Truth Behind Does Covid cause Erectile Dysfunction ?

does covid cause ED
does covid cause ED

Covid 19 or coronavirus has affected nearly all countries of the world. It is an epidemic that has wreaked havoc with economies, business and individual lives. It is right that hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, it is equally true that millions have recovered and are on the part of recovery.When we are talking about ED , First thing comes in our mind is does covid cause erectile dysfunction ?

Unfortunately, some recovered males have reported some side effects. Erectile dysfunction is one of the side- effects. It is a male condition, in which the male is not able to get an erection. Even the erection a male gets is soft and not strong enough for an intercourse. Studies have emerged from Italy and other countries that one of the side effects of the covid infection is erectile dysfunction in males. In many cases, doctors are saying that it could be a serious case of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction in males

Erectile dysfunction is male deficiency. The term is used to describe the condition when a male is unable to get an erection. Erection is either too soft or the male loses erection during the intimate moment.

The erection process takes place when an intimate thought emerges in the mind. The mind triggers the central nervous system through neurotransmitters. The blood vessels are relaxed and dilated which draws blood flow into the male organ. The male organ dilates to erect. The maximum inflow and minimum outflow of blood sustains an erection.

Any damage to blood vessels leads to reduction of blood flow in the male organ. Less blood flow leads to erection issues. At the same time, disturbed mind prevents the erection process by discouraging any such thoughts that are linked to intimacy.

In case of covid infection, both blood flow and mind are disturbed. Viral infection goes into the blood vessels in the male organ to make them insufficient to support the blood flow. A disturbed mind due to higher stress and anxiety levels fails to play the role it has to play in a healthy erection process.

Factors leading to erectile dysfunction in recovered covid patients

Initial studies from China had hinted on the possibility of erectile dysfunction in males due to covid. There was no confirmation from the studies from other parts of the world. It was believed that it may be a temporary phenomenon. The fear was that those with lifestyle diseases were vulnerable to the erection deficiency. The healthy younger males were not suspected to develop erectile dysfunction. But fear has become fact now, since new reports have emerged.

Recent studies from an Italian doctors suggest that covid destroyed the endothelial cells in the male organ which led to erectile dysfunction in males. This happened even when the patients had recovered from the infection.

The damage to endothelial cells makes it difficult to get erection. These cells in the inner walls of the male organ support flow of blood, which is a vital ingredient in the erection process.

These studies were based on the result of previous studies from china which mentioned that covid viral infection was detected in males after recovery. The viral infection was present in the endothelial cells of lungs, heart and kidney. Now, the study has confirmed that the viral infection also goes into endothelial cells in the male organ.

The male organ is rich in endothelial lined blood vessels. The smooth function and dilation of these blood vessels is necessary to get the blood in the smooth chamber of the male organ on either side. The rush of blood enlarges and engorges the male organ to cause an erection. The dysfunction of endothelial cells destroys the efficiency of the blood vessels to support the flow of blood.

The worst part of the study is that males without a previous history of erectile dysfunction can get erectile dysfunction. In some cases, if the damage to the cells in the male organ is permanent, then the erectile dysfunction is also permanent.

There is no mention of the role of doses like Generic Viagra 200mg  doctors prescribe to overcome erectile dysfunction. In case of any permanent damage, the role of such doses will be of much help.

Other factors of covid behind erectile dysfunction

Emotional and psychological stress during covid and afterwards is also a major cause of erectile dysfunction in recent times in males. The stress of infection, worries of job, loss of income, business shutdown, and not so good news about friends and relatives increases stress levels. A disturbed mind will never participate in the erection process.

The cases of people going into depression have also increased in recent times. Depression is also a factor in erectile dysfunction as one of the major emotional cases. The problem with emotional and psychological induced erectile dysfunction is not doses normally used to overcome do not work. Doctors may prescribe some antidepressant medicines. Antidepressant medicines have side effects, which affects the erection process.

Overall deterioration in health by covid also cause erectile dysfunction

Full recovery from covid infection takes a few weeks, but it can have some side effects leading into several months. It has been observed that patients with already lifestyle diseases are vulnerable to many serious issues. Any deterioration in health conditions jeopardises the erection health of a male.

Testicular damage by covid behind erectile dysfunction

Some indication that covid viral infection could damage the testicular issue is also under study. It is not proper to say anything before the full investigation and study. But it is also a concern that it could happen. If it happens then there are chances that males with such infection could suffer permanent damage.

Medical consultations at early detection stages

Males with erectile dysfunction after recovery from covid should immediately seek medical help. Let a doctor examine the overall health before resorting to use of any dose. It is also possible that a patient may have no medication after recovery from covid. Any dose to boost erection without medical consultation could lead to further medical complications.

Prevent covid to protect erection process from covid damage

The best way to protect erectile health is to keep distance from covid infection. Until there is any known medical treatment to cure erectile dysfunction caused by covid infection, follow all covid appropriate behaviour.

The United States centre for disease control and prevention has issued some guidelines to prevent getting infected by covid infection. People and especially those with comorbidities should remain confined to their homes.

Those who are dealing with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes need to maintain a healthy diet and control over blood glucose. Doctors recommend Acarbose Glucobay 100mg and a healthy diet to maintain blood glucose under control. Keep regular watch on blood glucose levels during the treatment. During the pandemic remain active as much as possible to reduce the chances of severe infection in case covid viral infection hits.


Yes it is right that covid infection has led to erectile dysfunction in males. Recent studies have confirmed the fear of doctors. The virus damages the inner cells of blood vessels in the male organ, which destroys the ability to get and maintain an erection. The damage leads to total stoppage of blood flow which is necessary for an erection. Until a treatment emerges, the only solution is keeping safe and maintaining all necessary precautions to avoid covid.

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