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Managing employees and finances is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a business. Finance and accounting are often overlooked when there are many things to consider in a business. The accounting side of a business must be error-free and tailored to the needs of each employee. Payroll software must take into consideration income tax filing, deductions and incentives. Many companies use Payroll Software that seamlessly integrates with an attendance control tool. This software takes care of employees’ salaries and saves them time.

13 Indian Payroll Software

1. UBS Payroll

Payroll software is a great way to handle all your payroll processes with just a few clicks. UBS Payroll software is an easy-to-use payroll system that makes your payroll calculation smoother. One of the best payroll software having all the features required to handle and automate employee salaries. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS) is a one-stop-shop for all your payroll-related processes from salary calculations to tax compliances, automation, and more.

2. sumHR

sumHR is available for a free 7-day trial. Flexible plans are available to meet your needs, including tax benefit calculations. It manages the salaries of your employees and keeps track of their performance. You can use it to help with any advance or loan needs of your employees. F&F policies make it easy and straightforward to calculate separation finance between the parties.

3. Razorpay Payroll

The Razorpay software can calculate the payroll and automate filings for TDS, PF and ESIC. You can also use it to manage your employees, from onboarding to termination. This software allows employees to access their pay slips, manage tax declarations, and can even make them. Three options are available: the pro, free, and other payrolls. A one-month trial is available for their pro plan. You can sign up for the trial to get your call.

4. GreytHR

GreytHR has over 20 years of experience and provides customers with simple, hassle-free payroll software. GreytHR’s most popular feature is its ability to generate quick reports. India’s most popular cloud-based payroll software, GreytHR, sees all aspects of payroll and follows all statutory compliances. The platform also handles automated reimbursements, loans, and advances.

5. Keka

Keka, India’s most popular payroll software, is available here. It is user-friendly and employee-centric, unlike many of its contemporaries. Keka claims it is the only HR payroll software that allows non-finance employees to participate in salary operations. Users can also release their payslips electronically or via SMS.

6. FactoHR

factoHR is a leading HR and Payroll management solution in India. It helps customers automate all payroll operations. The interface is easy to use and simplifies the whole process, from salary processing to managing. FactoHR is a cloud-based payroll system that is secure and integrates well enough to allow for greater financial control.

7. Saral PayPack

SaralPayPack makes it easy to track your employees’ salaries. It offers multi-level access architecture that makes it easy to navigate through your files. It can capture both professional and personal details of employees. The software can be used to generate forms and PF accounts. It allows you to customize your payroll according to your business size, industry, and segment.

8. PeopleApex

PeopleApex includes a complete attendance system to track your employees. It allows you to create multiple payrolls to meet your organizational needs and provides comprehensive coverage of all tax laws. It is widely used and can access country-specific bank information for employee transfers. Employees can also fill out their tax information. This solution is available to all organizations, including startups, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and MNCs.

9. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS won the “Best HRMS Software Award” at the 29th World HRD Congress 2021. It is a user-friendly solution for all payroll-related issues. It provides a single-stop solution to all your expense management needs. Additionally, it has a self-service portal that engages employees. It also includes an AI-enabled chatbot that assists modern HR.

10. Akrivia HCM

Akrivia is a global provider of payroll and HR solutions that make payroll processing efficient and compliant. The flexible Payroll Management System integrates with existing software to allow companies to create a new generation in workforce management. Multi-country payroll allows companies to automate employee payments and track expenses. It also helps reduce human error and makes it easier to generate comprehensive reports. This software can handle all your payroll needs.

11. HROne

HROne simplifies the complex world of payroll management. It is easy to complete the process in just three steps. The first step is to collect and analyze the data and then report the results. It can seamlessly integrate across modules such as attendance and recruitment management software.

12. Beehive

Beehive offers its customers a variety of options for its employees, including the ability to analyze employee data and provide accurate leave, exit, payroll, and travel management information. This covers all HR activities, including employees and the HR department. Beehive’s HR modules have the best configuration wizards available. They can handle almost any HR need and offer an end-to-end solution.

13. Wave Payroll

WavePayroll offers small businesses a simple solution to all aspects of financial management. It allows you to track all expenses and helps your accounting department keep records of each employee’s financial transactions. You can also use it to simplify your payroll operations by providing additional features such as profit and loss statements or sales tax reports.

Tips to Follow Evaluate your company’s needs

Before you can choose the best payroll software for your business, it is important to do a thorough analysis. These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself:

  1. How often are you faced with payroll problems?
  2. How much do payroll errors cost you?
  3. Are you paying your employees weekly or monthly?
  4. What is your budget for payroll?
  5. Are you satisfied with manual payroll processing?
  6. Do you have the ability to maintain your payroll records efficiently?

This will help you to make the right choice and eliminate any software that does not meet your needs.

It can help with compliance management

To comply with regulatory requirements, you must follow payroll legislation. Failure to comply with regulations can lead to problems for your business. You need payroll software that can keep you up-to-date on regulatory compliance and avoid legal problems. You can protect your company from financial loss and fines. To better understand the compliance requirements and payroll laws, you can consult this updated statutory compliance checklist 2022.

 Search for standard features

Only payroll automation can be achieved if the software has all the necessary features. You need to make sure your payroll software is fully functional before buying it. Standard features include automatic salary computations, tax filings, expense management and mobile access.

 Take a free trial

Try the payroll software free of charge before making a decision. Many top Indian payroll software companies offer a free 14-day trial to allow prospects to test the functions and features of their software.

 Set your budget

All the automated features may sound appealing and attractive, but you should always consider your budget before making the final decision. Payroll software is affordable. There are many options on the market. But, the best payroll software in India will require that you increase your budget.

 See the reviews

Software listing platforms like IndiaMart and SoftwareSuggest are available. You can get honest customer feedback. These reviews are from actual users, so you can rely on them to help you decide.

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