The Republic of Turkey is in between Asia and Europe. Turkey is the main center of trade between Europe and Asia, because of its location. It has a population of around 84.34 million people, which is the world’s 17th most populous. Turkey is also a historical country. There are many language and cultures in Turkey. It is one among those countries that developed fast or changed into a modern country. It is a purely Islamic religious country. There are also some numbers of other religious peoples who live. There are also famous religious and historical places such as Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Grand Mosque, Beyazit Camii and many others. As well as, it is one amongst the most beautiful country to go, as there are lots of wonderful sites like, Pamukkale Travertine (thermal pool), Ölüdeniz Resort, Köprülü Canyon and more. There are many beautiful Mountains in Turkey.

Brief About Mountains

According to research, each year a huge number of peoples go to the hills and mountains of Turkey. There are many mountains with natural beauties in Turkey that are very famous. As well as, most of the mountains in Turkey are the main reason for the beauty of Turkey. According to peoples, there are also some hills and mountains, which are capped with snow. Not only have that, but lots of peoples from around the world visits Turkey every year to see these amazing snow-capped mountains. The top 6 Mountains in Turkey are as follows:

1.      Mount Ararat

2.      Taurus Mountain

3.      Mount Erciyes

4.      Mount Suphan

5.      Mount Nemrut

6.      Mount Sipylus

1.   Mount Ararat

Mountains in TurkeyOne of the beautiful mountains in Turkey, Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey and also part of Armenian Highlands. It is close to the west of Iran, which is far from Turkey, around 16 km, and it is on the east side of Turkey. This Mount Ararat remains covered with snow ceaselessly. It is also a volcanic mountain, but it is now inactive. According to peoples, there are, Armenian people lived in this place in the past times. The height of this mountain is close to 16,940 feet. It is very famous mountain in the whole country of Turkey and the largest volcano of Turkey as well. And, according to research, it was the last eruption on July 2, 1840.

2.   Taurus Mountain

The Taurus Mountains of Turkey are great mountains to visit. The Taurus Mountain range has lots of peaks. It is a mountain range, which is close to the Mediterranean coast. It was also used by armies and caravans during the past. This mountain range is in the southern part of Turkey. It is composed of 3 ranges. The third-one is famous as a name of Southern Taurus, and the second one is famous as a name of Central Taurus, and the first and last one is famous as a name of Western Taurus.

The Taurus Mountains in ancient times were also important. According to people, during the time of World War 1, the railway system of Taurus Mountain range, which was laid for German and Turkish peoples, was the main reason for conflict at that time. The maximum height of this mountain range is approx 12,323 ft. It also separates the central Anatolian Plateau from the Mediterranean coastal region. This mountain range is also a part of Alpide belt in Eurasia, which is a chain of lots of mountains between many countries.99

3.   Mount Erciyes

Mount Erciyes is a volcanic mountain in Turkey. It is in the city of Kayseri, and Kayseri Province, Turkey. Another name for it is Argaeus Mount. It has a height of 3,917 meters approx. According to research, the peoples who lived around this volcanic mountain always remain in fear of it bursting. As well as, according to research, this volcanic mount of Erciyes has given birth to lava domes that are a big a threat for people who live around it. It was last burst in 6880 BCE. Basically, the volcano was covered in snow a few years ago. Andas due to the decreasing amount of covered snow, there is a chance that it will burst again in the future.

4.   Mount Suphan

Mount Suphan is very famous in Turkey. This Suphan Mountain is in the eastern region of Turkey, near Lake Van. As well as that, it is Turkey’s 2nd highest volcano mountain. Mount Suphan has a height of 4,058 meters. It is also a part of Armenian Highlands, and the most famous mountain of it after Mount Aragats and Mount Ararat. It was last burst in 8050 BC. Also, it is now mostly covered with snow.

5.   Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is a wonderful mountain in Turkey, which is beutiful to see. It is about 7,001 feet tall. As well as, there are many massive statues in its surrounding area. It is also the biggest mountain in the Taurus Mountain range. This Mount Nemrut is very famous all over Turkey. It was discovered by a German engineer, Karl Sester, during the year 1881. According to peoples, there are lots of burials of some famous historical peoples. It is also famous as World Heritage Site according to UNESCO. As well as, lots of people visit to see this place or to see the statues of it. There is also a place of Adiyaman near it that is a very popular place near this mountain.

6.   Mount Sipylus

One of the ancient places of Turkey, Mount Sipylus is a historical mountain. It is located in Manisa province, Turkey. It is well-known as the heartland of the Lydians in the past times, but now it is famous as a name of Turkey’s Aegean Region. The old name for Mount Sipylus was Mount Spiel. There are lots of historical stories about it. As well as this, there is also a statue on this mountain, which is usually well-known as Cybele.

There area unit many elderly sayings concerning this mountain. Lots of people from around the world when it comes to Turkey, they specially visit this Mount Sipylus. Also, there is a forest close to this mountain, where you can see the beautiful views of Tulip flowers. It is also a famous place for hiking or for camping with friends. As well, the height of Mount Sipylus is around 4, 964 ft.


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