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Traveling can be complex. There are many things to consider, from transportation to food and accommodations. One of the main inconveniences travelers face is not being able to plan the visit and know what sites to visit or which places to stay. You need a guide that helps you put together a basic itinerary for your trip. People, who have planned a trip Agra tour packages from Delhi, India before, might already understand that planning is essential when traveling. Planning becomes even more important when traveling with your friends or family. When the whole group is ready to leave, but the tour leader of your Agra travel company has not planned their Agra tour itinerary yet, it can be very frustrating. There will be times when you want to go on this tour and when you want to go on another tour while in Agra, India.

If you’re planning a trip to Agra, here are some tips to help you get started on your itinerary:

  • Pick a Hotel That’s Close to Everything

Several hotels in Agra offer great views of the Taj Mahal from their rooms or balconies. It’s worth spending more money on your hotel if it means having easy access to everything you want to see during your visit. If you plan on staying near the Taj Mahal, make sure it’s also near other attractions like Fatehpur Sikri or Agra Fort — otherwise; you’ll spend all day traveling back and forth between sites!

  • Know What You’re Going to Do

The best way to ensure you don’t miss any important sights is by taking advantage of Taj Mahal day tour that include everything from airport transfers to guided tours and tickets for attractions. Many travel agencies offer these packages.

  • Planning your trip

While many people visit Agra as part of an organized tour, planning your itinerary is also possible. If you have time at hand, it’s better to choose an independent tour rather than going with others in a group. You can explore places at your own pace and take photos from different angles instead of following set routes.

  • Booking

If possible, book tickets for entry into monuments before leaving for Agra, as they tend to sell out quickly during peak season (October-March). Tickets are available online or at information booths near monuments like the Taj Mahal but only accept cash payments (Indian rupees).

  • Keep your belongings safe.

The Taj Mahal is one of India’s most visited tourist attractions, so it attracts both locals and foreigners alike. While this can be great for photo opportunities with other visitors around, it also means that thieves may be lurking nearby, looking for easy targets like tourists.

  • Don’t miss the Taj Mahal

It’s one of the most recognizable monuments globally and is often considered the most beautiful. The tomb is constructed out of white marble and is decorated with semi-precious stones and precious metals. There are gardens surrounding it and reflecting pools that make it an ideal place for photography.

  • Know the weather in Agra

The temperatures in Agra are generally very hot and dry, but there are some rainy days. The best time for Agra tour packages from Delhi is between October and March; when the mercury hovers around 40 degrees Celsius. During this period, you should expect dry winds blowing from Rajasthan.

  • Go boating on the Yamuna River

Another popular activity in Agra is going boating on the Yamuna River. Several boat operators on both sides of the river offer boat ride with different durations and prices. Boats can be hired for as little as Rs 200 per person for half an hour. Or more than Rs 1,000 per person for two hours, depending on your budget.

  • Get a driver

Driving in Agra is not for the faint-hearted. It would help if you considered hiring a driver who knows his way around the city. And can take you directly to your destination without getting lost or stuck in traffic jams.

  • Book a tour from Expert

India is a country that has immense cultural and historical heritage. With Noble House Tours, you can experience the best of what India has to offer! Noble House Tours was established to provide quality Gujarat and Rajasthan tour packages. Their services include customized tours, sightseeing tours, wildlife safaris, transportation services, and more! The company has an experienced team of tour guides who are well-versed in the history and culture of India. They will provide you with all the information about various aspects of India like its people, food, festivals, etc. The guides also help you understand the local languages to communicate better with people while on your trip. They offer many packages, including Sufi Festival where they take care of everything; so that your trip goes according to plan!

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