Utility Scissors for surgeons

In a surgical instrument set, this is the most important and valuable item to avail. It is manufactured with high-quality German stainless steel. This is an all-purpose instrument, useful in cutting some non-biological substances generally made of plastic and cotton. It has razor-sharp blades ideal for cutting objects effectively and without any disruption. The good thing about this tool is that it is reusable. 

It is helpful for surgeons in cutting the required length of thread, casts, bandages, and wound dressings during operations. There are different categories of utility scissors that can vary in appearance. The blades of the scissors may be curved or straight. It can also contain smooth blades or serrated blades. 

It has long and short handles depending upon the requirements of operators. The tips of the instrument can be sharp or blunt. This is helpful even in cutting the toughest material.

Types Of Utility Scissors:

Ribbon Utility Scissors:

This is a multipurpose tool helpful in cutting non-sterile and delicate materials such as adhesive bandages, gauze, and wound dressings. The product has straight and smooth edges. This tool consists of a flat shank and extra-large finger ring handles on the working surface. 

It contains good quality German stainless steel making it more long-lasting and sterilizable. It helps surgeons in the dissection and cutting of soft tissues. Its available in three sizes and requires low maintenance.

Cushion Handle Utility Scissors:

This is a remarkable and uniquely designed instrument containing polypropylene circular finger ring handles in black color. It helps surgeons to grab handles with enhanced balance. This is a handcrafted German stainless-steel instrument with great tensile strength, sterilizable, and more durable. It is a multi-purpose instrument, that assures smooth cutting during surgery.

Wilmer Conjunctival And Utility Scissors:

It is a specially designed instrument having angular pointed sharp tips with serrated blades. This instrument gets used in ophthalmological procedures for safe cutting and dissection. It is made of German stainless steel, having increased durability with circular handles of polished finishing. It is a non-sterile and reusable item.

Utility Scissors Categories Based On Shape

Utility Scissors Curved:

This is one of the most repeatedly used utility scissors in surgical instruments due to its versatile nature. It is rustproof and the surface of the item is inert to chemical reactions. It is generally used for cutting non-biological objects such as plastic wires and vacuum tubing. Because of its high tensile strength, it requires low maintenance. This instrument contains delicate tips which is making it extra secure.

Utility Scissors Straight:

This instrument is crafted with German stainless steel and obtainable in several variations. To provide enhanced protection, it is designed with fine unique tips. To decrease the hurdles that a surgeon may deal with during the surgical procedures, it is designed with finger ring handles. It is very resilient and lightweight because of the material it is manufactured with.

Uses Of Surgical Scissors:

These are specially designed instruments for cutting non-biological items. It is helpful while changing bandages and cutting suture material. Surgeons use surgical scissors to cut accessories like wound dressing, gauze, etc. during surgical procedures. These tools are friendly to cut the toughest materials.


GerMedUSA Inc. manufactures top-quality surgical instruments forged with German stainless steel for durability. Utility scissors are the main categories of surgical scissors useful in cutting hard material during surgery. The appearance of the scissors may vary according to the demands of the surgeon. 

They are designed differently based on the task an operator has to perform during surgery. These instruments are all-purpose instruments that perform many tasks. GerMedUSA provides utility scissors with different variations that can cut the objects without any difficulty.


Is Stainless Steel A Reliable Material?

GerMedUSA uses German stainless steel to manufacture its products. This material makes the instrument rust-proof, resilient, more durable, and sterilizable.

Is It Necessary To Lubricate Surgical Instruments?

Yes, it is really important to lubricate your instruments, as it is a source to enhance the life of your instrument It creates a thin layer on the surface of the instruments which becomes resistive for those materials, that can corrode your instrument. In this way, it is also helpful in preventing corrosion.

What Does The Black Handle Mean?

A scissor with black handles indicates that the blades are crafted for cutting bulky tissues easily. It provides optimum control to the operator during surgical procedures.


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