Tips to Move Furniture Strategically for Better Relocation

Relocation can be a tricky situation if you don’t know what to do and how to do it. Even a small mistake can be a grave mistake if you don’t have a proper idea about the situation. As you have a variety of items to shift, it can become problematic for you to decide the right course of action.  Especially when it comes to dealing with heavy items such as shelves, beds, home theatre, etc. These are just a few of them, but in the house, there will be innumerable stuff that will need proper planning while moving.

It is said that when in Rome, do as the Roman do. So, when dealing with a particular situation do as the experts would do. For shifting, you can take the help of the experts and that is professional packers and movers. They not only make things easy for you in the long run but also take the pressure of shifting off your shoulder. Household relocation in Delhi calls for trained hands, especially when you are dealing with heavy items.

How can the Packers and Movers Help with the Shifting of Heavy Items?

Having packers and movers helps in a lot of ways when you have to shift heavy items. Some of them are as follows:

  • The experienced team knows to deal with the process of loading and unloading very well,
  • With them in the equation, you won’t have to do the heavy lifting work.
  • They know how to strategically place things in position.
  • You can get insurance for the items that you want to shift to ensure financial security.
  • You won’t have to worry about the techniques involved in packing, loading, and unloading.

Tips for Placing Things Strategically

When dealing with relocation most people do it hurriedly. And that is where they make mistakes. Doing these things needs time and patience. You can’t expect a scratch-free shift while conducting the relocation in hurry. Incorrect packing or loading can make things worse for you. So, the relocation calls for strategic placement of things. Once you do that, your items will stay safe throughout the transportation. How should one place heavy things strategically to minimize the damage while packing and loading them?

  • As a basic rule, always keep heavy boxes on the floor of the vehicle. Later you can place the lighter ones on top of the heavier ones. You will also need to create a wall of boxes on the backend to provide stability to the vehicle while loading the furniture or other such heavy items later on.
  • If you have heavy items then you must also have upholstered items as well. While shifting them take extra care of securing them using a rope or smaller pieces to hold them to the hooks. One should also select the things that you will place around them. You may have covered them carefully using a bubble wrap or a plastic sheet but make sure you cover them up using a spare blanket over them. This will provide extra protection to the expensive sets of sofas.
  • The top shelves of the dressers should be utilized well. Try filling it up with the lightboxes. Keep the small boxes in between them so that the dresser doesn’t slip away.
  • Unloading is an important part of safe relocation. Marking the paths to every room and planning a safe moving track will ensure that you don’t have to run after the movers every now and then. This will also help you avoid the moving of things again and again. You can also mark the spot for the movers to place the items accordingly which will minimize the chances of damaging the items in the process of moving.
  • If you want to move things efficiently then ensure that you hire the best packers and movers Delhi to Kerala for carrying and shifting them. Look for the experience and training the team receives which will ensure the quality of work that you are going to get. With such a team you can be sure that they would make very few mistakes and help you conduct a damage-free move. They will even take care of the fixtures on the wall; all you need to do is make prior arrangements for them and check the location before they come in.
  • While shifting always go for top-quality packing materials. Get such items that don’t give under extensive pressure. Go for sturdy, thick-bottomed boxes, heavy-duty tapes, thick sheets of bubble wrap, and such other things. These types of packing items ensure that your furniture and other valuables stay safe while getting transported from one place to another.
  • The furniture with mirrors comes as the biggest challenge. Don’t burden them on the other boxes. The package containing the mirrors should be placed carefully inside the vehicle. In case they are placed in the wrong way, it could break with the simplest of jerks. It is best to keep them standing as much as possible. You can tie it up using a rope to the hooks of the vehicle. Try to avoid placing the glass side towards any heavy items. Here, having the right kind of mover comes in very handy.
  • Now that you are going to such an extent to ensure a safe move, take care of one more thing. Don’t stick the packing tape on the furniture directly. The heavy-duty packing tapes have a strong adhesive. If they get stuck on the surface of the furniture, they may leave a dirty mark on them that will take a lot of work to go. So, first, wrap them up first before securing them with the packing tape.

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A lot of time and strategy goes into relocating the house. One should take good take care of the household shifting and plan everything accordingly. Take time to pack the stuff properly so that they are not damaged in the process. If you prepare well, taking at least 1 month to plan and organize the moving will be concluded smoothly.


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