It is no secret to any market that Internet sales skyrocketed in 2020 since, according to the figures, buyers from all over the planet spent practically US$4.29 million last year, compared to almost US$4.29 million. Americans 3 billion forty-six million two thousand and nineteen. An increase in Internet sales of seventeen point nine percent and two thousand and twenty-one continues this trend.

So, having an online store makes your sales grow, but this will not happen. If you do not have qualified traffic, a website optimized for the service customer experience and loyalty systems so that they do not stop acquiring you or using your products.

All these are linked to each other, and this is essential because you can bring a lot of traffic to your store. But if it is not optimized for conversion, you will have visits but not sales; Or you can have an optimized store, but without qualified traffic, you will not get customers for the service. Without these 2, you cannot produce customers for the service and, consequently, you have no one to retain.

So for all this to happen and you can prosper in these aspects, we give you 3 keys to sell better in your online store.

1. Optimize your website

It is not just about having free products and having an online payment platform.

First of all, your page will have to be improved so that the service clients can use it without inconvenience. The idea is that you assist your service clients in making a purchase decision.

Progressing the design and what your page affirms, locating an excellent meaning to the buttons you put, and the help you provide, such as accessibility to people with disabilities, are functional on the page, not only because it helps the user to navigate without problems ( and as a result acquire) but instead also since Google takes it quite seriously.

In this way, if you want to stand out as a virtual store, you need the help of the most renowned search engine on the planet so that when someone searches for a topic related to your products, they choose your and also-commerce as a solution to the question or search that the user performs.

To further this, you can try Hotjar, a tool to examine user behavior and feedback and understand it. All thanks to their tools like heat maps, session recordings, and surveys.

On the other hand, to improve your SEO positioning and become a benchmark for appearing in user searches, you can use MOZ, a platform with a series of tools that will help you analyze and optimize your website. Instead, you will be able to monitor and take timely action continuously.

2. Attract qualified traffic

There are many channels for this, but the most convenient are Facebook ads and Google ads, since thanks to them, you can attract people who have interests related to your products or services. First, you can create a segmentation by people similar to your business, and it can be simulating people who acquire you.

In the case of Google Ads, you can do different types of segmentation, but the most essential is the one that appears thanks to a query, such as if someone decides to search for shoes and you come out as a result among the first places as an ad and from organic form.

Being part of these promotion channels also creates content and produces engagement, visits, and sales. In addition to this, it will strengthen the authority of your brand and, consequently, influence purchase decisions.

You can also use “influencers”; however, the setbacks to locating the right one are complicated and sometimes not as helpful as you thought. The solution is to optimize first and connect paid traffic later.

3. Builds confidence

Loyalty is essential for small businesses since it allows you to find benefits without paying an extreme investment. For this to happen, it is advisable to take advantage of seasonal marketing campaigns (Hot Sale, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.).

Specific ways of creating professional content can be done using DesignCap or Mailchimp. You can create infographics, reminders, emails, and digital content in images to be shared by different means.

In addition to this, to add to the trust between your clients of the service and yours, use systems that assist you with fraud, since the return of payments or dispute of amounts is one of the greatest fears for any online store. But the most alarming are those whose origin is a possible fraud.

It’s good to have an intelligent anti-fraud system to deter these dangers and protect each service customer from any cyber criminals trying to use your payment methods.

You could incorporate something like Subno, a fraud prevention suite that comes with a multitude of tools designed to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Yahoo.


Selling more is the challenge of any online business, and for this to happen, in a context that is little by little more competitive, it is essential to stand out and, above all, connect with the user.

With current technologies, the products that are sold or the services that are offered can be copied. But when the differentiating value is the connection with the service client. Do not forget that the user has a sensitive connection with the brand, or the person behind the brand is essential to ensure long-term development.


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