tableware brands in UAE

The prep time for any day takes time in a restaurant, however, it is that look, ambiance, style, and feel that your customers wait to experience. Often, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and chefs feel that choosing the right tableware is an expensive and time-consuming process. However, that is not true. To free our culinary specialists from the hassle of finding the best tableware in the UAE, we have done the homework for you.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, a cloud kitchen owner, or have a huge family to serve, we have covered your needs in the best way possible. Our list of tableware in UAE includes brands that are meant for everyday use and are top-notch when it comes to usability, price, style, and convenience.

Top 6 tableware brands in UAE

Rak Porcelain

This is a noted tableware group where hoteliers opt for bulk purchases. The collections available at this tableware in UAE are meant for fine dining restaurants and even the party bash outdoor barbeque parties. They have lovely porcelain collections that give a regal and special feel to the ones who are served. Plus, with porcelain, there is only easy maintenance, is highly durable, and is known to be chip resistant. This is a good choice for restaurant owners who will let their tableware, and food do the final talk.


 This is a company that focuses on tableware in the UAE where they have tableware and cricket for multiple meal plans. Based on the restaurant crowd and the dishes served up, the material, size, color, and weight of the tableware can be ordered. They have stocks of glasses, and chinaware and their famous flatware have been noted at various high-end parties in the UAE. The colors are stylish, and the management ensures that the style blends well with more restaurant cuisines and food crowds in the UAE.

Direct Hotel Supplies

These are crockery suppliers in the UAE and have gained a special position in the world of polycarbonate drinkware. The group is known to create stylish drinkware that is great for restaurants and small hotels on a large scale. In fact, they have a large customer base that includes nightclubs and outdoor event party management companies that seek their materials. The iconic features of their products are that they are non-breakable. So, it means easy maintenance, cleaning, and disposable when such outdoor pool parties are the highlight. If hoteliers are looking for options where the waste management is an issue, this company is a great problem solver.

 Welsh Slate

Just as the name suggests, the company focuses on slate ware products that can serve aesthetically at restaurants at any time of the day. The collections are known to be charming, and different, as they possess sharp hand-painted plates to entire the food lovers.

 Al Diyafa

This is a noted tableware group that hotel retail buyers seek out for bulk purchases in the UAE. The company is a prominent stockist of quality tableware German make ever since 2014. Based on the hotel requirements, they provide a large collection of platters, cups, and saucers, that sync with the theme of the restaurant. They are not available for small-time buyers and have been known to stray a bit from the traditional designs. Still, their modern designs have struck attention all around the UAE.

 Luminarc Collections

This is an online tableware store that is known to be stylish, lightweight, and great for event parties or outdoor wedding parties. These dinnerware designs are simple and therefore are said to be easy to maintain. They have a wide variety of tableware and also stunning crockery sets that are great to serve your UAE guests. With their simple designs, this will give every served platter a good, refreshing look. 


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