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Cool drawings easy, especially in childhood, is essential. But, among all its advantages and functions, I am interested in the conceptual, the graphic representation of a concept, emotion, or reality that passes from the child’s mind to the paper.

Have you ever tried to interpret children’s cool drawings? Are you wondering what your child might mean by cool drawing ideas himself in one way or another? Children’s cool drawings easy say things about themselves. For example, they can give you clues about how they feel. But to understand those signals, you must learn to interpret them. We give you some hints to know what details you should look at when looking at your children’s cool drawings easy and what questions you should answer based on what they show.

What the pictures say about how the children feel

In the case of our children’s cool drawings easy, we must first focus on two aspects.

– First, we must look at artistic production, especially

We must appreciate, strengthen and enjoy their artistic productions, using the colors used, there are tones of colors, there are spaces, there are details, including spatial representation, etc. We must appreciate, with size, the cool drawings easy they have made and feel proud and appreciated. There is no better, emotionally speaking, than to do one thing and have another, in this case, your parents, show you their wishes and satisfaction.

– On the other hand, we must consider the message we want to send

We need to understand what message is in my child’s drawing. With no intention of judging, or cool drawing idea unwarranted conclusions, or playing prophets or psychologists, but we must read the hidden message our child sends us. It does not mean that there is a hidden message behind every drawing ideas, but it gives us clues about your state of mind, the global vision of your universe, how you position yourself under others’ t other circumstances, etc.

Four keys to interpreting children’s drawings

Psychologists, pedagogues, and coaches have long used cool drawing as a technique to have an honest and graphic image of the moment each person is going through. Most of the cool drawing idea time is associated with emotions and can be seen on a sheet as a logical sequence of images of our emotional state. They are unintentional, and they always offer some clues about the person.

From my perspective, it is essential to pay attention to these four aspects.

  1. Where is the child in the picture?

Depending on where he puts himself in the cool drawings, it can indicate where he is. If it is drawn small and in a corner, it will not be the same as if it is drawn large in the middle of the paper. This representation says a lot about how you see yourself and how you look: middle.

  1. How much does he represent about other objects or people that appear in the drawing?

There are children’s cool drawings where they are larger than the houses, cars, or suns. And, conversely, there are children’s cool drawings where we almost need a magnifying glass to find it. These things say a lot about how you feel and how you look in your world.

  1. Who else will appear in the drawing?

Looking at the characters in the drawing ideas will indicate who or what is essential to the child.

  1. How many blank sheets are left to draw?

When children leave a blank page, it can mean that they are creative and, thus, they are leaving that space to create or dream. But conversely, the fact that they fill the entire sheet of cool drawings indicates that they feel canned and have little room for growth.

My recommendation is that if at any time you want to know how emotional your child is, try to offer him or her a pencil, some paint, a piece of paper, and freedom to draw.

The cool drawing has been available on Snapchat for quite some time. It’s an excellent way to add a fun flair to your images and posts, but how do you enlarge the drawing?

Snapchat doesn’t vectorize your doodles, so there’s no way to increase the size after the fact. But this writing shows you a neat trick to make the cool drawings bigger. Plus, we’ve included some tips and tricks to maximize them.

Massive Snapchat Drawings 101

Step 1

Tap the Snapchat icon to launch the app and take a picture of the thing you want to post. The cool thing is the app allows you to draw on videos as well. And the same tips apply if you want to improve the drawing in your clip.

Step 2

To begin drawing, touch the pencil symbol on the upper-right edge of the screen. You’ll see color, saturation, and emoticon icons, but more on them later.

All you require to do is increase the blow size. Place your thumb and forefinger on the screen simultaneously and pinch. A small dot appears in the center of the screen, and it increases as you pinch. Stop pinching once you are happy with the size.

Step 3

Now, you can draw the doodle. Since you have increased the stroke size, be careful with screen real estate. That is, find out where to start and end so that the cool drawing has the desired effect.

If you get a corrupt move, hit on the round arrow symbol at the top right of the screen to break the action.

When you are satisfied with the design, press the Send button on the bottom right of the screen. You can save the image and the cool drawing to your Camera Roll / Gallery or share it in a story on Snapchat. Similar icons are on The underside left of the screen.


Depending on the smartphone you’re using, adding a brushstroke can be fiddly. First, make sure both fingers land on the screen at the same time. Then, don’t lift either one until you’re happy with the size of the brush. Otherwise, each tap will leave a dot or stroke on the image.

Other Drawing Options

As told, you can replace the blow color and congestion. Move the slider up and down to select the color you want. There is a large dot to show you the color you choose.

So that you know, you can’t select the whole cool drawing ideas and change its color after drawing it.

To change the saturation, tap on the palette icon at the bottom of the color slider. You will see that the color of the slider is reddened, so tap on it to select the desaturated color.

The cool thing is you can combine saturated and unsaturated colors to get an excellent effect and a more extensive cool drawing idea. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1

Find out what you want to doodle and where you want to put it. Then, of course, don’t forget to tweak the brush stroke. Then start by selecting a desaturated color – tap on the palette and move the color slider.

Step 2

Draw whatever you want to draw, and tap the palette icon to get the normal saturation. Now, reduce the brush stroke ever a bit and draw the desaturated doodle.

This method combines some depth with your drawing and increases its volume a bit. Feel free to experiment with as many different colors as you like.

Eventually, you can combine a cool emoticon by drawing ideas on a similar icon. In addition, you can increase the size of the emoticon by pinning the screen after selecting it.

Expert Tricks

You can also draw with emoticons, but it’s hard to write things that way. However, emoticons can be an excellent framework for your doodle.

If you tap on the palette icon twice, you can use the black and white color gamut. Weak types should find this a great way to add shading and accents to their Snapchat cool drawings easy.

To become more reliable and regular cool drawings, apply a screen pencil. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a pen with a tip ready on the screen.

Can You Make Snapchat Text Bigger?

The answer is yes, and the trick is the same as the one for the cool drawings.

Tap the T icon at the top right of the screen and select Large Text from the pop-up menu. Next, type your message and select the positioning by tapping the alignment icon. You will find it in front of the big T at the top of the screen.

Next, pinch the text to resize it. Unfortunately, this action does not allow you to tilt or bend the text.

Unleash Your Inner Snapchat Artist

It’s a pity that Snapchat doesn’t vectorize your doodles, as it will make it easy to resize cool drawings easy. But that may exchange in a forthcoming update. And if you’re imaginative enough, your cool drawings can be as important and as impressive as you want.


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