San Agustin Church

The Philippines’ capital, Metropolitan Manila, is a developing Asian city. The city has a long history and has been controlled by various nations throughout the years, including Espana, America, and Japan, each of which left traces of their cultures behind. Manila is often known as the “Rome of the East” because of the many attractions there, including churches and historical landmarks. But the city is home to greater than just heritage; there are also lovely parks, family-friendly entertainment centers, and other tourist destinations that are begging to be discovered. Here are some top breathtaking locations in Manila that you must see.

Fort Santiago

One of the first locations to visit in Metro Manila is Fort Santiago. In the historic walled city of Intramuros, the fort was finished in 1593. There are other buildings within the fort’s stone walls, including the well-known Rizal Shrine, which is devoted to Rizal. From the Spanish colonization until World War II, the fort has witnessed how history has shaped the city. It is one of the greatest sites to go sightseeing in Manila with friends since it is rich with history, makes for fantastic photo opportunities, and is on everyone’s list of places to visit in Manila. One of the biggest tourist destinations in Manila is this.

San Agustin Church

One of the top tourist attractions in Manila is the San Agustin Church. The Church is the earliest cathedral in the Philippines. Although it was first constructed in 1586, it has had several modifications, with the most recent taking place in 2013. The church’s stunning Baroque design has earned it recognition as a National Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The chapel is still in operation, so if visitors are fortunate they could see a typical service or wedding taking place! It is among the most popular tourist attractions in Manila. 

Malacanang Palace

It is among the top tourist destinations in Manila for couples. The Malacanang Palace, which is the official house of the President of the Philippines, is not frequently among Manila’s top tourist attractions. But while being historically significant and breathtaking, it is also one of the top free attractions in Manila.  The makers used Neoclassical and Bahay na Bato architectural styles to construct the Palace in the 18th century. The palace is in good condition, and visitors may learn more about Manila’s history in the Presidential Museum and Library.

 Arroceros Forest Park

The Arroceros Forest Park, one of Manila’s most picturesque locations, offers tourists a respite from the city’s renowned traffic congestion and nonstop activity. The Park is a little but dense woodland that offers the crowded metropolis the much-needed green space. More than 10 different bird species currently call its more than 8,000 plants and more than 60 distinct tree types home. It’s also one of the most romantic spots in Manila, and plenty of couples use it for wedding picture sessions! This is unquestionably one of Manila’s best tourist attractions. 

SM Mall of Asia

The fourth-largest mall in the nation is the SM Mall of Asia (SM MOA). The store, which boasts a view of Manila Bay, has an outside promenade from which customers may fully enjoy the sunset and, occasionally, pyrotechnic exhibitions. Furthermore, the Central Mall, Amusement Mall, North and South Parking Buildings, and this large mall’s four buildings are all connected by walkways. The Mall of Asia Arena, the SMX Convention Center, a Sports rink rink, concert venues, an adventure park, and well-known branded stores are all there in addition to the country’s first IMAX cinema.

Star City

The top amusement park in Manila is Star City. It is ideal for activities that foster family and group bonds. The amusement park offers a range of rides at reasonable prices, including both family-friendly and extreme ones. A day won’t be enough to experience all of the rides and go to all of the attractions, including Snow World, Pirate Adventure, and the haunted-themed Gabi ng Lagim (Night of Terror). Expect the amusement park during peak season and holidays due to their special attractions. Do not forget to use the mobile app to do Jetblue seat selection for hassle free booking.

Manila Baywalk

When visiting the Philippines, you must must see a lovely dawn at the Manila Baywalk. The Baywalk is a 2 km long shoreline path that runs from the American Embassy to the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Skyscrapers can be seen across the street, and in the Manila Yacht Club, one could unwind at cafés and restaurants while also taking in live street music performances. Henceforth, with friends and family, you will enjoy the time you spend here.


Visit one of Manila’s largest and most well-liked clubs for a memorable night out. Republiq, a club with a Las Vegas vibe, is well known for hosting opulent parties with DJs from all over the world playing EDM and House music. The nicest area to hang out at night in Manila is there. In addition, if you’re seeking for fun locations to go out and party in Manila, you should come here.

Divisoria Market

In the city of Manila, this is the Mother of All Markets. This flea market is located in Chinatown, which is the centre of the city. Everything you need is available at the crowded market. The nicest thing about this market is how reasonably priced everything is. You’ll be in awe by the range of things to do here, from eating to shopping. Visit this location if you’re hunting for mementos. One more amazing destination for local cultural exploration is Hawaii. Checkout Jetblue flights to Hawaii to know more about the amazing destination. 

Chinese Cemetery

The Chinese Cemetery is in centre of opulent mansions and gorgeous homes on a two-way roadway that is known as “Millionaires’ Row.” Although they are technically mausoleums, the two or three-story villas are fully functional homes. Beautiful decorations, running water, kitchen, and restrooms are in every one of them. Visit this location for educational opportunities in culture, architecture and get to know about the rich history. 

 Rizal Park

The largest public park in the city is Rizal Park. Filipinos have great affection for it because of its historical significance. It is among Manila, Philippine’s top tourist destinations. Jose Rizal, their national hero, died at The Park. The park now occupies 140 acres and includes a Central Lagoon with musical fountains, stunning decorative gardens, monuments of historical people, and an orchidarium. One of the main tourist destinations in Manila for couples who enjoy to stroll around its lovely avenues and lawns is Luneta Park, often known locally as Luneta Park. Take a free guided walk tour to see the greatest Manila attractions and excursions. In addition, many of them begin in the park.

 Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park is among the top destinations in Manila. Even a day spent there won’t be enough to see everything the park has to offer! The Oceanarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world with more than 14,000 creatures representing 270 marine species, is the centerpiece. Fascinating animal presentations including Penguin Show,  Seal Lion Show and the entire Bird Show will amaze you. Some other amazing exhibitions include the Sharks and Ray Encounter, Birds of the Prey Kingdom and The World of Creepy Crawlies.


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