places to visit in Los Angeles
places to visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the biggest city in California by both size and population. Geographically speaking, the town is situated in the western corner of the world and the United States of America. Bordered by the pacific ocean on the west, it experiences the maritime pacific climate throughout the year. The landscape of Los Angeles is dominated by the pink skies and sunny days here. As people call it, the LA weather is a mix of sultry rays of sunshine and cool winds. You can be at any of the places to visit in Los Angeles and let the LA wind pass through your flowing hair. 

Socially, Los Angeles is the epitome of the American Dream and California. The pictures of glimpse that you see when someone mentions California is this city on television or Movies. Los Angeles abodes many cultural escapes, beautiful homes, fine-dine restaurants, and performance venues. It is also the home to the Hollywood hills. It is the same place where the birth of Hollywood and its progression took place. It is a very common deed in Los Angeles, and you walk by some of the biggest superstars in the world. It is truly the land of stars or the Lala Land, as people lovingly call it. 

Best Places to visit in Los Angeles

If you are planning to visit the city of stars, we hope that you stick around for the end of our list. We have crafted this list to help you decided the places to visit in Los Angeles. So plan your itinerary accordingly, and get free of the hassle that goes into planning a trip yourself. 


Of course, the first thing on your itinerary should be Hollywood. This suburb in Los Angeles is a must-visit attraction and an entity on its own. You will be able to see many cultural and historical sites in the suburb. This is the exact place where you will find everything related to glamorous stars and the silver screen.

Go and witness the Hollywood sign, stroll around Hollywood Boulevard and the iconic Chinese Theatre. There is a high probability that you end catching a glimpse of your favorite Hollywood stars while walking around the streets. You can eat at one of the many fine-dine restaurants here or go shopping on Rodeo Drive. Take your family on a trip to the Hollywood walk of fame. You can spend the day looking at the Hollywood actor’s stars at the walk.

The best way to explore the suburb is by taking guided tours through the city. You can get affordable tours with the help of different Airlines. These Airline bookings provide you better accommodation spaces, rental services, and free parking charges. Make an Lufthansa booking and avail all these multiple offers.

The Griffith Park

Griffith Park is the biggest state park in California. It is seated in the eastern hemisphere of the Santa Monica Mountains and is spread across an area of 4,210 acres. The park is an abode to the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles Zoo, a greek theatre, a planetarium, many gold courses, hiking trekking trails, a riding area from the Olympic games held here in 1984, multiple tennis courts, and many other beautiful attractions. You can either take a walking trek or a drive across the mountains and see the beautiful sceneries of the city and nearby areas.

The Griffith Observatory, in particular, is a must-see. You will have to experience the place to have the most fun there. The good part being, it is free to the general public. You will see multiple exhibitions and telescopes here.

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The Disneyland Resort

If you take a small cab drive from Lost Angeles, you will find one of the best places to visit in Los Angeles. It is a great family getaway if you want to spend some time with them. It was established in the 1950s. The park is centered around different themes, splashed with various rides and experiences. It is truly what dreams are made of, and people picture these dreams. Its extension, the Disneyland adventure park, was later on included with the surrounding areas. It is mostly based on action and adventure places. It has more than seven lands based on DisneyThen, take action flicks.

Amongst the newer attractions are the Star wars inspired amusement rides. They are comprising of the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and  Star Wars Rise of the Resistance.

The Getty Center

On the top of the table-top of Santa Monica Mountains is situated the Getty Center. It was designed by the famous architect Richard Meier. The gigantic complex area is spread across an area of 110 acres and around 0.75 square miles. The eccentric building and its surrounding areas give for the perfect landscape background of a huge museum. The artifacts inside comprise various drawings, pictures, decorative arts, and pastel sculptures. You will be amazed to witness some of the oldest pieces of Then, take shreds of evidence of 19th and 20th-century photography.

The best part about it is the view from the top of the building. You will be able to catch some incredible scenes of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. You can book a table at the restaurant upstairs and take in some of the LA suns while going on your tasty food.

Visit the Universal Studios Hollywood

The Universal Studios theme park is a movie studio and one of the top tourist attractions in Los Angeles. The studio is an iconic amusement park with fantastic rides wrapped around various blockbuster movies from Universal Studios. You will be able to sit on various roller-coasters and simulators as well. One of the park’s prominent features is that the passages are ever-changing, and new ones get introduced to everything six months. The more important and famous tv shows and movie rides include The walking dead, The Simpsons, Despicable Me, Minion Mayhem, Jurassic World rides, The wizarding world of harry potter, and the Transformers.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to be in line for each ride here, the best way is to buy the Skip the line pass. The pass lets you skip the whole queue and be at the front of the line. You can get access at an affordable range by looking out for Airline bookings that provide you with such offers. For example, make a KLM booking and avail of that particular offer.



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