Needle Holders Small Animal Surgical Instruments:

Needle holders instruments have a key role in small animal surgical operations. While suturing the tissues, it is used to hold the suturing needle during operations strongly. It consists of a locking mechanism, which is useful to hold the suturing needle firmly, enhancing comfort during surgeries and providing efficient results.

Components Of Needle Holders:

The hemostat kind of instrument consists of a holding handle to grasp the instrument firmly, a shank connected to a lock box, jaws, and a ratchet mechanism. This mechanism locks the holder and provides a good grip on the needles during small animal surgical operations.

Needle Holder’s Characteristics:

Vet and tech crafts needle holder with premium-grade German stainless steel, a high-wearing material. This makes instruments more compact, sturdy, and durable with high tensile strength, demanding less maintenance. It also helps to prevent the instrument from any corrosive material, enhancing the tool’s life.

Classification Of Needle Holders:

Mathieu Needle Holder:

This tool has plier handles, also named Mathieu pliers. This is broadly used in holding suturing needles during surgical procedures. The main components of this tool include a leaf spring, plier handles, and a ratchet mechanism with a 2-step or 3-step lock. This tool offers a controlled grip pressure, is easy to handle, and can easily be locked and unlocked by only squeezing the handles. Its stainless steel finishing enhances the instrument’s tensile strength, making it more durable, compact, and sturdy. The tool’s tip is tapered to an extent, slighter wide at the tip end but wider from the bottom. This is available with multiple variations like cross serrated and tungsten carbide insert, making the instrument compact and long-lasting.

needle holders

Plastic Surgical Needle Holders:

These are widely used to grasp the needle during plastic surgical operations. This is a ring handle tool having a variety of sizes. This is also available with cross serrations on jaws that firmly hold the suturing needles.

Olsen Needle Holder:

This tool is recognized with the golden ring handle that indicates a tungsten carbide insert. These are used to hold needles and cut the suturing tissues without a separate scissor during surgical procedures. It has a fine finishing of German stainless steel and the tungsten carbide insert, which provides a firm holding grip, making the instrument versatile and long-lasting.

Castroviejo Needle Holder:

This tool drives through the tissues to stitch up the wounds. This is crafted with premium stainless steel and a lot of variation’s depending upon the demands of surgeons. This comes up with straight and curved designs with serrated or smooth jaws, available with both locking and non-locking system.

Uses In Surgical Procedures:

To keep pet comfortable this multipurpose tool is specially designed to grasp the fine needles during suturing. So this eliminates the need for separate scissors during surgical procedures. The thumb ring or plier shape handles provide a firm grip to the operator and enhance comfort to perform surgeries with efficient results. In addition, this tool has a locking mechanism for extra comfort, which is useful in holding the needles in the right position.


Vet and tech are committed to providing grained profile needle holders crafted with premium material like German stainless steel and a tungsten carbide insert. These are also available with fine quality, along with a lot of variation depending upon the demand of surgeons and operators. These are available with cross serration jaws for left-hand and right-hand use. The tips of the tool have a tungsten carbide insert, making the instrument resistant to corrosion and more long-lasting.


What Are Needle Holders Used For?

Needle holders are used to grasping needles during the suturing process. It has a ratchet mechanism that provides a locking system and holds the needles firmly.

Why Is Tungsten Carbide Used In Needle Holder Manufacturing?

Instruments crafted with tungsten carbide have proven sturdier and more durable. This makes the instrument corrosion-free and long-lasting.

Do Needle Holders Available In Multiple Variations?

Yes, needle holders are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and color coatings, along with serrated jaws and a combination of scissors depending upon operators’ demand.


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