Tips to Hire an iOS app developer

Your iPhone or iPad app idea has the potential to be successful, but it’s not going to get there by itself. You need to hire an iOS app developer in order to take your idea from concept to reality and have your app ready to go on the app store by the time your Kickstarter campaign ends, or you might miss out on funding!

But how do you find an iOS app developer and work with them without throwing away all of your hard-earned money? Here are 5 tips to help you find and hire an iOS app developer that will deliver quality results on time and on budget.

Top 5 Tips To Hire An iOS App Developer

1) Do you need Professional Help?

If you’re looking to get an iOS app built for your business, hiring a professional is definitely something you should consider. Remember, building an app isn’t just about building a functional piece of software—it’s also about understanding user experience, design aesthetics and marketing strategy (among other things). While any developer can build a basic app for you, working with an experienced professional can save you time, money and headache down the road.

Plus, hiring someone will likely be more cost-effective than trying to go it alone or even doing it yourself. Professional developers charge anywhere from $75/hour up to five figures for complex projects; some freelancers might give you a great deal if they see real potential in your app idea and want to get their name out there quickly. Do you have a budget? Is it worth it? Those are questions only you can answer.

2) Start your Search Early

Plan ahead and give yourself time to find a developer who has everything you’re looking for. Ideally, you’ll want to start your search at least 3-6 months before you want to launch your app. For example, if you want an iOS app created in 2 months, plan on getting started around 4-5 months before that date. This will allow enough time to evaluate multiple candidates and make sure there is sufficient collaboration during development. Start by making a list of qualities that are most important to you in finding an ios app developer; use it as a filter as you research your options.

While each company/developer may not check every box on your initial list, here are some useful traits to look for: Experience: As with any professional service provider (like doctors or accountants), experience matters. Whether it be in terms of actual hours worked or apps shipped, try to determine how many apps have been developed by each potential candidate.

3) Who is the right person for your project?

There are thousands of qualified app developers out there. But only one will be right for your project. Focus on finding a developer who’s passionate about what you do, has experience with similar projects and will give you top-notch service. If you have trouble narrowing down your list, ask yourself if they fit at least two of these three criteria: Can they help me articulate my vision? Do they have an existing portfolio that includes clients I admire? Will they treat my project as well as I would treat it? Weighing multiple answers is perfectly acceptable—and perfectly normal.

The best thing to do when considering several options is to reach out to each developer individually to learn more about their skill sets, values and approach to work. (Hint: It’s probably not going to get much easier than contacting them via email.) You may also want to consider outsourcing development work through Upwork or AngelList.

4) Evaluate your relationship before committing

The decision to hire an app developer is a big one. Before signing on with any development team, it’s important to spend time evaluating all your options, including considering whether your idea is viable and how long it will take you to build from scratch. Once you’ve done that, though, it should be easy to find developers who can help you bring your app idea to life—and make sure there are no hidden costs.

Choosing an experienced, a reputable developer should also improve your chances of securing investment funding if needed later down the line. If you still feel overwhelmed or confused by it all, our experts in iPhone app development are always here to answer questions and provide additional guidance as needed.

Here’s how to choose between them both. While some apps require just 1–2 weeks of full-time work, others can stretch over many months and require a team including an app designer, content manager, front end developer and back end engineer. A good resource to estimate the length of time required for building various types of apps is MobileAppMakers.

5) Build a good rapport with developers

The best way to find out if an iOS app development company will work well with you is to meet them. Call up a few development companies and set up a meeting where you can sit down and get an understanding of how things will work.

During your meeting, find out how they handle communication between you and their team. If they don’t communicate well with clients, there’s little chance they’ll be able to build something you are happy with. Also, make sure that everyone on their team has experience in what you want to be built; if one of them doesn’t know how to do it, it may extend your project significantly. Finally, you should make sure that any guarantees given by the company are legally binding—nothing eats away at client trust like broken promises from a developer.

These tips will help you hire iOS app developers who take pride in creating apps that people love using. This will likely mean working with someone who has experience building great applications, which should be a big part of your criteria for choosing a company to work with. Of course, even more, important than anyone aspect is finding a company that’s honest and hardworking; if they aren’t going to put your needs first, then they probably aren’t going to make sure everything is handled correctly and on time.

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