Tips on Managing Your Field Executives With Field Force Management Software
Tips on Managing Your Field Executives With Field Force Management Software

Are you working in the sales field and are responsible for a team of field executives? Are you stressed with the number of things you have to take care of on a daily basis? Well, regardless of the team size, manual field force management definitely is a challenging process. 


In today’s competitive environment, you should bid adieu to manual management and adopt a field force management software system instead. 


So, are you looking for reasons to invest in a fleet management software system? Great! This article talks about how software makes managing a field operations team a cakewalk! 


What is Field Force Management Software? 

If you’re working with a team of executives who have to work on sites, you will need field force management software to manage them. Through this software, you can manage tasks, attendance, and even chat with all the people in your team. 


Essentially, FFM software is a gateway between your field employees and you. It fills the gap that is generally filled by working together in one office. 


Most employee management software are built on the principle of knowing where your field executives are in real-time. Through mobile tracking, the software also helps generate geoverified attendance. 


In a world where everything has become digital, FFM software simplifies and digitalizes field operations. 


Offbeat Ways of Increasing Productivity With Software 

Yes, yes, field force management will manage attendance and tasks and that will increase productivity! Duh! We all know that!  Therefore, in this section, let’s explore some offbeat things you can do with employee management software. 


1. Offer Better Communication 

Even the biggest international policy debates can be solved through honest and transparent communication. Therefore you should always encourage communication in your team. However, managing a healthy channel of communication might become difficult in an environment prone to confusion. 


You can use field force management’s inbuilt chat box features to make communication simpler. This way, instead of relying on separate platforms for task allotment and communication, everything can be handled in one place. 


Here are a few things you can do through your FFM softwares’ chat boxes that will help you improve communication within your team: 

  • Schedule regular meetings: This is especially important because your team hardly gets to meet physically. Then why not make the most of digital platforms? 
  • 1:1 communication: Sometimes it is necessary to get in touch with your teammates personally. You should have 1:1 communication with your teammates to help them connect with you on a personal level. 


2. Make Task Management Open and Flexible 

One of the biggest mistakes many managers might make is making their word absolute in their team’s tasks. 


The problem with this approach is that it is the team that will be undertaking the tasks, not the managers. Therefore, you should always make sure that you’re making tasks flexible and open. 


One of the best ways to do so is by assigning tasks as requests through your field force management admin app. If the employee is free to complete the task, they will accept. Otherwise, they won’t. Since you can always see each employee’s tasks, you can always make sure that none of them goes without work! 


The best field force management software comes in two app faces. Therefore, while the managers can assign tasks from their end, executives too can add and subtract tasks from their work dashboard. 


3. Provide Evidential Feedback 

Feedback is an important way for both managers and teammates to grow. However, not every feedback has the potential to bring about a change. Feedback is the most effective and influential when it is supported by performance evidence. 


With the help of field force management software, you can check each executive’s performance in real-time. 


The best software will not only help you get hold of what each executive is doing in real-time but will also help you see their performance score. The most advanced software such as TrackoField will also get you a list of each executive’s strengths and weaknesses. 


It is by making the most of the information software provides you that your employees will get the best and most productive feedback. 


4. Make Performance Transparent

This might be a slightly risky way of encouraging better performance in your team. However, competition does go a long way at times. 


You can make everyone’s performance reports transparent for one day in a month. This way everyone will know who is performing well in the field. This way, people who have a competitive spirit will try to top everyone by pushing themselves to gain higher achievements! 


By making performance transparent you can also maintain the authenticity of hierarchy, if any, in your team. Moreover, this way you will also avoid team gossip of biases or undue promotions.


5. Remove The Fear From Documentation

Most field operations teams generally do not show good results because of the lack of documentation. Most people forget or negate drawing and handling documents and lose the possibility of seeing patterns in performances that can be improved. 


Here are a couple of reasons why people hesitate from paper documents: 

  • Too much hassle to carry 
  • Time-consuming to write everything down 
  • Organizing documents is a tedious task 
  • Paper documents take up too much physical space 
  • Documents can get lost and hence compromise important information 


With the help of software, you can take all the hassle and fear out of documentation. The software helps you do that by making all information and documents digital. Other than negating all the above-mentioned problems, digital; documentation also facilitates:

  • Longer record keeping 
  • Custom documentation 
  • Better digital data analysis 
  • Environmental friendly operations


Use TrackoField To Increase Your Field Productivity

Through this article, you’ve got a decent idea of how field force management software will make your life simpler. You also know some practices that will best utilize your software investment. 


With the help of some out-of-the-box functions, field force management software can take a mediocre field operations team and make it spectacular. And that is exactly what TrackoField does. 

If you want to put all your newfound knowledge to practical use, try TrackoField and see your remote teams’ productivity grow exponentially!


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