most expensive lehenga for girls

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess at their marriage ceremony. For a few years, the lehenga has been the top choice for every Indian bride. You can try the most expensive lehenga for girls for the wedding purpose

India’s most recognized designer Sabyasachi says that the lehenga can carry culture and women’s confidence. The bride is the epitome of grace. Today lehenga represents art. 

If you are a bride-to-be and looking for the most expensive lehenga for girls and also some stunning lehengas to wear from pre-wedding to reception, look below. 

From Priyanka Chopra Jones to Anushka Sharma, all wore this traditional outfit to carry their personality and their heritage. 

So, take a look below to not miss out on the lehenga trends in 2022. 

Best Trendy Bridal Lehenga: Make Over As You Want

What do you want to wear, is it red-maroon or a colorful lehenga? It is up to you; what you expect to see at your haldi and sangeet. 

Scroll down and check our collection of rising trending lehenga in 2022. 

1. Technicolor Lehengas

As we said, the lehenga carries an art. Technicolor is one of the most expensive lehengas for girls. 90s kids knew this fashion trend. 

In 2022, Manish Malhotra to Gaurav Gupta followed this technicolor. If you look back at the song “Radha teri chunri” and notice the look of Allia Bhatt, you will see how silver and pink technicolor creates an amazing look in the song. 

The pink, silver, and orange combination gives a bright look. It will be easy to catch anyone’s eye. 

This lehenga is also appropriate for the bride’s friends or cousins. This will be the perfect choice for a reception party. 

Designer Amit Aggarwal specifically worked on that and experimented with many colors, and created all stunning technicolor lehenga. We are sure that this metallic technicolor lehenga will be worth it. 

2. Anarkali Lehenga: All-Time In The List

All brides like this Anarkali pattern lehenga. From yellow to royal purple, it can make you a princess at your marriage ceremony. 

Anarkali lehenga always comes in the fashion trend decades after decades. Designer Sabyasachi made the Anarkali lehenga for Deepika’s wedding days. This conventional lehenga always creates a stunning look. 

Therefore,  this traditional lehenga never goes out of the trending list of bridal lehenga. 

Red, yellow, maroon, and pink can be the best choice for the bride’s make-up. It is one of the designer lehenga for girls

3. White Or Beige Shade Lehenga

Many women want to wear light colors. They don’t like royal red or royal looks. However, many designers work with white and beige colors.                                                                        

You may be amazed that these colors will also look pretty for brides. Designer duo Karishma and Monika took different colors to introduce unconventional designs for brides. 

Those who want to wear white color on their wedding day, come and select a white embroidery lehenga with green ornaments to establish your personality on your special day.  

4. Dramatic Trails

The most expensive lehenga for girls is dramatic trails this year. No matter the length of the lehenga, wedding days come once in a lifetime, so wear what you want.

If you want to recreate a royal entry in a wedding spot, a long pink or red lehenga can be a great choice for brides. 

Pink long trail lehenga with white embroidery and pink makeup looks creates a soft and modest look. We are looking forward to this trend in 2022. 

Dramatic trails with long chunri can represent your thoughts and the designer’s works. 

5. Colorful Printed Lehenga For The Mehendi Ceremony

Many brides are confused about which type of lehenga they should wear for their mehndi and sangeet ceremony. Well, let us answer this. If you want to follow this year’s trend, then you must follow a multicolored lehenga. 

Looking back at Priyanka Chopra Jones’s mehndi looks, you can understand how the actress and singer Priyanka Chopra Jones creates colorful looks. 

 We always recommend that our audience wear colorful multicolor lehenga on their Mehendi. We will be sure that it creates a butterfly look. 

6. Unconventional Blue Lehenga

Blue is an unconventional color for bridal lehenga. Color choosing is an important matter before you select the pattern or design of the lehenga. 

A perfect color can change your looks. If your favorite color is blue, why do you miss this royal blue lehenga on your wedding day? Don’t compromise your choice. 

In your days, it is very important what you want to look at, right? So sky blue, royal blue, purple-blue, sea green, and bottle green are unconventional colors for bridal makeovers. 

Choose a bold look for your bridal makeover. 

7. Shimmer Lehenga For Wedding

Metallic embroidery and mirror work are on trend. Women follow this design on Kurti and salwar suits. Similarly, shimmer designs for bride lehenga are also in trend. 

The best part about this lehenga, you can customize it with this outfit. Most designers follow this trend. For example, designer Megha Jain Madan launched a beautiful collection this wedding season. 

Actress Chitranga and Malaika Arora wear her lehenga in a fashion show. 

8. Heavy Red Lehenga For A Royal Look

You can’t avoid noticing a red lehenga for your wedding day. The red color is so charming and creates a royal look.  Many actresses follow this trend. From Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra Jones wore a heavy red lehenga at their marriage ceremony. 

If you want to recreate a royal look, then follow this trend. Recently, Katrina Kaif also couldn’t avoid this royal color. 

You are the princes of your daddy. Enter your marriage spot as a princess of the day. 

9. Maximalist Purple Lehenga

For those who like a minimalist makeup look, minimalist purple is only for you. Pastel floral or purple color makes a flourishing look on your day. 

In this modern time, purple, pink, and blue present modernism with the traditional lehenga. As a result, more brides embrace this design and like it too much. 

Plus, fashion experts say that this obsession with purple color can last for long days. So a Punjabi wedding to Gujarati Mehendi, light purple, can be an unconventional choice for a bride. 

Pastel lehenga, floral print, and minimalist ornaments are trendy in the 2022 bridal collection. However, the Anarkali lehenga and technicolor are the most expensive lehenga for girls. If you’re looking for expensive lehenga, you can go for designers Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, and Tarun Talhani’s collections. 

Final words: Make Yourself As Brides

Indian brides always look for maximalist looks. This pandemic has changed people’s choices. Designers come up with multiple fashion trends. They combined multiple cultures in one lehenga. 

The material of the lehenga and jewelry makes you Indian brides. A red bindi with red chunri are the perfect looks to follow the bridal look of Katrina Kaif. 

Lehenga carries Indian culture, Indian thoughts, and heritage. A deep neck blouse with a heavy lehenga creates a royal bride look.

This article has been able to meet your queries. Now it’s your turn. Let us know which lehenga you’ll choose for your wedding day. Oh, don’t forget to share about your Mehendi and pre-wedding plan. 

Always remember that your choice is the first priority. It is your day; your choice is one of the options to celebrate your bridal looks.

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