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The Gojek Clone app may be a very popular business solution but it is also one that is very confusing to most entrepreneurs because they don’t know how to go about ensuring that they do well with the business while also making sure that they can maximise their profitability by locating the best solution available in the market.

The first thing that people have to understand is that the Gojek Clone app presents itself as an opportunity to 3 different kinds of entrepreneurs:

  1. Entrepreneurs with an existing off line on demand service based business who wish to use the Gojek Clone app to tap into the potential of the digital platform
  2. An Entrepreneurs who wish to enter this industry and start their new on demand multi services business with the help of the Gojek Clone app
  3. Entrepreneurs who have another business but wish to invest in this app as an option for side income

This app has grown to be so popular because of the complexity and the variety in terms of services and opportunities that it presents to service providers, users and most of all, the entrepreneurs in Philippines. In today’s blog post, we will focus our attention towards how this app is beneficial for entrepreneurs.


As discussed above this app is the perfect opportunity for any kind of entrepreneur who wishes to enhance his or her options in the on demand industry, regardless of whether they already have an offline business in the same field or not.

The Gojek Clone app is a streamliner. It takes everything that is disorganised in this industry and provides it with the opportunity of standardisation. This means that with the help of your app, not only will your users be able to hire the kind of service provider they wish to hire when the need arises, they will also be able to trust the authenticity and the pricing that is brought forward to them.

The app treats service providers as partners. This means that none of the service providers listed across over 70 different services need to be employed by the app owner and can be independent individual entrepreneurs who can showcase their expertise and experience in this industry to make sure that they can be hired at a price point of their convenience.

For the access to the digital platform that the app owner presents to the service providers, they can charge a premium. This premium is charged in the form of a commission. The percentage of commission that each entrepreneur charges from each of the services is completely customisable so the entrepreneur has a chance of updating it from time to time based on the predominant market trends and pricing.

The app is created in such a way that it requires least amount of effort from the entrepreneur or app owner’s perspective. Once live, the app is completely automated, which means service providers can register into the app directly without any physical interaction with the app owner.

What’s more, the app will also manage payments, deduct commissions and generate invoices by itself, thereby making running the business an absolute cake walk. So, if anyone had any doubts regarding the level of effort this business would require from them, it would be limited only towards building and growing the brand, rather than getting hands on with the app management towards all kinds of transactions.

The Gojek Clone app also has a provision for allowing existing business owners with employees to use it. They can use the company settings to make sure that they can do so. In case a company wishes to register with the app to use its fleet or band of service providers, they can do so too with the help of the admin panel at their disposal.

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The Gojek Clone app is a versatile platform that acts as a digital bazaar that is much more streamlined than anything the industry has ever seen before. Entrepreneurs can rest assured that owing to the transparent nature of billing, invoicing and payments that the app is designed to provide, there is no room for any cheating or misuse in Philippines.

There is a section within the admin panel that will allow app owners to utilise the app to see and download extensive reports. This means that app owners can keep an eye on the various developments through the app such as:

  1. The number of services that are live
  2. The number of active/ dormant service providers
  3. The ratings and reviews that each service provider is getting
  4. The charges that the service providers are levying for their services
  5. The various transactions for each service that are taking place on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis
  6. And much more.


This is perhaps the most difficult part of entering this business. The Gojek Clone is a popular choice and there is no doubt about that. This means that there are hundreds of thousands of Gojek Clone App variants available in the market.

In order to make sure that you succeed in the business, you have to attempt to look for the one option that has the most features that are most suited for your business needs in Philippines. The easiest way of doing this is testing the app own before you invest in it.

Any reputed and trusted on demand mobile app development company that has already sold and launched the Gojek Clone app to various clients (entrepreneurs) in various parts of the world should be able to give you a free downloadable demo that you can test to your satisfaction.

After you test the app and are satisfied you can go forth and place a purchase order with the app development company who should be able to white label and launch your Gojek Clone app with your logo and brand name on the Google play store and the iOS app store. So, if you are an entrepreneur interested in growing your profitability and making sure that you succeed in the business, make sure that you step into this industry with the right Gojek Clone app as soon as possible.


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