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In the world of XTerium, each player will be able to establish their own space empire. Starting small – just one planet and a small capital built on it, future conquerors will be able to invest resources in research and construction, as well as gradually build up combat power to protect the stations from the encroachments of aggressive neighbors.

It is noteworthy that in XTerium it is not necessary to participate in military conflicts. Players are free to create a powerful fleet, form an alliance and engage in a fierce battle with other inhabitants of space, but they can ensure the prosperity of the empire by engaging in peaceful professions, such as trading and mining.


Quite a popular browser-based strategy, which is distinguished by an extremely pleasant picture and well-balanced gameplay. The essence of Elvenar comes down to the classic development of the settlement, playing as a faction of people or elves of your choice, as well as trading and participating in turn-based battles in the manner of HoMM.

The InnoGames project is very loyal to the players. Here you don’t have to hang around for hours every day to make progress, and there is no need to deposit real funds to achieve a high position. Drifting games unblocked allows you to play not only at your own pace, but also in your own style, without obliging anyone to join clans if they prefer a single player game , or sit at a PC if it is more convenient for them to manage the city using mobile devices.


The browser wargame is centered around combat, researching new technologies, extracting resources, and building a base in a walled area. Fighting as usual with neighbors is another way to get rich quick, but with a chance to lose funds invested in an insufficiently strong army.

Battles in Empire: World War III take place automatically. Players, on the other hand, manage the hiring and pumping of units, order to attack or defend possessions. The game has an alliance system through which you can get additional support in the conflict. For a browser game, the picture here is also not bad.



A very interesting project about the colonization of Mars , the developers of which borrowed a lot of winning mechanics from client analogues. Here you manage a small colony of settlers, send expeditions to nearby territories and monitor the extraction of vital resources on which the well-being of the entire enterprise depends.

Over time, players will inevitably encounter other settlements of colonists, many of whom will not mind borrowing someone else’s good. Despite the elements standard for browser strategies, Mars Tomorrow has a much more complex structure and can both interest and scare unprepared players with a variety of mechanics and opportunities.


A global PVP strategy games that has a client on Steam and a browser counterpart. Massive, completely free and beautiful in its own way, inspired by the best wargames. A new world war has already begun, and players, representing the chosen country and its ideals (doctrines), are trying to survive in a conflict that has engulfed the entire globe.

Everything is grown-up here: ground, air and floating military equipment , created on the basis of prototypes of modern weapons systems. There are even weapons of mass destruction, up to nuclear intercontinental missiles, the use of which will naturally hit the ecology and morality of the chosen nation.


Here, the players are the squad leaders of the Freedom Alliance, which is opposed by a legion of evil invaders. They have to restore their bases, then equip them, develop and start stamping troops. Despite the common enemy, you will also have to fight each other. All fights are automatic, and the players only control the battle order.

The concept of Wartime is quite a classic, but fans of the genre were hooked by the project with high-quality art, interesting mechanics for the synthesis of combat units, pleasant musical accompaniment and an abundance of in-game events.



Another large-scale war game, this time in the setting of World War II . Its authors – the Bytro Labs team – were inspired by tabletop wargames, like Albert Lamorossi’s tactical “Risk”, but here the events on the scenario maps develop in real time.

More than a hundred pieces of military equipment and weapons of mass destruction are available in the technology tree, including nuclear missiles and even nuclear bombers. You can fight against other users, in private modes with friends and in matches against a computer opponent. Call of War also has a client, but it is not without optimization problems .


The Settlers Online is an adaptation of the popular city-building strategy for browser realities. Players accustomed to the gameplay of the original will be familiar with the general concept of the game, which is to develop an industrial chain and take care of the well-being of citizens.

At the disposal of the players will be a geologist engage in the search for minerals, an explorer who is in search of treasures and side quests, as well as a general in charge of the military potential of the settlement. Pleasant and unhurried, Settlers Online is definitely worth the attention of fans of drifting games unblocked browser strategy games.


Based on the franchise of the same name, a multiplayer strategy game in which players build their own impregnable fortresses and lay siege to each other’s castles. Between military campaigns, local lords can engage in farming and agriculture, trade and build diplomatic relations with their neighbors.

Stronghold Kingdoms has an interesting guild system and a well thought out balance of power. There are several development paths, and if war does not appeal to you, you can delve into construction, resource extraction and expansion of possessions. An extremely pleasant project, for the development of which the authors of the original Stronghold are responsible.



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