A holistic medical doctor has a medical degree and has been educated and trained in traditional medicine. They can handle all conventional medical issues in the same way that a typical medical practitioner can, but they follow holistic concepts that include a variety of alternative approaches to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health and improve quality of life.

Treatment incorporates knowledge from various health care practices and civilizations. There is no single therapeutic approach that is considered “the” or “better.” Health, healing, and management can be achieved by combining a variety of ways. Pharmaceuticals or surgery may be administered, but only in extreme cases and when all other options have been exhausted. A holistic medical doctor recognizes the benefits of both traditional and alternative approaches, and will use both as necessary.

holistic doctor

For everyone interested in holistic health care, especially those coping with chronic sickness or any medical condition, holistic doctors are my first choice and highest recommendation. Holistic health practitioners of all types are beneficial and should be used as needed, but certain medical demands can only be fulfilled by a holistic medical doctor, who also offers a considerably larger range of treatment alternatives. They’re the greatest of everything.

A prescription is required for several alternative and holistic treatment approaches. For example, due to failing adrenal glands, I take natural pig thyroid extract and natural cortisol. Despite the fact that these therapies are natural, they require a medical doctor’s prescription.

A qualified holistic medical doctor will be well-versed in a variety of modalities and will have dealt with a wide range of illnesses, diseases, and conditions. They’ll know how to diagnose and treat biochemical and metabolic diseases, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, herbal and homeopathic remedies, vitamin and mineral supplements, diet programs, lifestyle adjustments, environmental medicine, and even spiritual issues. This is a significant advantage because you can get most of your holistic medical needs covered in one location, eliminating the need to see five or six separate practitioners.

If you require holistic treatments that your holistic doctor does not supply, they are usually connected with a large number of other health care practitioners in the community and will be able to direct you in the right direction.


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