Tips for natural hair growth - how to quickly stop hair loss
Tips for natural hair growth - how to quickly stop hair loss


People say a man’s hair is his crown. But due to the biological process and chemical exposure of the hair, this crowning glory can soon turn into a nightmare when it starts to fall out and it is awkward to face others.

It is important that the person understands the causes of Natural hair growth tips. In fact, there are countless reasons for hair loss. Some causes include: psoriasis, fungal infections of the scalp, skin diseases such as alopecia; Genetic causes can be caused by hormones and genetics; Hair treatment and styling involve applying chemicals to the hair that can cause irritation; Nutritional causes, especially for people with anorexia and bulimia; Premature or abnormal hair loss is mainly caused by fungal infections, alopecia areata, hair loss and telogen effusion. Each of these conditions can start hair loss.

Hair loss is a natural way to treat it

Fortunately, there are various ways to naturally and chemically stop hair loss. Of course, some people use essential oils from plants such as lavender and laurel that massage the scalp to stimulate follicles.

Another popular oil in Mexico is jojoba oil, which you also rub into your scalp. Scalp massage restores hair follicles. Coconut oil, almond oil, lime seeds, black pepper, onion, honey, egg yolk, and aloe vera gel can also use as alternative ingredients for scalp massage.

In addition, there are some herbal cocktails that come from plants such as rosemary and nettle. Boil the leaves of this tree and apply them to your hair every day. Other natural ways to reduce hair loss are to eat sesame seeds and yogurt in the morning, as both are rich sources of calcium and magnesium, which are essential nutrients for the scalp.

Things to avoid

Avoid washing your hair regularly with hot water as it washes away the natural oils of the hair, causing damage and breakage to the hair. Excessive stress should also consider as it can cause hair loss. This can do through exercise, meditation, and adequate sleep. Proper nutrition is also important to reduce hair loss.

Smoking worsens hair loss because nicotine narrows blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the scalp. Again, it is highly recommended that a person avoid using harsh chemicals in their hair, including gel, wax, hairspray, and mouse, to name a few.

In addition, coloring and perming contribute to hair loss. Avoid damaging your hair follicles by styling different types of hair. If there is baldness in the family, it is wise to start taking care of your hair early to avoid irreparable damage and finally you can always consult a hair condition expert.

Vitamin and OTC treatment

Biologically, men, in particular, can reduce DHT production. DHT is a chemical that form when an enzyme reacts with testosterone in men and is thought to cause hair follicle closure. You can do this by taking medicines available on the market such as profiles (minoxidil) and procerin. It is also important for a person to take vitamins A, B, C, and E as these vitamins help in hair growth.

Tips for Natural Hair Growth – 2 Underestimated Methods for Quick Results

Natural Hair Growth Tips are often overlooked as they are not as effective as the usual ways to treat hair loss. Anyone who really believes this is just being misled. There are many benefits to using natural hair loss remedies and various other hair regrowth aids.

There are two ways to reduce hair growth in a relatively short time. These are also easy to implement and won’t take you much time.

Scalp massage – still works for baldness

Scalp massage is an endless procedure that will bring really great results.  Instead of using bare hands and nothing else, take a few drops of rosemary and henna oil and use it as a scalp lubricant.

Start massaging it on the scalp along the forehead and back to the back of the head. If you can’t find henna, lavender, or other essential oil, it will work. Perform this procedure every day for about 10 minutes and after a while, you will see new hair growth.

Herbs and vitamins – the best natural remedy for hair loss

Even as children, we have always encourag to take vitamins. It’s still crucial to do the same thing as an adult. However, those who have lost their hair need certain haircuts for fast hair growth. Vitamin A is great for hair growth as it helps create natural oils on the scalp.

This oil call sebum and actually need for your hair to start growing properly. Be very careful not to ingest too much vitamin A as this will cause hair loss.

Herbs are another great natural source for improving hair growth. Most men benefit from taking Saw Palmetto on a daily basis as this herb inhibits the production of the hormone DHT. This hormone is responsible for male pattern baldness and other hair loss problems. Playing green tea can benefit everyone. It also works against DHT and also causes significant hair growth due to compounds called catechins.



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