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The music industry has changed dramatically in the last two decades, particularly in terms of music promotion. Everything was handled by labels back then. Artists now have complete control over their careers, from writing music to promoting it across all platforms and media. Today, we’ll talk about how to promote YouTube music video on Instagram, which is one of the most appealing social media platforms for music marketing. Are you ready to create a personal brand? Let’s look at some tried-and-true methods for advertising music on Instagram, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran!

Is Instagram Effective for Promoting Music?

Many musicians will undoubtedly agree that the most difficult aspect of being a musician is not making new music, but rather reaching out to your target audience and effectively advertising your work. Prior to the early 2000s, while the route to success was not easy, it was relatively simple. A label would find musicians, sign them, and then take care of the rest. With that infrastructure no longer in place, a rising or independent musician, aside from multi-platinum acts, must be a jack-of-all-trades. You must manage everything from designing posters to arranging performances, developing your own website, and keeping an active social media presence in addition to creating new stuff.

1.Use Instagram Stories and IGTV to promote your music

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features on Instagram right now, especially if you’re targeting a millennial audience. When it comes to advertising your music on Instagram, the first step is to understand how to do so via Instagram stories. With up to 500 million daily users posting and reading Stories, the platform has enormous marketing possibilities. Using Stories to market your music may seem paradoxical at first due to their brief format. However, including the proper 15-second clip of one of your songs can boost interaction significantly. A good teaser is appreciated by all! So, how can you use Instagram Stories to promote something?

2.As a musician, write a compelling Instagram bio

Many musicians don’t devote enough attention to their bios, which is a shame because these brief introductions may be really valuable if they are well-written. If you look at the bios of top Instagram music promotion pages, you’ll find that they’re tailored to their target demographic. Here are some ideas for how to accomplish this.

A generic account name will not enough if you want the world to know your name, listen to your music, and attend future gigs. Make certain that your name does not terminate in numerals. The majority of established and new artists create a unique Instagram account name that matches their branding and official website name.

3.Create visually stunning content

Because Instagram is a visual-based network, this should go without saying. Instagram, which used to be just for photos, can now hold a variety of media, including movies and GIFs. Your Instagram postings provide you the freedom to be creative and show off your work, giving your followers a glimpse behind the scenes. We’re not just talking about backstage shots here; we’re talking about images that show your audience how you spend your time both inside and outside the studio.

In addition to selfies and tour images, Alter Bridge posts high-quality stills from gigs, festivals, and unique behind-the-scenes footage. However, for their previous two albums, they’ve provided a full visual explanation of their whole recording process, and they’ve done it before.https://www.articlering.com/

4.Take Advantage of Instagram Music Hashtags

Most Instagram models and influencers are aware that the platform is all about hashtags, so why not follow their lead as a musician?

Hashtags are still the most popular way to find new artists and material. Based on the posts your audience has enjoyed in the past, Instagram’s algorithm will suggest tags that they might be interested in. If things continue to be this way, hashtags will only become more important. You are limited to 30 hashtags per post, including hashtags used in the comments. It indicates that each post should include at least 20 words, while others think that more than 11-12 is spammy. Our advice is to play around with hashtags until you find something that works.

5.Use Instagram Paid Posts and Ads to Promote Music

Next on the list of Instagram features for promoting music is sponsored posts, which many new musicians ignore. It’s all about budget, marketing, and finding that sweet golden chance where you can get the most views and engagement for the least amount of money. When it comes to sharing music on Instagram, one option is to use advertisements. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular musicians’ questions on the subject.

Yes, they certainly do. You may use Instagram advertisements to market your music, whether it’s a single or an album. You can utilise Spotify to generate visitors to your website if you have a pre-save campaign.

6.Promote Your Personality (Who Also Happens to Be a Musician)

Don’t worry if you think you’re bragging about yourself too much on Instagram. That’s the whole goal of social media for musicians, especially those just starting out. Everything is fair game except bombarding your followers’ feeds with your posts. It means you shouldn’t be afraid to promote new songs, albums, or even gear like guitars, band T-shirts, or amplifiers. You’ll need to post frequently to get noticed, so self-promotion is inevitable.

7.Go Live

We’re nearing the end of our guide to using Instagram to promote music, and we couldn’t leave out the obvious. Going live and streaming one of your performances or giving your followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your creative process is a fantastic way to connect and engage with your audience. It’s also a smart approach to promote your new song, album, or tour. You can give your audience a more participatory experience by hosting a Q&A session or making a significant announcement about your ambitions. Also, calling your supporters by their first names will help you portray yourself as someone who genuinely cares about them. And if you can perform all of this on a regular basis, you will be successful.


Is Instagram suitable for musicians? As you can see, if utilised correctly, Instagram can be a powerful tool for marketing your music and interacting with people who want to hear it and share it. We hope you found our guide to promoting your music on Instagram useful. Start using these suggestions right away to spread the word. Please refer to this guide for expert advice, and good luck with your Instagram music promotion — we’re rooting for you!



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