While human beings around the world indulge in countless different sports, football (or soccer as known in the United States) is undoubtedly one of the most widely renowned and played sports. With over four billion followers, football is without a doubt the second most popular sport. It’s no secret that this isn’t just some game for people – it has become an emotion which they feel deeply within themselves and with such high numbers of fans in comparison to other leading sports out there now you can understand why someone would have their own personal favorite team!

Football is there to cheer you up when life gets tough and celebrate with a win after victory. It’s unfair, as one may be rich while another indigent but that doesn’t stop football from being an awesome game of action-packed excitement!

The following article looks at a few reasons why football is so popular around the world according to the latest football news – 

10 reasons why football is the most popular sport in the world – 

  • Accessibility, affordability, and availability – One of the biggest reasons why football is so widely enjoyed is due to the various leagues and competitions that are available for people to watch and enjoy. Whether there are regional, local, national, or international tournaments, there are various high-quality football teams that are available around the world. This means that unlike basketball (where high-quality league matches only occur in the United States) or Tennis (with only 4 grand slam events a year), fans around the world can experience high-quality football matches live from anywhere. Moreover, online platforms like Star Sports and ESPN offer these tournaments at an extremely economical price, thus making the viewing experience even more attractive for all kinds of viewers. 
  • It’s extremely inexpensive to enjoy – Various sports like golf and swimming are often not enjoyed everywhere due to the required amount of equipment. The accessibility to a swimming pool or a golf range often demotivates the less motivated proportion of the audience. However, unlike these sports, people can easily enjoy football, even within the confines of their own homes. Even if an individual does not have access to a football or a playable pitch, they can substitute these amenities with other homemade articles that don’t take away much from the overall experience. 
  • Weather conditions do not matter – A sport can only be enjoyed worldwide if it is not affected by local factors like fluctuating weather conditions. Unlike cricket, basketball, or Ice hockey that are extremely dangerous to play during wet conditions, football is often enjoyed more during such conditions. This means that regardless of where you are, you can always enjoy taking a football outside and learning the sport. 
  • Size doesn’t matter – According to the latest football news, unlike numerous other sports where an individual’s physicality impacts their playing style & gives some people a “natural advantage,” football can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone regardless of the physical attributes that you might inherit. For example, basketball is known to be a sport, where a size advantage (referring to being taller than average people or heavier than usual people) often plays a major role in how well you can play. This thus makes football a fairly universal sport with opportunities for people of all sizes and stature. 
  • Football is a massive prospect for online betting enthusiasts – Numerous websites offer their viewers favorable betting odds and a variety of betting prospects that makes football enjoyable for people, even if they don’t necessarily play it. According to the latest football news, football was also identified as one of the most popular and low-risk betting sports across Europe. 
  • No age – restrictions and excellent rivalries – One of the main things that make a sport an exciting viewing experience is the presence of good rivalries. These rivalries can be enjoyed by kids, who add a personal touch to their love for the sport by using their favorite players as a way of making stronger bonds. Moreover, it can also be used by young – adults and old people who like the spiced-up betting lines that strong rivalries present to them. 

For example, in 2015, according to the latest football betting news, the biggest ever football bet was landed on a 5000/1 betting line offered by online bookies on Leicester City, winning the English Premier League.

  • Passionate audience – One of the biggest reasons why football is such a popular sport across the world is because of the passionate audience. Whether it’s the enthusiastic audience who gets excited for every Ballon d’Or event or the passionate online betting community who waits to take advantage of the exciting betting lines, football hosts one of the largest and most passionate audiences, thus genuinely showing why the sport is popular on such a mega scale. Hence, the audience matters and is the prominent reason behind the popularity of any sport, be it locally or globally.
  • Played Internationally – The world’s most popular sport is also one that can be played by anyone. Unlike some other sports, like cricket which has a very limited audience and distribution range due to its cultural background or American football which requires an expensive license in order for teams from different parts of the country to compete against each other on equal terms, soccer doesn’t merely involve playing with modified equipment – it debuts at least half-a dozen versions all over globe! 
  • Short time to watch – The average soccer match lasts 90 minutes, which is less than the 2 hours you might spend watching other sports. In fact only 15 of those 3+ hour games contain actual playing time! 

The game of soccer is one that can be watched for hours on end without getting bored. It’s shorter than other sports, which means you have more time to plan your next move! The activity level makes this a popular sport as well. Even if someone does want to watch their favorite team play in real life/ virtual, there’ll always be something going down during those 90 minutes, whether it’s just talking with friends or grilling up some tasty BBQ treats!

  • Is a sport for everyone – Soccer is a game that does not have any physical restrictions to be played. In other sports like basketball, it’s required that one has very tall height requirements in order to play them well; however soccer doesn’t require this sort of body type or size at all! 

One example is Lionel Messi who despite measuring 1.70 meters (about 5’6″) as opposed to many taller players out there. He can still dominate on the field with crucial goals and assists just because of how cleverly intelligent his brainiac-like thinking skills are. Soccer isn’t limited by one trait – something which sets you apart from others but also makes your potential limitless – unlike many traditional “sport” activities.

Concluding Comments-

Football is one of the easiest and straightforward sports to learn, and the aforementioned reasons explain why football is so popular around the world. According to the latest football news, the sport has an audience of approximately 3.5 billion fans worldwide, compared to cricket (which has 2.5 billion fans) and field hockey which has 2 billion fans. 


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