At the moment, all developers’ attention is focused on the upcoming web development trends that will be prominent this year. Their use will aid not only in the creation of the most functional site, but also in the promotion of the site in search engines.

What is web development, and what stages of work does it involve?

Web development is a method in the realm of information technology that focuses on the construction of websites and applications. It includes the following steps:

  • layout of service pages;
  • programming on the client’s server or third-party version;
  • configuration development.

These are only broad notions from which a more detailed work model can be deduced. It will consist of a sequence of stages that all website building experts will follow:

  • the creation of technical specifications and the design of the site;
  • selection of a concept taking into account customer requirements and topics;
  • design development;
  • creation of a preliminary layout of pages;
  • production of multimedia elements;
  • layout;
  • adding text and graphic content;
  • testing and correcting errors if necessary;
  • launching the project on public Internet platforms;
  • further work on filling and maintaining the site in working order.

Based on these data, we concluded that all these works are not necessarily performed by the developers. They can change, be combined into one group, or not be used at all. It all depends on the type of programming work at hand. All of these projects would be impossible to complete without the utilization of unique page design approaches and trends.

What website building tools will be popular in 2022?

New trends of web development this year directly depend on the needs of users and their preferences. Developers are directly connected with these factors and select tools for creation based on this data. Based on trends in the development and use of tools, we came to the conclusion that some of the methods will carry over from this year, as they have not lost their relevance. Therefore, a number of major trends can be identified.

Using chatbots and artificial intelligence for communication

The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not only an opportunity to promote the page, but also to expand its options. You can use it to complete a variety of tasks:

  • Virtual assistants will be created to communicate with visitors;
  • conducting and collecting analytical data required for the portal’s improvement and promotion;
  • Chatbots should be able to answer basic questions.

By early this year, the technology is projected to be included in 70 percent of portals, helping users get the information they need quickly. Already today, the use of this technology is growing in an algebraic progression, and by the end of the year its indicators will increase by 30 percent. Customers will be able to connect with chatbots, who will answer their inquiries and assist them in navigating the page.

Most often, we see this technology on portals of banks, medical institutions, online stores, government agencies and other industries where the level of customer orientation is high. This is because the chat operator is not always available to answer questions, while the bot operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Another expected trend of the coming year is the possibility of organizing payments through chatbot systems.

Using voice navigation and control.

The quick speed of our lives prevents users from doing a lengthy search and a series of necessary questions in order to obtain information. Because voice control is available, this process will be accelerated.

After reviewing the analytics data, we were convinced that more than 30% of people use voice control every month. These data may indicate a significant growth and demand for this tool.

Such IT behemoths as Google, Yandex, and a slew of other search engines take advantage of this chance.

As a result, it’s not surprising that websites and apps will start to make use of this feature. This popularity stems from the fact that a big number of gadgets have active access to this feature, which users take advantage of.

Applying horizontal scrolling.

With the introduction of smartphones, web developers now have the option to adjust pages for horizontal scrolling. This is due to the fact that not all elements can be displayed due to the small size of the gadget’s screen.

This type of scrolling allows you to display content on the page in a logical order, avoiding the need to create a huge number of categories and catalogs. This method also allows you to incorporate UI trends (new items in the user interface).

Users will be drawn to this strategy because of its novelty and ease of use on mobile browsers.

The use of minimalism in design.

Because most individuals have migrated to remote work as a result of the global quarantine crisis, the designers are attempting to reduce the amount of additional aspects in the design.

While browsing numerous websites, we’ve found that a few popular design components are employed more frequently:

  • Block shapes or designs have become more geometric;
  • Clear lines appeared;
  • In most cases, monochrome design is used;
  • Using a different color spectrum, important elements are highlighted;
  • There are almost no decorative inserts that aren’t both functional and semantically important.

Such projects receive a higher ranking and user experience compared to other types of pages.


All these trends will help you not only keep abreast of new products and development, but also optimize the appearance of the page as much as possible. The most important thing is to start applying them now so that you may meet 2022 fully prepared and with your site at the top of the user experience and promotion rankings.

However, it should be noted that strict adherence to newfangled trends is not always possible. Trends pass us by faster than we can implement them. This is a process that is linked to evolutionary progress. Only the most sophisticated and functional mechanism lives and continues to exist in the world of IT technologies. This strategy is no longer used if anything does not carry a semantic burden or halts the expansion of the portal’s popularity.

We can identify the major direction in web development based on all of the material in the article: achieving the highest level of efficiency and usability. This metric is linked not just to the convenience of users, but also to the developers’ own convenience. The less time will be spent on creating a project, the more it will be possible to devote to filling and work. A simple system is easier to modify and improve than trying to get to the heart of a complex project.











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