Hotstar Party

Hotstar Party Do you have a movie night planned? Wait, there’s more: we have a fantastic viewing party browser extension that will turn your movie night into a memorable bonding event with your friends. Flickcall, a privacy-focused extension used to begin the Hotstar watch party, has a lot of great features for everyone.

Best Movies on Hotstar
Flickcall is the only tool that allows you to make a real-time video call while watching a movie and is compatible with all major OTT platforms, despite the fact that there are many similar products on the market. Flickcall is available whether you’re looking to watch Money Heist or WandaVision.

  1. 1. The extensions like Hotstar Party are not updated or maintained that restricts the user to use it.
  2. 2. Most of the extensions that mention they support all OTT platforms are sometimes supporting a limited number of platforms or some specific ones only.
  3. 3. The extension you are planning to use is not supported or has quite a complex set up process, making it difficult to use.

While there are a variety of concerns with the many extensions available, Flickcall is one that is very straightforward to use in every way.
Hotstar’s Most Efficient Watch Party Extension
To get competitive advantage, you must stand out from the throng. Flickcall has emerged as the finest organiser of Hotstar watch parties because to its strong features and excellent customer service. So, here are some of the most important characteristics to search for:
Video Chat in Real Time
While some OTT platforms offer their own watch party extensions and others, like Scener or TwoSeven, can sync with OTT platforms, they all lack one important feature: live real-time video chat. Flickcall fixed the problem and made the live video chat option available. Observing the reactions of friends and family members

Synchronization of video
The main worry when holding a Hotstar watch party is video latency. The video synchronisation feature is not supported by a number of extensions, making it impossible for all viewers to appreciate. However, with Flickcall, everyone in the watch party can enjoy the movie or series without lag. The video synchronisation allows customers to enjoy the best movie while also enjoying the unrivalled Hotstar watch party experience.

Installation Is Simple And Quick
One of the most difficult aspects of using the watch party addons is installation. Scener and TwoSeven are two examples of apps that don’t have vertical integration, making them difficult to utilise. Flickcall, on the other hand, is a Hotstar watch party addon that is simple to set up. You may quickly start the watch party by clicking on the logo after watching the video. Share the link with your friends, then start watching the video and chatting. The smart addon also allows for a smooth experience by pausing the mic while the video is on and enabling it when the video is paused.

Scener, TwoSeven, Hotstar Party, and Watch5gether are examples of Smart Mic System Extensions that do not have the smart mic capability. The majority of these extensions are out of current or lack the latest features needed to make a watch party enjoyable. It means that if a user wants to speak during the viewing party, he must turn on and off the mic manually and communicate. To resume the movie, you should also turn off the microphone. With a clever mic technology, Flickcall is a Hotstar watch party extension. When the mic is on, it immediately pauses the video, and vice versa, making it easier for the members to enjoy and interact.

Binge-Watching Service
Everyone enjoys binge-watching, especially on weekends. However, some addons, such as Scener and others, do not allow you to binge-watch. The issue was rectified thanks to Flickcall. Begin by making a list of the movies or series episodes you want to watch and then start your Hotstar viewing party. This way, you can relax and enjoy your binge-watching sessions with your pals.


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