everyone who wants to sing their heart out and express themselves at home. It is also great for team building because the Popsical Karaoke is very flexible and can be customized to suit any occasion. You can bring it to your office, hook it up to a TV, and start your karaoke session.

Popsical Karaoke is so easy to use, everyone can enjoy Popsical Karaoke, not just professional singers. Popsical Karaoke is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain their friends and family with music. It gives you the freedom to sing karaoke anywhere, anytime you feel like it.

Here are 9 Reasons to Buy a Popsical Karaoke System.

1. It is extremely versatile because it can connect to any sound system that has an AUX input.

Almost every television in the modern era comes equipped with an AUX input. Just plug in your Popsical Karaoke to an AUX connector on a TV set and you are all set for a karaoke party. If you want to have a karaoke party in the office, just bring the portable down and plug it in. If you want to have a party elsewhere, you do the same. You do not need to have a separate sound system to enjoy a pop session.

2. It has lightweight wireless microphones (weighing 1 kg each). It includes two microphones, so you can sing a duet with your bestie!

With the Popsical system, you no longer need to reinvest in buying a microphone. Many traditional home karaoke systems come with a mic, and extra costs are added if you need to purchase more mics. However, not the popsical.The POP comes with two mics and they are wireless too. So if you are worried about singing a duet, you are all set. You will not have to worry about cable management if there is no cable to manage.

3. It’s portable; you can take it anywhere and connect it to the Popsical Karaoke system as long as you have an HDMI cable.

Besides its audio plug-and-play feature, Popsical itself is fully plug-and-play too. To enjoy the Popsical feature, all you need to do is plug it into the HDMI input of your television set, and you can start to select the song you want to sing.

4. Using the Popsical app, you can easily select your favorite songs without having to sift through pages of music and enter the numbers.

The Popsical karaoke system also comes with mobile app support. You can easily control the system through the Popsical mobile apps. This is also one of the reasons why it is so portable. You do not need to bring anything extra to start a karaoke session. You simply need the Popsical mobile apps and the very portable Popsical system.

5. You can change the pitch and melody of your voice or music.

If you want to give your karaoke system a bit of a twist, you can tune your voice to a chipmunk sound too. Besides all the basic karaoke features, the system also comes with an additional option that might appeal to some. For example, if you want to sing a song that requires a female voice line, there is a voice changing function in the system that allows you to do just that. They also include a feature where you can change your sound to some other interesting variation. Besides that, all the pitch adjustment and melody tuning features that we have come to expect from karaoke are also present in the Popsical Karaoke System.

6. It’s excellent for introverts who want to sing for themselves.

If you want to just sing to yourself in your room, Popsical can do that too. You can plug the audio input into your headphones and enjoy your very own personal karaoke session. It is a very versatile system.

7. Browse and create your own playlist using the remote control or the Popsical mobile app.

For the more serious singer, Popsical allows you to save your personal song list to their cloud server. You can access your personal song list at any time when you start a POP session. You are not limited by the physical device. All you need is just a Popsical account. Sign-up is simple too.

8. You can find the most popular recent songs in the music library; if not, you can request that a song be approved.

How many times have you gone to a karaoke establishment to sing the latest song, but ended up disappointed? In the past, it usually took a long time for karaoke establishments to update their song list. Not to mention the newly released song.

But with Popsical, the wait is now truly over. Popsical utilizes cloud streaming. As such, their music library is constantly updated with the latest released songs. The last time we checked. Their English and Chinese song catalogs are very updated.

They boast up to 230,000 songs in 14 different languages. These songs are still constantly being updated too. The Spotify of karaoke could just be Popsical.

9. Save money by not renting out expensive Karaoke rooms, and most importantly, there is no curfew.

For karaoke enthusiasts, it is always good to have your own system at home, so that you can always sing whenever you want. Once you purchase the Popsical karaoke system, you will gain access to their cloud-based catalogue of songs. You can truly sing anytime of the day, to your heart’s desire. That includes the most update catalogue of song too.




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