Top 8 iOS app development trends

Users’ needs were increasing and predicted ever-changing, and businesses try to keep up with those modifications. In addition, we have top iOS app development trends to create new applications and add to users list to select from over 25,000 applications.

Apple always comes with new trends and features, and it has compiled massive popularity in a shorter time. Top iOS apps hit 2 million today, and Apple reached about 1.65 billion active users. And, we can see how continuously Apple is grabbing the market further. To offer the best possible apps to users, they keep up with the latest trends and utilize them to provide competitive solutions.

So, iOS app developers meet ever-increasing consumer demands by executing the latest trends and technologies and designing user-friendly and efficient applications. If you want to be competitive and offer top-notch applications, you should consider iOS app development trends for 2022.

Top 8 latest trends in iOS development that are worth knowing and will make your apps competitive and compelling in 2022.

8 iOS App Development Trends in 2022

1. Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning and AI

ML and AI will help you create real-time applications to attract customers. Modern applications are feature-driven, and Machine Learning offers user-friendly, secure, and robust apps.

iPhone app development companies are broadly working on Core Machine Learning Frameworks to develop highly feature-rich applications. AI and ML are both excellent tools for any QuickType, Siri-related, or Camera application. It also delivers a vision for gaming applications and images analysis to serve as a center for natural language processing.

Furthermore, a mobile app development company in India provides AI-based applications with user-data protection for enhanced security. Any business can now incorporate Machine Learning and AI into the mobile app to offer a better customer experience.

AI implementation is a popular iOS trend necessary for the coming years. It comes with modern technology with a human touch that enhances the user experience, delivers a personalized touch, and decreases the time to create the app.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

In iOS app development, one of the most outstanding developments in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. AR and VR are mostly used in gaming and news applications and for future prediction and other advanced technology to combine the physical and digital worlds.

The entertainment-related features attract users, and one of the very few apps that attract users with AR and VR is ‘Pokemon Go.’

In addition to that, we have ARkit to combine features like camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, motion tracking, and display conveniences to develop competitive iOS applications. ARkit is considered the next major big thing as huge corporations have already begun to use AR and VR.

Businesses mainly use AR and VR iOS trends for:

  • Information processing
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Self-development

3. Rise of 5G

The full form of 5G is the 5th Generation. It is a collection of networks that takes the world by storm. The market size of 5G technologies independently is $620 billion by 2030, and this year, this will increase to new heights. With the increase in smartphones with 5G usage, more mobile apps will become stronger and sharper, and there will be an increase in videos communication and learning.

It’s calculated that by 2022, about 660 million smartphones will be 5G ready, which is 48% of all smartphones globally.

4. App Clips

With the latest technology, we can use apps without downloading them.

Yes, with the help of App Clips as one of the modern iOS app trends, it is possible to use the iOS app without downloading it. This technology lets customers use the part of an application to evaluate it before getting its full version.

App Clips are a simple and effective way to use the iOS app, which serves a single task. App Clips are called the mini versions of applications, and they are lightweight, so users can install lightning-fast after scanning a specific QR code to get to a certain location. It is used to pay the bill, book a room in a hotel, rent a bike, and other similar actions.

In addition, it comes as a trial period, so if you do not use the app for 30 days; it is automatically deleted from the iPhone. They are popular because they are safe to use without any privacy issues and can be used as regular apps as they get reviewed by App Store moderators.

5. iBeacon

iBeacon is much more accurate than GPS, which can easily create inside apps. More and more businesses are adapting to new technologies like iBeacon, especially in the IT and retail industry, where they benefit from an emerging BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology that helps improve any shopping experience.

It can send favourably targeted marketing notes to potential customers when they walk nearby. It includes features and offers to attract customers like special offers, coupons, advertisements, notifications, and more. This technology seems to bring a drastic change to the way businesses communicate with customers in the near future.

iBeacon technology is not limited to retail. It can also used in hotels, airports, museums, restaurants, stadiums, theme parks, hospitals, schools, and many other locations. Beacons are quickly becoming popular as a new tool in marketing, and developing apps powered by this technology will be in high demand.

6. Security

Cybersecurity cases are increasing all over the globe, and businesses are highly executing system software to protect business data. Security is a serious concern; businesses are investing in security solutions to save data loss breaches which is around $4.24 million.

In addition, with high levels of protection and security solution, businesses can stop cyberattacks and help consumers download and use the app, as they are confident about data safety.

iOS apps are known for security, and Apple focuses more on multiple features which ensure powerful security system. With iOS 9 in the market, iPhone apps deliver a higher privacy level for all newly published iOS apps and support secure connections.

Data storage is another vulnerable aspect that needs closer attention when it comes to data breaches and protecting the users’ data.

7. Cloud Storage Development

Cloud-based apps are booming as businesses more data can be store apart from servers. iOS app development with cloud-based features is useful for automatically backing up critical files from a user’s phone. There is regular improvement in apps, especially for Apple cloud service as it is one of the most advantageous iOS app development trends.

Developers can now store their entire app data in iCloud, including easy sharing, vital services like authentication and server-side storage and scale, real-time syncing, and over 1PB of free storage.

Developing cloud-based iOS applications will boost business presence, security, and data storage. As a result, these apps will back up all essential files and automatically send resource-intensive tasks to the cloud, freeing up more storage space on the device.

8. Chatbots

AI-driven chatbots are in demand for major iOS mobile app development. AI-based programs developed for the latest services can do all the employee tasks and help in development. Businesses are implementing AI technology in their apps and websites. It is one of the real-time app developments to offer better customer service.

Business and Customer benefits of Chatbots:

  • With the help of AI chatbots, clients can get 24/7 support. Thus, companies can work the whole time without additional efforts.
  • It automates customer services.
  • It allows businesses to reduce the costs of employment and increase their revenue.
  • Chatbots are quick, and with on-the-spot responses will boost customer satisfaction.
  • Communicating with clients can be time-consuming. With AI, employees can focus on the bigger picture and enhance services.
  • Chatbots are friendly and supportive. Human nature and emotions cannot affect them.

Summary: What Will Be the Next Big Raise in iOS App Development?

Approximately 196 billion mobile apps already on Google Play and 42 billion on the Apple App Store in 2021. It will cause nearly $693 billion in revenue worldwide.

Upcoming tools and technologies will raise the use of technologies in the digital world and make mobile app development services streamlined and faster. As a result, the design of new technologies will reshape the way users use the app, streamline business operations and make the user more tech-driven.

Are you looking forward to developing a competitive and cutting-edge iOS app to streamline your business? Contact our Experts.

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