What Actually Academic Stress Is?

What Actually Academic Stress Is

Today we are consuming stress more than we are consuming education and knowledge. 

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth in uglier ways.” This is said by one of the famous philosophers Sigmund Freud and he was a recognized neurologist. This statement is so apt for academic stress as this problem is prevalent in our society for such a long time but we are unable to deal with it and we are just burying the emotions of plenty of students instead of addressing them. 

Academic stress by definition is pressure on the minds of young students to submit assignments before the deadline or better performance in exams. This problem arises because of both internal and external expectations and when students are unable to carry the weight of all these expectations. Academic stress also arises out of the feeling of competition amongst students. Everyone wants to perform better or want to secure a seat in a reputed college, but there are few who manage to clear all these competitive exams or able to secure their seats in colleges where only limited seats are offered to students. More than this, students get depression or anxiety when they get scared of their failures. 

academinc stress

What is stress taking away from you? 

Students take stress at the cost of their health and performance. Education or studies are not meant to increase stress in the lives of students but they are supposed to make them balanced humans in lives. Contrariwise, there are many students who are unable to bear the stress of their studies, take a lot of pressure, and then perform worse. Academic stress always depletes the performance of students in every sphere. 

In reality, the problem amongst students is that they don’t explore much of the options around them and try to walk on the path which is known to them by people around them. Sometimes, we just have to change our ways as per our capabilities because mindless reading is worse than not reading at all. There are plenty of ways to achieve one single goal and we can find these ways if we explore things around us. Sometimes, solutions that are beneficial for some students are not so helpful for others. If we are different then our ways should be different as well. 

What are the leading factors that cause academic stress?

Academic stress is inevitable these days because of a lot of competition and everyone wants to perform better. The major contributing factor to stress is comparison because when we do a comparison we compare our bad side with their good one which leads to self-doubt and pressure. We have always given examples of those who have achieved something in their lives and then we start following them mindlessly. When instead we should take inspiration from them instead of imitating them. Someone managed to get admission to a reputed college but you are unable to get the admission. This is not the end of the story, if you are passionate enough then you can get your dream job even after pursuing your degree in the distance mode or without much guidance. If you explore then you can find millions of better ways to do what you love. 

The other major cause of stress amongst students is the pressure of managing both studies and other extracurricular activities along with their quality time with friends. This has seen in many students that they involve themselves in various activities and then also get the pressure of scoring good marks in exams. This lack of management problem suffocates students and in the end, they feel like giving up. When instead they just need to calm down and do a bit of smart work. It is difficult to manage your studies along with any other passion or job. Then, students can get their degree in the open and distance learning mode and continue doing their job or other activities. 

problem of academic stress in schools and colleges
The problem of academic stress in schools and colleges

How can we address the problem of academic stress in schools and colleges?

It is not a new thing that students feel exhausted in the middle of their studies and then thinks they are not capable enough to get their dream job or unable to secure good marks in exams. When in reality they feel this way because they have taken too much stress and all they need is the right guidance. Universities or any educational institution should implement such measures:

  • Availability of counselors: Educational institutes are required to have counseling sessions where students can talk about their academic stress with experts and can get some actually helpful solutions. 
  • Freedom to choose their mode of learning: as we know not everybody can manage the stress of regular classes along with their other duties or jobs. Hence, universities should come forward to provide as many courses as possible in the distance learning mode. Although there are plenty of UGC-DEB recognized universities that are offering distance courses to those who are unable to manage regular classes. 
  • Relaxation in marks: Universities or schools should implement the relaxation policy in marks for students who are involved in extracurricular activities and are actually performing great. This move will motivate students in being creative with their lives and will reduce their stress. 

Academic stress has always remained an ignorant issue but it is the major problem amongst students which depletes their health and performance. This problem should be addressed both at the personal and global level. Students should be encouraged to choose their own ways to reach their goals and these ways can be easier ones because smart work can help you in reducing stress. 


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