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In this fast moving  world of digitalization and globalisation we  are unfailingly and increasingly  getting reliant on  “on demand” available services.  When  everything is available at the press of a key , we look for convenience and faster service in every arena of our life.   Because of mobile phones and the internet ,  these app services are growing at a rapid  pace. To top it up, corona and lockdown have played a  pivotal role in the emergence of these services.  Many young minds with free time and  innovative bent of mind have  discovered yet many services that have proved boon in  lockdown. 

So, here we  are with the ideas of 20 startup App plans that can potentially skyrocket in our present scenario. 


1.Designer app


 Here ,designers can  sell thousands of their products. Besides, a designer  app can let a designer  do splendid work on clothing, gifts and accessories. 


2.   Essay rater app


Writing persuasively and cogently is a  skill which one needs to inculcate  during  the phase of studentship. 

The importance of writing essays and especially argumentative essays is deeply rooted in the US and  other parts of the world.  Because students don’t have a proper feedback receiver,  their skill of writing is degrading.   The Hispanics are known to  underperform  owing to immigration and poor student-teacher interaction.NLP methods  can help us detect  the  best writing in 74% cases. Such services are very expensive. Hence, an app  that could give  students a proper rate and corrections,  could  give students more training in  writing. 


3. Consult Astro app


The need to consult astrologers in  this world of uncertainty is deeply rooted in most people . Who wouldn’t want to have a glimpse of their  future  despite being in the present?

  “Is my present career path going to be fruitful?”, ” When am I going to have a life partner? “, and like these questions related to our lives know no end. 


4.Mental Support app


Students, employees, older men and women who are in depression  and stress can pour their heart out to volunteers whenever they want.  It’s like saying, ” Hey, no matter what you are going, you have my back”. Well spoken and empathetic   therapists or volunteers can  lend their ears to your plight!   Who wouldn’t want such an app


 5.Emergency relief app


In metropolitan cities where your neighbours barely know your name, getting help in emergencies is quite difficult. People are often found dead in their flats for weeks without having anyone to attend them. You scream for help but no one comes to your rescue. Older men and women living alone , live at risk. An emergency relief app is one that would send a person at your  door regardless of what problem you are in. It would be like having  a near-one at your door to help you out. 


6. On demand delivery man.


On demand delivery man is one who would be at your door to deliver a product in the shortest possible time   . You have work to attend to and  at the very same time something to deliver at a distance of 10km on that very day itself, then such an app  will be  your respite. 


7. Business Consultant app 


Having difficulty in making a decision? 

You feel like you wish you had a Business analyst to consult with at this moment. Well,  a Business consultant app would be the one to help you to make the best possible decision in the scenario of your  context. 


8.  One week Date on demand. 


Well, there are many dating apps available  on store but  “Date on demand”  will get you a match in a short time  .Besides, here you get to  chat with your date at least for a week provided you are adhering to rules and decorum . A date of one week  isn’t a bad idea because you are getting time to get to know  the person  well . 


9.Drink at your door. 


This app brings all kinds of drinks to your door . You wouldn’t have to step out of your house to have one. Liquors with discounts at the door are really a good deal. 


10. Practice speaking 

 Do you want to enhance your fluency in English or any other language?   Do you want to practice speaking with a native speaker?    

Well , an app like this will help you connect to speakers and practice speaking in any of your desired languages.


11. Designer dress rent app


Be it a party or a wedding ceremony, if someone wants to wear a designer dress only for that day  then this app would be the best! 

500$ dress that you don’t want to buy is something you can wear for  a day by using this app at a pocket-friendly price. 


12.Assignment /project solving app on demand


Imagine you have an assignment or project from college or school that  you have to submit next. You try to take help from friends but they turn you down. An “assignment app   on demand”  will send you the solutions right away the day you need it. 


13.Dermatologist on demand


Do you have acne? Struggling with hyperpigmentation  and sun tan? Trying home remedies to get rid of your post-acne scar? How great would it be to have  a consultation with a derma that could explain to you the modes of treatment and time it would take to recover. 


14.  Career consultation


After high school everyone is found in a state of  confusion wondering which career path to choose. Online career consultation at the comfort of your home can resolve your issue in no time. Even after completion of graduation, when one is left perturbed, can take help of this service. Switching field and career requires consultation with  veterans  so this app would be very helpful to students. 


15. Medical test at door


How great it would be if instead  of standing in a queue at the diagnostic centre, a man could come to your door to collect blood samples for a test!

This app will help you place orders for your test and  the blood collector will be at your place.


 16.Dog sitter 


Most of us have a 9-5 job which makes it harder for us to take care of our dogs and take them out for a walk, or get them shower . 

Using this app can help you connect with a dog sitter that you can  appoint to take care of your fluffy babies. 


17.Dog therapy on demand


If you are feeling down or maybe you are homesick  then you can connect to a dog owner for dog therapy nearby. You might  be living in hostel, may be stressed for exam or work, you can get appointment for dog therapy nearby. You might simply be a dog-lover that simply wants to come in contact with a dog for a moment then you are at right place. 


18.Computer technician


Having issues with your computer often makes us look for a technician so badly. In such times, we can use this app that can help us connect with a computer technician instantly. 


19.Internship app

All students look for an internship at some point of their life  .An internship apo is one where internship givers will post their  internship structure and also students can see a list of their desired internships available online and nearby. 


20.Car rent app


An app that can help you rent cars anytime and anywhere you want to. People who cannot afford expensive cars for some occasions , can avail this app for  such  occasions. 


There many companies worldwide that are making huge differences with their apps, especially  mobile app development companies are employing skilled top app developers in australia to reach the zenith  . 



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