travel insurance


Travel insurance simply covers family or person. They are traveling domestically or internationally. Many companies sell tickets for travelers. So consumers purchase travel insurance some insurance policies cover rented equipment, personal property, and rental cars cost paying a ransom. Because travel assurance has several types of coverage.

  • Coverage against trip cancellation, loss of baggage, and delayed flights.
  • Emergency medical assistance, repatriation, and accidental emergency remain coverage.
  • Cash wire assistance, re-booking canceled flights replacing lost passports coverage.
  • Cover damage to personal property such as car equipment and even kidnap ransom requests.

Why travel insurance

However, people travel near the world for happiness, for study tours, for business tours, and to explore the world. Everyone wants the trip to become memorable and perfect. Unfortunately, anywhere during travel medical emergency, and unexpected events. Like medical expenses, passport loss and hospitalization abroad disturb your trip financially.  If you have a travel assurance policy don’t worry. You cover all losses according to the policy terms and conditions.

Is travel insurance compulsory?

So travel insurance in Pakistan is a basic requirement for some countries.  Although this insurance is beneficial for families or individuals. All Schengen countries like turkey and Ukraine.

If an emergency is abroad who can I contact?

When you reached abroad in an emergency case you can contact a number mentioned on the insurance policy.

Is the travel insurance policy refundable?

If your visa is rejected by the embassy you can refund the policy. If a letter is issued on a visa you can contact the embassy.

After purchasing travel insurance and visa issue, future dates can change travel dates?

After the assurance policy yes you can change the date of traveling with the insurance policy.

Can use my travel insurance policy for the treatment of any existing diseases abroad?

So travel assurance covered only unexpected disease treatment. preexisting disease, not a covered insurance policy.

Range of travel insurance cost.

But travel assurance has a different range of costs mild average basic cost.

Basic coverage:

$100 covers a few things cover like trip cancellation and baggage loss.

Mild range coverage:

$150 mild insurance coverage covered health insurance and theft.

Comprehensive coverage

$152 comprehensive is the most important and provides the best covers basic and mild range protection plus 24 hours. It covers accidental death.

Type of travel coverage

Different types of assurance policy

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Evacuation insurance

It covers the cost and covers all medical emergencies. So evacuation generally does not cover your regular home-based health insurance. But nonmedical evacuation coverage arranges transportation from dangerous places to safer locations.

Life insurance

There are three types of travel life insurance

  • Accidental death. So few companies offer this blanket coverage for a trip
  • Common carrier. Coverage pays in the event of death or dismemberment while you are traveling on any public transport.
  • Air flight accident. This insurance policy covers the flight portion of your trip.


Baggage and personal item loss.

This insurance gives reimbursement for lost items and damaged baggage and other personal item loss. So the best list item part of the homeowner and business policy.



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