Things to do in Esfahan

It is obvious why Isfahan is the top tourist location or best things to do in Esfahan. Enriched with Islamic architecture, friendly locals and three UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful bridges and a lot more to discover. And don’t miss out on the food. Good lord, the food never lets tourists forget this place. Some of its mouth-melting cuisines include: Fesenjan, Tahdig, Kabab Koobideh, and the list goes on, and so does the desire to taste each of it! Isfahan welcomes everyone to taste its national food heritage.

If it hooked you enough, read it out further and dive into the magical Persian heritage, architectures, minarets and domes. 

Being one of the massive cities in Iran, it served as the capital in the past. There was a time when It was the largest city all across the world, but the time is never the same. Today, it is in its quieter phase, renowned for its breathtaking architecture and heritage. 


Visit Nash-e-Jahan Square

Being built during the Safavid empire, Naqsh-e-Jahan Square platforms a vast public space called Imam Square. Tourists gather at this world heritage site at UNESCO and keenly observe this specific area before dispersing to other corners. 

The leading gate portals are Qapu Palace, Qeysarie Gate and Shah Mosque, located at Isfahan’s main bazaar. 

Picnic in the square 

Seen enough at Nash-e-Jehan? Don’t rush! Sit at the soft grassy lawn and watch others having picnics. One thing you can do is have a picnic yourself. Hear children laughing and playing, jingling of the carriages, no worries, only pure bliss. 

Jame Mosque Of Isfahan 

Click on the Hawaiian airlines reservations option and book an affordable flight without burning a hole into your pocket to reach Jame Mosque Of Isfahan. We bet once you visit here, you won’t find anything more beautiful than this. Consider your tour incomplete if you missed this spot. You can see the magnificence of the architecture and submerge yourselves into the legendary stories. 

The building which you see today is the product of constant renovations, constructs and modifications throughout various centuries. One of the most remarkable features of this place is the iwans, an open space allowing a clear sky view. Four iwans of the most include face to face, in the qibla of Muslims in Mecca and two by two. 

Khaju Bridge 

There are various bridges in Isfahan, and the Khaju bridge is the most prominent one. The construction took place in 1650 under Shah Abbas II orders, the Safavid dynasty’s emperor. The bridge serves two primary purposes. The first one is obviously using it as a bridge and secondly to connect the north side Khaju Quarter with the Quarter of Zoroastrian at Zayanderud. 

The bridge also works as a platform for holding public meetings. You can see all the 23 arches built-in it with a width of 133 metres and 12 m wideness. It was initially ornate with the tiles and paintings. You can also visit Arthur Pope and his wife’s mausoleum if interested. 

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SI-O-SE-POL Bridge 

Officially known as the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge, it is now renowned as Si-o-se-pol, the most significant bridge on the river Zayanderud. It was built during the Safavid Dynasty around 400 years ago. 

It was and still is the most famous architectural example built in the dynasty of Safavid. It served as a bridge as well as a dam.  

Visit Isfahan Museum of Music 

It is the most recent tourist spot built a few years ago at Isfahan. It is a museum of music displaying over three hundred Iranian Traditional Instruments. You can even watch the folklore musicians performing live at the museum. This museum has a lot to give and teach. It allows the tourists to blend right away into the Iranian history and cultural music. You can learn a lot more about things other than music. 

Do Not Forget The Vank Cathedral 

It translated into “monastery” or “convent” in Armenian and the cathedral named Vank as it was built for people of Armenia getting resettled by Shah Abbas within the district because of the war of Ottoman (1603-1618). The Vank Cathedral, also known as the Holy Savior Cathedral, is located in the New Julfa district, built-in 1606. 

 Chehel Sotoun Palace 

The Chehel Sotoun Palace popularly known as the Persian garden. Constructed by the shah abbas II, the main purpose of this place was to serve as the royal pavilion. When you reach the garden’s end, you will notice a pavilion with 20 columns and a beautiful pond right in front of it.  

In Farsi translation, Chehel Sotoun means Forty Columns. Now you must be wondering why forty? Because the number forty plays a significant role in the Iranian Culture. Some folks believe there are only 20 columns, and 20 are nothing but their mere reflections in the pond. 

You can see the great hall decorated with frescoes, miniatures and ceramics. 

Hasht Behesht Palace 

Make Air france reservation at affordable fares and visit Isfahan. You can visit hasht Behesht Palace as one of your destinations. Hasht Behesht Palace is also known as the eighth palace. The palace was built in an octagonal shape in each room under Shah Suleiman Safavid Kingdom. Earlier, the palace was more eye-pleasing as it was ornate with modern styles of stucco, stained glass and mirrors. Zele Sultan was the last king to renovate this palace in the 19th century.  

Menar Jonban 

The Menar Jonban (Shaking Minarets) were built during the Ilkhanid Dynasty, during the reign of late King Oljaitu, to serve as a tomb for “Amu Abdulla,” an Ilkhanid mystic and ascetic. The mosques are thought to have been erected to the tomb later by Safavid experts, according to archaeological findings. The foundations of these mosques are remarkable in that if one of them is disturbed, the other shakes at the very same moment.


Through this article’s medium, we have combined the top ten places to visit at Isfahan. And the list goes by naqsh-e-Jahan square where you can even have a picnic, the James mosque of Isfahan and so on. There is a music museum on the list which enlightens the visitor about the musical and historical heritage. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these, or else you may miss any of the gems as mentioned above. You have other places to visit, such as Khaju Bridge, SI-O-SE-POL Bridge, Isfahan Museum Of Music, Vank Cathedral and Chehel Sotoun Palace and Hasht Behesht Palace. Lastly, do not forget to visit Menar Jonban. 



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