Monsoon is often celebrated as the season of love as it brings auspiciousness and vibrant vibes with it and what can be more blissful than getting married in the season of love. Monsoon wedding ticks all the bars of an idyllic romantic wedding, memories of which remain fresh forever in your memory. But planning a monsoon wedding is not an easy task and can ask for many precautionary steps to be taken from your side to roll out the entire wedding festivities smoothly.

If you wish to read your wedding vows under a dreamy monsoon sky, with a soft cool breeze ruffling your hairs, and the weather just feels right, and everything around you turns ten times more pleasant than you would have to walk an extra mile for arrangements.  Planning a monsoon wedding of your dream can consume a lot of your and your wedding planner’s energy more than what a normal wedding would consume but in the end, it always worth it.

The idea of hosting a wedding in monsoon might sound a bit unconventional and out of the box. Also considering the unannounced downpour and excessive humidity, the idea of a monsoon wedding can be tough to execute. But if planned properly, a monsoon wedding can turn out the wedding of your dreams. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you in planning a monsoon wedding –

Wedding Venue 

Choosing the right kind of venue is very important for every wedding function. When picking up from a myriad of wedding venue options always prioritize the comfort and ease of your guests. For a monsoon wedding, whether you are picking a venue under the open sky or an indoor one, make sure your guests don’t get soaked in water when it rains.

Some of the pointers to keep in the notice for a monsoon wedding venue 

– If your wedding has an outdoor section, waterproof it. You know well that when it comes to planning a monsoon wedding you can’t trust the weather forecasting since there always remains a slight possibility of rain. So why take the risk and ruin the wedding fun, best would be to waterproof the outdoors.

– Well for the first since it is a monsoon wedding, the safest course to take to the venue would be picking up an indoor venue. With an indoor venue, you won’t have to worry about the downpour or your wedding gown, and your wedding jewelry getting ruined due to the downpour, or other hassles that rain brings with it. An added advantage would be, an indoor wedding would keep your food and your decoration safe from the rain. But do make sure the wedding venue is well ventilated or else the humidity will cause suffocation to the guests.

– If your idea of a perfect monsoon wedding involves an outdoor setup, open skies, and cool monsoon breeze and you cannot compromise on an outdoor venue, go for a convertible venue. So in case, it ends up raining during the wedding functions, you will be able to cover everything within minutes of the rain. For the initial few minutes, it might get a little chaotic but everything will settle down in time and you will be able to carry on with wedding festivities.

Wedding Decor 

The decor of your wedding defines the entire theme of the wedding but in the case of a monsoon wedding planning a perfect wedding decor is a difficult task. In a monsoon wedding, there always remains a chance of unexpected rain and unruly winds spoiling the entire wedding decoration especially if it’s an outdoor wedding.

Here are some tips to consider when planning decor for a monsoon wedding 

– Including lightweight structures in your monsoon season wedding is a big no as the heavy wind can easily blow away these structures.

–  Make sure all the artifacts are placed steadily in their place for you won’t wish them to fall and get all muddy.

–  When it comes to flowers for your wedding decorations, it is always advised to not go for real flowers as the chances of these flowers getting spoiled by the rain are pretty high. The best for a monsoon wedding would be artificial flowers. The good quality artificial flowers look almost like real flowers and don’t get spoiled by the rain as well.

–  Set the rain theme of your wedding party and fill it with monsoon-related vibrant and colorful items like umbrellas, multicolored dupattas. To further turn it into a fairy tale affair use neutral-colored rice bulbs, bulbs of different shapes and colors, glass candleholders, diaphanous curtains, and floral prints.

Food at the wedding

Everyone loves gorging on mouth-watering delicacies at weddings. But monsoon and rain bring a lot of diseases and insects with it and hence it becomes important to look after the hygiene of the food served at the wedding. Make sure your wedding food is prepared in a clean area and fresh ingredients are used in the preparation of food so your guests don’t fall sick from the food.

Here are some tips to consider to ensure the hygiene of the wedding food 

– Always ensure that your food counter is set in the covered area. No matter if you are having an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, always ask your wedding organizer to ensure that the food area is covered. Rain always ends up spoiling food and if it starts raining during the wedding, chances of your wedding food getting spoiled are pretty high, and then you would have to replace it with fresh food which further is a hectic task. Hence the best would be to keep your food area covered.

– Work on planning a monsoon-friendly menu with fewer uncooked dishes like salads that increase the chance of disease and more cooked dishes. Also add a lot of hot beverages to the menu like tea, coffee, and soup. To make sure the food area is the main attraction of the wedding, including a live food counter that serves freshly prepared hot Jalebis with Rabri, Gulab Jamun, and other such lip-smacking desserts to the guests and the wedding couple and makes their day extra memorable.


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