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Traveling on a long-haul flight can be tiring and painful, especially when you travel in an economy class. Some of the longer routes on Spirit Airlines destinations in the United States may take up to 10 hours. Flying with Spirit can become a nightmare since the Spirit Airlines’ seats do not recline. When you reach your destination, all you have is exhaustion, frustration, and back pain. To avoid this, you can use some items on your flight to enhance comfort and help you fly in a relaxed way on an economy seat in Spirit Airlines.

If you are serious about your comfort while flying, you can reserve a Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat. These seats are like a lite version of the Business Class seat placed on the first two rows of the aircraft. With a width of 18.5 inches and a pitch of 36 inches,these leather seats are placed in a two by two configuration. There are a total of eight seats on a flight. You can purchase this seat using Spirit Airline manage booking service either online or on call.

Light and smart packing is important, especially when you are traveling with Spirit Airlines. But there are items you should have onboard while traveling on a long-haul flight. These items may not fit well in just one personal bag that comes under the free baggage allowance. It is totally optional, but I suggest you buy an additional carry-on bag allowance so you can have a comfortable journey. You can purchase this allowance while you are doing your Spirit Airline check-in, as it will cost you less when compared to the airport.

When you are on a spirit airline flight or any other long-haul flight you should carry these 10 must-have items that include:

Travel or Neck Pillow

A traveling pillow is something you may need while you are on a long-haul flight as it gives support to your neck and offers you a sound sleep. There are multiple pillows available in the market, but you should always go for a comfortable one that is not so bulky at the same time.

Some inflatable travel pillows are available in the market that can save your space and money. Make sure to try it before buying so you don’t wake up with neck pain. Remember that if you carry this on board, it will be considered a carry-on bag or a personal item.

A Sleeping or an Eye Mask

A sleeping or an eye mask is an opaque fabric that you can wear on your eyes. The main purpose of this mask is to create a dark environment for you to have a good and sound sleep. When you travel on a long-haul flight crossing multiple timezones, jet lag is a common problem where you feel tired a dizzy. A good sleep is the best remedy for jetlag, and a sleep mask will surely help you.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that your eye mask should be of the perfect size. A loose mask will let the light to your eyes, and a tight will create pressure around your head, making it uncomfortable.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Perhaps one of the most important things on the list; at least that’s what I think. A headphone or an earphone is a compulsion not only for a flight but all kinds of travel such as train, subway, bus, or a fairy. There are two types of headphones that are available in the market. One is a basic headphone with no noise cancelation feature, and the other is an active noise-canceling headphone. A normal non-noise canceling headphone is good for everyday use and listening to music. On the other hand, headphones or earphones with a noise-canceling feature block all the extra ambient noise and give you an exceptional music and movies experience. Since there is a lot of engine humming noise that can annoy you on a plane, it is recommended to carry a noise-canceling headset with you.


A noise-canceling headset surely is the best thing to cover your ears, but it’s a battery-operated device. There may be a chance you forgot to charge your headphones or your battery dies due to any reason; a couple of earplugs can be a savior for you.

When onboard, you will continuously hear the noise of the engine, people calling flight attendants, and the unavoidable sound of a crying baby. A pair of earplugs will help you reduce the noise and help your sleep better. These earplugs are very cheap, and you can easily find them online or even in the airport shops. Just make sure you get them of the right size and are good to go.

Reusable Water Bottle

One of the biggest reasons for jet lag is the lack of water in the body. When traveling on a plane, the aircraft refreshes its air support from the outside air. When at 30,000 feet, the outside air is dry and has no moisture. After treatment of this air and the addition of external water content, the air becomes good for breathing, but the moisture level is still not good for the skin and causes dehydration.

The best way to stop this and keep your body hydrated is to keep drinking water after short intervals. There are many airlines that offer free water, but since we are traveling with Spirit Airlines (they do not offer free water and charge for it), you should keep a water bottle with you.

If you want to save some extra space, you can also use a collapsable water bottle that can be collapsed when not used. This will also save you some space.

An Extra Mask and a Hand Sanitizer

We are in a serious pandemic situation where the coronavirus keeps mutating, making it impossible for everyone to live a normal life. The situation is the same when you are flying on a jet. As per the recent COVID precautionary measures on the flight, you have to wear a mask at all times while you are on board and regularly sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

It is also recommended that you should keep an extra mask and a hand sanitizer while traveling just in case you misplace the one you already have. You can check the mask requirement on the Spirit Airlines official site.

Lip Balm & Moisturizer

As we have already informed you why there is a deficiency of moisture inside the cabin, you may have already planned to keep a lip balm and a moisturizer with you. After all, you don’t want your skin to look pale and tired when you get off the plane. You should nourish your skin with a good quality moisturizer and a lip balm to avoid this. Even if you have forgotten these items at your home, you can buy them at an airport store.

A Mini Toiletry Bag

A good toiletry bag is a must for all types of journeys. You can store all your essentials such as your lip balm, moisturizer, ointment, buttercream, hand sanitizers, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. You may feel uncomfortable or lazy brushing your teeth on a flight, but it will help you feel fresh and avoid bad breath after you have had your meal.

While buying a mini toiletry bag, make sure that it is TSA certified, so you don’t have to face any issues while taking them on board.

Portable Power Bank

We live in a world full of gadgets operated with lithium-ion batteries. If you are on a long-haul flight, your devices need to be recharged. Many flights have a USB charging port below your seat, but you can’t depend on them. There have been many instances with my fellow passengers and me that their charging socket is not working properly. So it is important that you keep a portable power backup (power bank) with you while you are traveling. Nowadays, there are laptops such as Apple MacBook Air that can even be charged with a power bank to keep on doing work and entertain yourself while you are in airplane mode.

Entertainment Backup

There are many airlines that offer inflight entertainment with a media screen or TV in the back of every seat. Since Spirit Airlines does not provide this media screen, you have no other option than to sleep on your flight or keep your backup entertainment media with you.

There are many kinds of music and video streaming services that allow you to download the content so you can listen or watch them even if you are not connected to the internet. Most of them are subscriptions based, and you need to pay the subscription charges, but you can use them anywhere. Some of these services are:

● Netflix
● Amazon Prime
● Disney Plus
● Spotify
● Apple Music

You can also keep your ebook readers like kindle to read your book. The best thing you can keep is a paper book or a magazine that does not require any additional power. All the aircraft have special reading lights installed in all the seats so you can use them to read without disturbing others.


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