Zoom clone for Education

Zoom undoubtedly brought the habit of video conferencing to the mass market. Though it was launched in September 2012, its popularity skyrocketed when the Covid-19 pandemic emerged last year. Importantly, the American platform has become the top choice for conducting online events and webinars, phone calls, private chatting, remote working, and video interaction.  

However, Zoom is mostly used by students and teachers nowadays due to the trend of e-learning. Professors conduct online classes as lockdown measures have forced the closure of colleges and schools. Students can clarify their doubts and grasp new concepts through video conferencing on Zoom. 

Hence, users can capture the digital era by creating a customized Zoom clone app for digital education. They can approach a talented app development company for ruling the booming Edtech industry. 

What are the various features of the Zoom clone for online learning?

Support for all classes and grades – A world-class Zoom clone is perfect for both hybrid and remote learning. It suits students of primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools. College and university students can also use the modern video conferencing app effortlessly. 

Basic Plan – It is apt for K-12 schools (kindergarten to 12th grade). Teachers can follow a personalized learning approach to enhance the knowledge level of the students. Schools need to submit details like their email address, location, name, number of enrolled questions, phone number, and the website. The admin of the Zoom clone will review the background of the school and accept their request to purchase the Basic Plan. 

CCPA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant – The Zoom clone takes into account the regulations of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), 2018. All the students residing in California have the right to know the type of personal information collected by the educational organizations.  

Moreover, the Zoom clone follows all the guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), 1974. Parents will get real-time access to the academic information of their children. They can also prevent the sharing of educational data with third parties. 

Further, the advanced Zoom clone adheres to the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 2016. Hence, the personal information of all the European students is kept confidential and private. 

Multi-platform compatibility – Users can access the Zoom clone from several platforms (Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows). They can initiate a video conferencing session from their computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Session management tools – Teachers can control the class proceedings by using different options. They can utilize Waiting Rooms for students who are late to the online learning session.  

Further, subject instructors get access to tools like closed captioning, conducting polls and surveys, a digital whiteboard, flexible virtual seating chart, a high-fidelity music mode, live transcription, and one-click sharing of content (PDFs, PPTs, photos, research papers, and videos).  

Premium Plan – Educational institutions across the world can buy the lucrative Premium Plan. It is packed with features like audio conferencing, a cloud recording option, seamless integration with any Learning Management System (LMS), a Single-Sign-On (SSO) mechanism, and a Session Initial Protocol (SIP) Connector. 

Around 300 participants can attend a video conference at a time. Schools and colleges can purchase the annual premium plan along with software licenses. It can be used by all the faculty of an educational institution. They can interact with students via a virtual classroom. 

Provision of 24×7 technical support – Entrepreneurs should offer round-the-clock technical assistance to both students and teachers. Likewise, users can resolve issues related to the creation and joining of video meetings, cloud backup, device compatibility, and transcriptions. They can connect with the Help Centre through email, live chat, and phone. 

Social media sign-in option – Both students and teachers can log in to the Zoom clone by syncing their Facebook, Google, and Instagram accounts. Hence, online classes can start quickly. 

Other features – An app development company also integrates extra features into the Zoom clone. It comprises advanced lighting options, automatic generation of transcripts, background noise cancellation, co-annotation, effects and filters, an immersive view experience, reactions and stickers, safe driving mode, slide sharing with virtual background, and toll-free call out.       

What are the integration options available on the Zoom clone?

The Zoom clone supports various Edtech platforms. Hence, it benefits students who are doing distance learning courses. Above all, teachers can collaborate in a better way with school and college-goers.   

The Zoom clone video conferencing solution integrates easily with Classengage, Classpro coaching software, Classing, Coursera, Educate, Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Pro, PushtoLearn, Tutorfly, WaveNotes, WeSchool, etc. 

Entrepreneurs can reveal their needs to a skilled app development company. This will help them in integrating with the right kind of Edtech tool. Ultimately, students benefit from the adoption of blended learning and gamification.   

How to back up all the academic material on the Zoom Clone?

The Zoom clone offers cloud storage facilities for both students and teachers. Users can stream and download all the video recordings. They can choose either MP4 or MP4A formats based on their convenience. They can purchase more storage space (in GB and TB) by purchasing different monthly subscription plans. 

Further, the Zoom clone video conferencing solution allows users to store their educational data on Fathom annotated call recording, Google Drive, OneMob, Piktostory, and ShareStream. 

What is the budget for developing the Zoom Clone?

There is no fixed cost to create the Zoom clone. It depends on the choice of basic and premium features, cross-platform compatibility, the extent of customization needed by entrepreneurs, hourly wages paid to the developers, the kind of tech stack, and the time spent. 

Further, a proficient app development company will offer exclusive post-deployment services. Techpreneurs can avail solutions such as the addition of premium features, API integration, bug fixing, digital marketing, legal compliance, maintenance, security testing, and software updates.    

Wrapping Up

Above all, Zoom has become a popular choice for educational institutions across the world. It has promoted a hybrid learning approach and united both students and teachers. Notably, the American platform has offered its basic plan free for all K-12 schools till December 31, 2021.    

The Zoom video conferencing app has helped teachers immensely. They can manage a large class, record attendance, request feedback from the students, and take online classes. Further, professors can conduct fun quizzes and tests and evaluate the performance of students. 

Hence, clever entrepreneurs can grab this great opportunity and upgrade the traditional education industry. Get the Zoom clone now and make waves in the Edtech sector.


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