What Can Field Force Management Software Give To Your Organisation
What Can Field Force Management Software Give To Your Organisation

If you have been in the field operations industry long enough, you know how difficult managing a scattered team is. Be it task, attendance, or even feedback, nothing comes easy when all executives work farther from each other. This is exactly why you need software help with a great field force managing software.

With the right field force management software, you can get not one but several benefits. It has things to offer to make your organization strong and functional. In this article, let us look into some things that fleet managers face and can be mitigated with the right software aid. 


Challenges of Field Operations Management 

If you choose to manage your team remotely through a manual process, you are up for a long list of management complications. Here are some challenges you will definitely face if you are managing a team of field executives without the right field force management software


  • Time and Location Management 

Time and location management is the biggest problem with field operations. Why? Because adequate time and location management is near impossible when you hardly can be sure of each executive’s location. 

First of all, knowing where exactly an executive will be at a certain hour is impossible. Moreover, even if through software calculation you do know, the ETAs hardly constitute the real-time. 

Through time and location management only can a manager completely streamline the company’s procedures


  • Attendance Management 

Attendance management is another hassle that is hard to overcome with the right field force management software. Attendance can be a very sensitive thing because it can get. With the right tools, you can manage attendance like a cakewalk. 

With the help of field force management software, you’ll be able to get verified attendance for everyone in your field. WIth visual and geocoded attendance along with task linking, there is no way your attendance (if you’re in) is any less than spectacular. 


  • Task Management 

Just like attendance management, it makes no sense for managers to have employees in the office to delegate tasks, right? However, if not done that way, wouldn’t understanding and delegating tasks become too difficult? 

Managers might have a very difficult time trying to understand which tasks to assign to whom when employees are not close. Similarly, understanding tasks might also become too difficult considering that they do not get proper explanations. This can lead to a lot of issues in task execution. 


  • Documentation Management 

Believe it or not, carrying documents in an organization is a huge hassle. From maintaining document safety, anonymity, and integrity to carrying them around, it is a lot of work. While some papers might not seem like much, things become complicated when executives have to carry too many documents due to customization. 

While this might not be the biggest factor of consideration for many, paperwork is not the best for the environment. After all, the more the papers are used in an organization, the more trees it is responsible for having cut. 


  • Task Coordination

Task coordination can be slightly simple when people are working together in one physical setting. However, once things become remote, task coordination becomes the biggest hassle for managers. After all, they constantly need to make updates on multiple platforms to know what’s happening on the field, right? 

Multiple-platform and remote coordination are one of the biggest challenges for field operations team managers. 


  • Productivity Management

Obviously, if your team is not being productive, what is the point of keeping it functional, right? Productivity management can be a huge hassle, especially when it is hard for managers to get all the information they need. 

Without much personal interaction and task supervision, even feedback formation and analysis can be improbable for most managers. 


What Does Field Force Management Software Offer? 

By now, you are aware of the problems you can face while managing a team of field force executives. However, we’re not here to only bombard you with problems. 

In this article, let us talk about the different things that workforce management software offers that will help you enhance your work quality:


  • Real-time Tracking 

Real-time tracking is the best way to track employees without continuously pestering them. The right field force management software offers consentual real-time tracking, allowing managers to know where executives are in real-time.


  • Smart Attendance 

With the help of smart attendance tracking, you can track your employees’ working days in real-time. No more do you have to worry about getting faulty attendance data. Therefore, you will always have the peace of mind that whatever data you are connecting with is absolutely accurate. 


  • Task Dashboard 

Knowing which employee needs to do what task has never been easier in the field. Therefore, with a potent task dashboard, field force management software allows employees to get tasks easily. Moreover, managers can be as detailed as they require to be while assigning these tasks.

When all tasks are placed on one platform, it is easier for everyone to track, analyze, and monitor tasks. 


  • In-Built Chatboxes 

In-built chatboxes are the best way to improve task communication in the field. Only the best field force management software offers in-built chatboxes that facilitate help easy communication. Since managers and employees do not have to rely on multiple platforms, operations and coordination become much simpler. 


  • Custom Forms 

The problem of carrying multiple documents is almost non-existent when it comes to custom forms. Why? Because with these forms, employees get to get specialized and customized forms filled by all customers. All this customization is only a few taps away on the software, also saving time and money in the organization. 


Improve Your Field Operations With TrackoField 

By now you know how challenging it can be to manage a field operations team. Through this article, you also know the benefits you can reap by using a software-aided field force management system. So, now it is time for you to look for software that fits the best into your organizational structure. 

Now that you’re looking for field force management software, you should have a look at TrackoField. The software is very flexible and can solve any field force management challenge thrown its way. So, what are you waiting for? Get a demo now!


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