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There are lots of new web series streaming online to boost your mood. If you feel confused about which list to choose from, this article will help you find the correct list.


The Odia web series is rapidly expanding. The audience’s response has brought over-the-top regional platforms to another level that readily delivers raw and original content to the market. Along with Odia movies having led the industry in a fresh direction, audiences these days like to watch informative content that is brief and to the point.


AAONXT is Odisha’s first audio-visual platform. It is an over-the-top subscription video-on-demand streaming and renting service platform. The service’s primary offerings are films, web series, anthologies, and short films. The service, available globally, may need a six-month to a yearly membership. You can watch new web series online. 


Here are some Top Odia web series and Odia movies you can watch online: 


Club 69: 

Club 69 is an Indian Web series based on youngsters who lose their highly-packaged jobs overnight. Some confined themselves to isolation, some lost hope of living, but few were unstoppable. By hook or crook, they need money. They have chosen “cyber-crime” as the tool for easy money. They’re techies. Their well-knit cybercrime became a nightmare for Supercop. You can watch this series on AAONXT, by subscribing to it.


Malgodown Dairies:

Dreams do not know the person in particular or place in reality. Some plans will let you sleep peacefully, and some make you run tirelessly. Success takes its price. It never comes as an invitation letter; it takes a hundred percent. This place is the eyewitness of so many dreams and dreamers who touched the pinnacles and the worst ever fall. Malgodown of Cuttack, the city of Filigree, the heart of millions living and millions who’re now a story of past. Malgodam Diaries is a tale of tales.


Ayushman Mastram: 

Ayushman, a depressed writer, follows an unusual path to success. Will his love life’s success continue, or will he suffer terrible societal fallout? 

Over–the–top media services (OTT) platforms have grown in popularity in India in recent years. An over-the-top (OTT) media service is a streaming service available to viewers directly over the internet. OTT bypasses the conventional producers or distributors of such material as cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.


Due to regional streaming sites. Online web series and Oriya movie have created their own identity among the viewers. You can either watch free online series or pay to view the content. 


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