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Websites are an avenue for prospects to connect to your brand and make a strong connection. Besides being your business’s online identity, it gives the target audience a newer understanding of what you serve in this domain. Thus, building a strong website is a quintessential aspect. But when it comes to designing a website, important elements like web designing must not remain unobserved.

As a newcomer in this ecommerce universe, selecting a platform is indeed not a straightforward job. Amidst the vast options available today, people get confused between WordPress and Shopify. Thus, giving an insightful comparison of both the platforms may give e-merchants an in-depth understanding. Here’s demonstrating the Shopify VS WordPress comparison that renowned Web Design Companies Dubai consider before designing a website.

Introducing Both the Platforms: Shopify & WordPress

Shopify is an effective platform that’s home to over 3 million websites globally. It has become a leading hosted e-Commerce platform amongst others in recent years. Here, everyone can create their online store and sell the products digitally. Shopify directly creates the e-shop without the demand for website building background. Besides, one can directly use the Shopify plus plan to get scalable plans.

On the contrary, WordPress is the open-source CMS platform originally designed for creating blogs. Being an excellent CMS platform based on MySQL and PHP, it got discovered in 2003. Today, WordPress is home to over 28,000,000 websites. Kudos to its ecosystem of themes and plugins, due to which WordPress development for any website has become convenient – from real estate to digital magazines!

Outlining the Difference between WordPress and Shopify

To demonstrate the differences between WordPress & Shopify, recognisable the web design companies Dubai undergo an understanding of both the platforms based on the following parameters:

#1 Pricing

Pricing is the first aspect to evaluate the difference between the two platforms. Subscribing for a Shopify plan will allow you to use different themes, extensions, and add-ons. As a user who chooses the software, Shopify allows you to select from three distinctive choices – Shopify, Advanced Shopify, and Shopify Basic.

Unlike Shopify, WordPress has two different programs. For WordPress.org, you can gain control of the website. So, you, alongside the hosting provider, can carry forward with the installation. On the other hand, for WordPress.com, you don’t have to worry about it! It entirely depends on the functionality and price.

Since WordPress.org is 100% free and an open-source platform, you only require thinking about web hosting and domain name. You also need to attain details about security updates, backups, and other upgrades.

#2 Ease of Usage

With Shopify, you don’t require to be a pro at a store building! Shopify’s dashboard is enough to make things convenient to see components of the back and front end of the store. You can even configure the store’s settings, customer information, view orders, add, modify, or delete products, & design the website.

Given that both WordPress.org and WordPress.com operate in the WordPress software, these two versions run in apparently the same way. When choosing WordPress development, you can use it for launching:

  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Company websites
  • Online stores; and
  • Portals

Besides its simple back-end, it lets you customise the design, set up your social sharing, and even add new blog posts.

#3 Theme Designs

Shopify provides you with more than 70 designed themes, out of which all are mobile-ready. The themes feature a holistic range of personalisation to make without coding. That includes:

  • Colours
  • Fonts, or even
  • Social media buttons

But if you are experienced and have HTML knowledge, you can put your creative hat on and edit source codes & customise them. Shopify has its own template language – Liquid, which lets you change your existing layout or template and add new elements. Unlike ordinary languages of HTML or CSS, Liquid is unique.

If you consider going for WordPress web design Dubai, tons of themes are available on WordPress.com. While some are premium, others won’t cost you anything. Nonetheless, a Business Plan offers safe access to its most popular themes.

Considering WordPress.com, you may change your body page by working on these fundamental elements:

  • Upload logo
  • Change colours
  • Make beautiful sliders
  • Change a background

You do not gain direct access to HTML sources or sections of the page until and unless you include Custom CSS to that website with a premium plan.

WordPress.org comes with a truckload of templates, so it means that it has superior customisation opportunities. You can edit source codes and use plugins to create an individualised theme via drag & drop tools. Hire a reputable WordPress developer Dubai and see how the professional introduces new elements to promote your website!

#4 SEO

Shopify introduces favourable SEO features to create content that every search engine would like. You require no special skills. Users can edit the Meta title & descriptions, add redirects, change URLs, and so on. While adding products, the platform prompts you with remarkable SEO practices.

But a major downside is it comprises a predetermined ordered structure a website or URLs need to follow. Thus, when aiming for complete website optimisation, being capable of creating personalised URLs and gaining control of the site structure are quintessential.

On the other hand, WordPress solely focuses on SEO as a significant aspect. And the good news is the fact that WordPress has become one of the most praiseworthy platforms for SEO. So, obtaining for WordPress web design Dubai services might be a better move.

As a final verdict, WordPress can get denoted as one of the most effective website builders. But that does not make Shopify’s features anything insignificant. However, using WordPress gives a lot of advantages, given the aforementioned parameters.

So, if you are searching for a WordPress Developer Dubai, look no further than Dubai Website Design. The team has the required credibility and experience in providing top-notch services. By creating a state-of-the-art website, they not only promote your website but also focus on increasing your customer base. Consult the company today!


It is dependent on the type of configuration you select. WordPress can be less expensive than Shopify if you are willing to utilise free themes, plugins, and low-cost shared hosting.


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