A wedding is a once in a lifetime moment for every couple. Every couple wants their nuptials to be like a dream sequence in a film. When it comes to Hindu and Sikh Weddings, every ritual looks like a moment straight out of a Bollywood film.

Sikh Wedding Photography focuses on capturing these larger than life moments rooted in culture and traditions. A Sikh or Hindu wedding album, therefore, fills up with beautiful, colourful photos.

The Moments Of Love In A Hindu Wedding

Here is a list of moments that an Asian wedding photographer captures for the bride and the groom. The photographer plays a very pivotal role in the wedding. In fact, there are so many rituals and moments that the photographer is the most alert person in the venue. The rituals of a Sikh or Hindu wedding are enough to keep a photographer on their toes constantly. However, Hindu weddings are famous for their lavish nature, and a photographer earns well when he covers them.

The Sagai or Roka

The sagai or Roka is the pre-wedding function of the Hindu or Sikh community. The ceremony happens when the bride and groom go through betrothal. They promise each other that they will wed each other in the presence of their family and friends.

The families exchange tokens of good luck and love. Moreover, the bride and groom seek blessings from their elders for the upcoming wedding. The sagai is also like an engagement ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings as a promise of marriage. As a Hindu wedding videographer in London, such a ceremony often becomes the first assignment for you.

The Mehndi Ceremony

The Mehndi is the Hindu henna ceremony when the bride adorns her hands with henna tattoos. These tattoos make the bride’s hands beautiful and also signify the love between the couple. The Mehndi is an elaborate, fun ceremony with dance and music.

The friends and family of the bride sing and dance to celebrate the upcoming wedding. The aesthetic of such a ceremony is usually green or maroon, related to the colour of henna. In some families, both the groom and the bride take part in the ceremony. The ceremony brings good luck to the couple and adds a note of celebration to the wedding. Moreover, even the bride’s sisters and friends put mehndi on their hands for good luck.

Sangeet Ceremony

The sangeet ceremony often combines into mehndi. However, some Hindu families hold the mehndi and sangeet separately. The sangeet basically signifies the colour of celebration through dance music and laughter.

The couple’s family members and friends dance with joy and as best wishes to the couple. Since Hindus usually have large families, many dance performances happen. The sangeet ceremony adds a vibrant and musical note to Hindu Wedding Photography.

Haldi Function

The Haldi function is a vital ceremony before wedding. It happens when the bride and groom adorn themselves in turmeric paste for beauty, glow and good luck. The Haldi ceremony takes its name from the Hindi word for turmeric.

Moreover, it identifies with the auspicious colour of yellow according to Hindu traditions. The bride usually dresses up in yellow clothes and floral jewellery. The photography can play with water shots, colour play and emotional moments between the bride and her family.

In fact, Haldi is usually the last pre-wedding festivity, and the emotions run high. Therefore, a photographer capitalizes on candid moments of laughter and nostalgia.

The Varmala Ceremony

The Varmala ceremony is an initial ritual of the marriage and is a beautiful moment between the couple. The couple exchanges garlands of flowers as a sign of respect and acceptance for each other. These days, varmala ceremonies are elaborate.

A wedding photographer easily captures cinematic shots of the ceremony with the right type of equipment. The photographer can capture the beautiful mandap or the elaborate details of the wedding. He also has the opportunity to capture the bride’s first look.

Moreover, he also captures her elegant walk down the aisle as she walks up to the mandap. The photographer can also focus on the groom’s emotions as he looks at his bride in wedding attire.

Vidaai Ceremony

The vidaai is a beautiful and emotional ceremony in Hindu weddings when the bride’s family bids adieu to the bride. People believe that the bride leaves her family forever and goes to the groom’s family. Therefore, friends and family bid her a happy but tearful goodbye.

The vidaai is an important function to capture as it portrays individual relationships as well as family values. The photographer captures a contrasting set of emotions as the bride stands at the cusp of beginning a new life.

Hindu and Sikh weddings, as well as Asian weddings, are beautiful. Therefore, there are numerous ethereal moments to capture. The wedding photographer shoulders the crucial responsibility of capturing these moments forever.



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