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The doctor on-demand apps are not a new concept. Even many of us heard the term Telemedicine and online therapy, but they have never been more popular than they are now. Once considered inferior to in-person care, telehealth apps have quickly become a safe and convenient substitute. However, there are so many online therapy platforms available that it can be challenging to determine which is good for you. Doctor on-demand app development is proliferating because technology is proliferating.


When you see precisely, you will get to know that technology brings convenience into our lives, from ordering medicine to booking an appointment with a doctor. Users can do everything conveniently. You can even consult a doctor via mobile apps. This change is more suitable for older people who cannot go to hospitals regularly. Moreover, the pandemic is one of the primary reasons for growing technology. The pandemic impacted the technology industries and compelled the medical industry to develop a healthcare app. This article will teach you what doctor on-demand apps are and which are the best doctor on-demand apps available in the market. Without further ado. Let’s get started.


 Statistics for Doctor On-Demand Apps

Here are some statistics you would also like to read, which will also give an in-depth understanding.

  • The medical apps market is projected to reach 11 billion dollars by 2025.
  • The existing percentage without in-app purchase mobile apps is 84%
  • By 2022, the online doctor appointment segment will be $21.98 billion.
  • The telemedicine market size was only $4.50 billion, which is expected to reach $32.71 billion in 2027.
  • There are some new trends like Blockchain also introduced to the healthcare sector.
  • Mobile app developers are now leveraging the concepts like AI & Machine Learning to create futuristic healthcare applications.


Apart from these stats, some technologies, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and more, will be game changers for the healthcare industry. These stats indicate that there is more yet to come that will completely replace the traditional practices of appointment booking, consultation with the doctor, medical diagnosis, treatment, and even surgery practices. The upcoming section of this blog depicts what you mean by a doctor on-demand app, followed by how it works.

What Are Doctor On-Demand Apps

The doctor on demand was established in 2012. It is an app-based service that offers medical care from the comfort of the user’s home. It gives urgent, behavioral, chronic, and preventive care. However, each service varies the cost of medicine delivery apps. Before building an app, you must consider these features, as these could be the factor in the overall cost of the app.


Behavioral healthcare includes psychotherapy and psychiatry and covers other conditions like depression, anxiety, life transitions, and more. Moreover, all the appointments are licensed professionals and accessible exclusively by video chat. Users must download a doctor on-demand app to access all the services. This app is free and features a simple and clear interface.


Teletherapy is not everyone, as many people prefer a therapist in person. However, If you are pressed for time, you can speak to licensed professionals from home. Users will get the experiences of the benefits of therapists from anywhere. The doctor on-demand app is the on-demand solution for every medical-related issue for the users. The clients can get every service from one application, from ordering medicine to checking the availability of the doctor in the hospital.

How Does A Doctor On Demand App Work?

To use the doctor on demand, the patient has to download the app, which gives some background on their medical history, provides the data on what’s wrong, and the app connects them to a health care provider from there. Doctor on Demand has launched a new mental health service that offers patients ongoing support for depression, stress, relationships, and more. This application works similarly to other mobile apps, and even some mHealth apps build as mobile app development. Users just have to download the app from the App Store or play store, fill in some information, and they are ready to avail of all the services.

List Of Doctor On Demand Apps

  • GoodRx Care:

Users can download this app for free. This application has the most visits under $30. Plus, users won’t need any health insurance to use this application. This app has easy prescription refills by mail or at the local pharmacy. Medical services include birth control, UTI (urinary tract infections), and ED (erectile dysfunction)


  • K Health:

It is a leading app in doctor appointment mobile app development. It isfor medical treatment, as this app gives options like chatting with a doctor for less than the cost of a copay, getting prescriptions for lab tests and medications, a symptoms checker, a COVID-19 screening tool, and many more.


  • Doctor on demand:

This application is available 24/7, and users can use this application with and without health insurance. Plus, the users will get prescriptions for medication and lab work. The users will get every service over there at affordable prices.


  • Teladoc:

To use this application, users must show them an insurance plan or employer/ other organization. This application works 24/7 and 365 days. Plus, this app will send the prescription to the user’s nearby local pharmacy. Teladoc provides medical services only for ear infections and sinus issues.


  • MDLive:

Users can have virtual visits to this application anytime and from anywhere. This application provides short-term prescription refills and treatment for over 50 non-emergency conditions like ear pain and allergies. They provide mental health support to licensed psychiatrists or therapists.


  • Amwell:

The users must pay $79 or less for this app’s urgent calls and visits. The online therapy starting cost is $99. Plus, they have to pay $269 for initial online psychiatry visits and follow-up visits starting at $99. This app has a doctor appointment web application to give the best services to the users.


  • Talkspace:

This app takes the counseling service cost of $65/week and is billed monthly. Users should be covered by insurance and matched with therapists in the same states. However, users can send unlimited messages to the therapists.


  • BetterHelp:

In this application, users have to pay $60 to $80 per week and be billed every four weeks. Plus, the users can find licensed counselors and therapists online and schedule live sessions using the messenger’s tool.

If you are looking to develop an on-demand doctor booking app, then it would be the best to understand the working of the app. It will give you an idea that how the app works and what you can implement in own app to make it unique.

Final Thoughts

These are the lists of famous doctor on-demand apps. To use these apps, users have to download the app and make an account to avail of the services. When you build a mHealth application. Thus, those applications should have the best features to facilitate the patient in every possible way. Plus, it would help to consider the doctor’s mobile app development cost. Suppose you are using those applications and get poor services, so you won’t get that application again, right?

So when you are building an application, it should be proper, and your target audience should love it. Your application should include appropriate security, safety, payment options, and other best features. Thus, you must consider some app development company to guide you when making an application. Plus, consider these features that make your application appropriate for the users.

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