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A better fact about digital marketing is to keep yourself updated on the latest news, trends, and best practices across the industry’s marketing trends. The reason is the change in Google’s algorithm, which directly affects the SEO of any website. Several bloggers write blogs/articles on their blogging websites to provide the best marketing practices via digital marketing blogs to keep the marketing experts updated. Luckily, bloggers are specialized in different marketing niches.

If you have just started a website/blog, reading digital marketing blogs may help you know about digital marketing techniques. By analyzing and reading these top blogs will not only give you blog post ideas, but you will also comprehend how to monetize your blogging skills to make money.

You must be wondering what is digital marketing?

Let us tell you in simple words! It is a method of promoting or branding a business/company through online marketing to become visible on the internet.

We have listed down the 05 top digital marketing blogs. Have a look!

List of best digital marketing blogs

  1. S2S Marketing
  2. Moz Blog
  3. Neil Patel’s Blog
  4. Search Engine Journal
  5. SEMRush Blog

S2S Marketing

On top of our list, we have S2S Marketing, known for writing informative and instructive digital marketing blogs for beginners and professional-level experts. It is basically a digital marketing company in Pakistan that delivers Web Development, SMM, Content marketing, and Digital Marketing blogs and services. S2S marketing fully stands for ‘sea to sky’ marketing which shows the company holds the reputation for offering exceptional and persuasive marketing techniques. The company has hired highly skilled and professional writers and marketers to share their ideas and opinions with the multitude. The company was mainly launched by Yasir Ali Mehsud in 2019, and within a year, they have taken all the initiatives and become a leading marketing agency in Pakistan. Since then, they have written several digital marketing blogs to spread education. Most likely, the company has written blogs related to SEO, Social media marketing trends, and Digital marketing trends.

Moz Blog

While discussing the top digital marketing blogs, how can we neglect the well-known Moz blog? The most common and reputed name in the digital marketing specialization. Moz was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004.

Moz has written thousands of blogs, sharing digital marketing, SEO, content management, social media marketing, and much more techniques. It is the best platform to discover the best solutions to the problems you’re facing in SEO, digital marketing, and inbound marketing.

Moz is recognized for offering the best tips, tricks, and pieces of advice for improving website ranking and accomplishing better search, social and inbound marketing. Marketing industry professionals contribute their experiences, guidance, insights, and more. If you explore Google for search engine optimization, you’ll see Moz’s blog at the lid of the results. Their beginners to SEO blog is their most popular blog post and generates a large portion of their monthly search traffic.

The Moz blog wraps everything you want to know with a suitable amount of detail to make it understandable without being overwhelming. Even if you’re a newbie with search engine optimization, their content is exhaustively digestible.

Neil Patel’s Blog

Next on our list is Neil Patel’s blog. You must be familiar with this name, right? Neil Patel is a marketing expert that offers a treasure of techniques for email, content, social media, and digital marketing, etc. Neil is one of the most famous marketers who has built victorious companies on his own, including CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics. He is also an adviser for several brands of Fortune 100.

Between the marketers, Neil is called the goldmine of information. It said daily Neil’s blogs get about 2.2M traffic which is not a small number. The best part about him is he always shares his experiences and techniques with his readers. His digital marketing blogs are best to learn the latest practices regarding online marketing. Neil Patel’s blogs are the best and most evident example and a site for experience-based guidance if you want to create your marketing blog. Patel, a marketing expert and influencer, utilizes his blog to facilitate his adviser business by showcasing his expertise.

He presents tips on his favourite business and marketing tools, how-to guides, and explainers. Neil performs an outstanding job with digital marketing. He guides digital marketing via his blog and explains how to utilize the different methods to produce your blog’s traffic.

Search Engine Journal

Next on our list is none-other than Search Engine Journal. SEJ was initially launched in 2003 by Loren Baker. It is widely seen as a platform for the go-to source of SEO news. The best part about SEJ is, it’s a news source that directly links from Google and shares cutting-edge tips for SEO, PPC, digital marketing, social media marketing, content management, and content marketing.

Search Engine Journal is the best place for you if you are in search of algorithm updates or want to know if your company is following best practices or not.

Most probably, this one of the top digital marketing blogs is known for sharing SEO guides, techniques, and strategies. Begun as a rival of Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal is currently one of the most comprehensive digital marketing portals.

They post multiple daily articles wrapping topics such as SEO information, PPC news, Google updates, and much more. Besides ‘news-related issues’, they also post how-to-guides, suggestions, and actionable reports. It’s a significant website to track daily, and it’s not unexpected that they get nearly 2M visits per month from Google search independently.

SEMRush Blog

Last but not least, we have SEMRush. It’s hard to find a person that doesn’t know about SEMRush, or we can say then he is not a marketing expert. SEMRush has one of the leading in-house toolkits that specializes in competitive analysis. Besides this, it also has a wide variety of blogs for search marketing professionals.

The majority of their blogs topics are comparative to SEO, digital marketing, and copywriting. Which makes the SEMRush blog stand out from the crowd and make itself the most chosen and preferable platform for learning. It was founded by Oleg Shchegolev in 2008.

Over time it has gained popularity, and become a most favorite platform for marketers.To learn about digital marketing and its changing trends.

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit for keyword research, backlink analysis, SEO audits, How guides, tips, and more. Utilizing Semrush, you can efficiently discover highly profitable keywords for any niche, execute link building, handle social media campaigns, etc. It didn’t compromise on being one of the finest Search Engine Marketing tools out there. SEMrush also made one of the sufficiently digital marketing blogs. Their subjects vary from SEO and digital marketing to SEO and copywriting.

Summing Up:

Above, we have mentioned the top 05 digital marketing blogs. The marketers massively used these blogs to get information about changing in algorithms of google. If you want to track what’s happening in the industry, follow these specific blog websites.

In 2022 we see too many transformations in digital marketing regarding google updates and guidelines to market any project. We have sorted a list of trending blogs followed by digital marketers and also google verified blogs for you.

Stay notified to get latest blogs for 2023.


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