Top 7 Tips To Plan Your Wedding Catering

The great and right effort anyone can make in a wedding is adding a good food menu. There is a venue, the beautiful attire, the floral arrangements, the DJ, and a clear concept of how you want to make your special day. But, accomplishing it by a delicious meal will add ice on a cake. 

Not only tasty dishes represent a great event but also add special moments when you sit down and have food with all your loving ones. However, planning and arranging all the things can be a challenging task. Great assistance from none other than wedding catering services will be helpful. 

The catering providers will ensure everything will be perfect and memorable as your wedding day by presenting beautiful food services. Everyone needs to make some considerations, which we are suggesting through this article. 

7 Considerations For Planning A Wedding Catering

Decide The Budget

Money plays a vital part in arranging any wedding. We all know that it is unthinkable to host such a great day without enough cash in your bag. So decide the budget first and then prepare everything accordingly.

These days, wedding catering expenses are very high. Different businesses charge differently. Therefore, before adding a variety of food to the menu, make sure to have a specific budget in mind. It will be easy to do an arrangement in accordance with the amount of money you are ready to pay. Like by understanding which dishes you need to spend highly to make a great buzz among every guest.

So, ask the wedding catering services regarding the basic charge of each dish you want to include in the menu. Moreover, communicate how to pay them, like in advance or can be given in installments.

Choose The Serving Style

There are five major serving styles, you can select as per your choices. These are plated meals, buffet, serving stations, family-style, and heavy appetizers. When choosing the one, make sure it will go well with the location and culture of the event. 

Taking an example of a plated meal which is a traditional style and the most famous in Melbourne. In this kind of catering, guests remain seated at the respected tables and select different food items from the menu. Waiters are present for assistance and serve the dishes. 

In the same way, each style has a different way of serving food. So, according to the type and venue of the wedding, you can choose service providers in catering Melbourne, offering the most promising and top assistance. 

They will assist in selecting the best serving style that will work perfectly with the structure of the venue. In addition, the team will help in deciding the one that will fit your budget. 

Add The Seasonal Food Options

Who would not want their wedding food to be perfect, and what’s more pleasing than offering the guests delicious seasonal dishes? Considering the season offers not only the great food tastes, but also assure the local ingredients are easily available.

Moreover, picking the local options will be less pricey and fresh as there will be no requirement to ask them from far away places. Adding a seasonal food menu will assure a promising start to your wedding.

While selecting the food items to include in the menu, consider the season. For instance, in summers, light and refreshing foodstuffs such as iced tea, lemonade, crisp salads, chicken, and fish will be most satisfactory. On the other hand, in winters, heavy options like steak, creamy soups, and hot chocolate will be most suitable. 

Do A Sample Tasting 

The most important thing everyone should do is to make sure excellent food will be served at the event. So, always prefer to do a sample tasting to check whether a particular wedding catering will be able to provide the services perfectly or not. It will make easy for you to know the food that you’re selecting for your special day will be able to make guests happy.  

In addition,ask for the current photographs of the food presentation as it will help to get a glimpse of their work. Thus, it will assure their promising assistance. Moreover, ensure well management of the staff like how systematically and with discipline they manage their job. 

Understand The Dietary Needs Of Guests

Before finalizing a food menu, one must have a clear idea and discuss the basic dietary needs of guests with wedding catering providers. Not everyone will be able to eat each cuisine. So, it is important to make sure there should not be overly spicy dishes that could disturb stomachs. Old-aged people can not enjoy such types of meals. 

Additionally, add kid-friendly dishes to the wedding food menu. Make sure to include vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and all the varieties of dishes that every guest can enjoy delightedly. 

Connect With The Theme

Planning a theme wedding is what makes your special day stand out individually. Additionally, having great food that matches the style will act classy and masterpiece. Once you finalize a theme, ask the wedding catering how the items will be served and how creatively they can make the event memorable. A flawless presentation gives an extra unique touch that creates a remarkable impression on your guests. 

For instance, if you are planning the wedding during winter, go for informal themes such as a barbeque or formal one like Luau.

Go With The Reception Flow

Dinner timing plays an important part in how your reception will function. Would you like to serve the guests some appetizers all night to keep them dancing on the floor? In addition, do you have full talkative family members who would like to enjoy a sit-down feast? It is something you have to discuss with the wedding catering planner.

Some catering companies suggest a “grazing” reception loaded with a variety of appetizers. It helps to get rid of the losing momentum of the event.


The perfect food menus are not something you can consider the day before. Once the venue and date are fixed, it will be best to look for the right wedding catering in advance. We hope these considerations will help to choose a perfect food menu and receive great responses from your guests. 


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